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  1. tdavis1

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    I have been trying to quit smoking. I have tried hypnosis, patches , gum etc. and it seems the more I try the more I smoke. Any suggestions?
  2. CanBrit

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    I quite 2 1/2 years ago after smoking for more than 30 years. I tried and failed quite a few times. I did the gum, patch, and then the pills (Zyban).

    At the end of it all, along with taking Zyban, what really got me stopped was that I was so fed up of going through withdrawal. It's just plain nasty.

    My husband unfortunately fell off the wagon (not sure if he was ever really on it!) but he smokes outside and away from me.

    Zyban helped but I only could take one a day or I'd be in permanent insomnia. It is the most wonderful feeling to be past it now.

    Good luck and don't give up. Every time you try is one step close to making it.


  3. Manina

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    Join the club! its the pits isn't it?
  4. tdavis1

    tdavis1 New Member

    yes it is. I feel like such a failure which causes depression etc. You know the drill
  5. ~Sibyle~

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    Don't feel like a failure, you want to quit and that is half the battle.

    I quit successfully with Zyban (Wellbutrin) and the patches. It can be done but it usually takes several tries.
    It took me 8 tries to quit.

    Best wishes to you!
  6. caroleye

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    I developed & facilitated smoking cessation groups at UCLA in the 80's!! Amazing it started then.

    Anyway, I saw so many people come through that just had to find "their" way. It's common to want to smoke more as you're so wanting to give it up.

    Good news is that like another poster mentioned, the more you try, the closer you are to making it work.

    I love this one story, where a guy in his 40's had been trading his food for cigarettes while in the concentration camps. He had been smoking for that long. Although I had an individualized program, he made up his own.
    He'd come into each group & say:
    "I don't buy; I don't smoke" and that was "his way"!!

    It will happen for you as well.

  7. AnneTheresa

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    I stopped smoking on New Year's Eve. and so far so good though it's not easy. I smoked for 30 years but over the past ten years I've been a serial quitter - quit for a while, start up again, quit, start, quit etc. etc. I'm hoping to stay quit this time.

    In addition to the patch/gum I use the info and support at Quitnet. I'd recommend this online resource - it helps to have the support of others who are experiencing or have experienced the same thing.

    God bless,
    Anne Theresa