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  1. glenda2

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    hi everyone i am new to this message board i have fm since 1990 i am having a really bad day today i had to come home from work early becaise my lags would just nit hold me up any longer. i am used to working with ALOT of pain (i need the money)but could not make it today. but i was wondering if anyone has had any trouble with smells making them sick due to fm? this is the newest sympton for me?
  2. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I have multiple dx's, but i see myself as having FM, the extra labels just seem weighty, unnecessary and overwhelming.

    I am very chemically sensitive and it is truly the worst part of my condition, and the part that caused full disability.

  3. tedebear

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    Smells are heightened. Don't know if it is because of the FM or something else. But I could smell a wire burning in the wall, and any other weird instances.
  4. Francey54

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    WELCOME ABOARD GLENDA2, you will find lots of support here.

    So smells you say. I am a walking bloodhound! They drive me crazy. I smell things no one around me smells. It is part of the FM list of symptoms and is very annoying. Half the time I have to hold my nose. Can't stand most perfumes, strong cleaning products, smoke, you name it.

    Maybe we can work for our local police department, they can use us to track the scent of criminals on the run, cause that it all this "talent" that we have is good for. hee hee hee.


  5. Smiffy

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    Hi Glenda welcome!

    Thought this was just me so I'm glad you posted about it . Lots of different smells bother me that no-one else even notices. The smell of raw potatoes makes me want to throw up. Traffic fumes on a warm day are vile.

    Hope you ate managing at work now.
  6. nina2

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    I think this is part of the fm program.

    My husband is beginning to think that I am a direct descendent
    of the bloodhound family.

    Chemical sensitivities seem to bother people most. It can really get right down to nausea and vomiting for some.

    So sorry you had to work under such distress , I hope you are feeling better.
  7. libra55

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    Yes I also am bothered by smells. Gasoline is by far the worst. I want to retch every time I go to the gas station (and not because of the high prices either!) or when hubby gasses up the lawnmower.

    I cannot tolerate strong perfumes. If we are next to somebody in a public place that is saturated like that I have to leave.

    Earlier this week I had some dental work done. I am having crowns put in my upper. I was in the chair 3 hours. Besides being bad on the FM pain, THE SMELLS were intolerable. All those products they use in the impressions, and the cement...when I come home I had a 2-day headache.

    I am slowly trying to replace my house hold cleaners with more natural non-toxic better smelling stuff, but my husband loves to clean with Lysol and bleach, and the fumes just gag me.

    You aren't the only one with this problem believe me, and its so frustrating because its all around us. we can control to some extent what's in our homes but not in the world outside.

  8. darude

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    Just had an EEG to check for seizures. After a seizure your sense of smell is heightened for awhile. There are times when I can smell anything and everything so I am anxious to see if this is what it is.
  9. lvjesus

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    but I have light sensitivity, so it may develop later. I hope not. Heck, I just wish my hearing would get more accute! What did you say?


  10. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I posed a study about it, under Mathewson's amazing brain study where they can actually measure our pain.

    For MCS people they've been able to prove and actually see that emotional lability from chemical sensitivities is not about depression, it's a direct result of seizure activity triggered by the allergen. This is in people severely sensitive (like lucky moi) who hyper-react to what normals think smells nice.