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    Thanks for your kind words.
    I am feeling a bit better tonight and before I headed to bed I checked in here.
    See you are new to the board and want to welcome you.
    Being part of this group is one of the best things that can
    happen to you. You will learn so much and always feel understood and supported here.
    Finding a doctor who is informed about this DD is the one of the best things you can do. At the very least having a doc who is willing to learn as you learn and allow the trial and error of treatment as you find what works for you.
    What works for some doesn't for others and what works for a while sometimes stops working.
    This board supplies an incredible amount of info.and the members here have a wealth of knowledge that they will share.
    I wish you luck with your dr. appt. and keep us all posted on your progress.
    Fibro is for real!!! Its not all in your head and the more
    you can learn the sooner you can begin to work on a plan to
    start finding some relief.
    By asking specific questions about your symptoms you will get the best responses for things to do or try.
    Best Wishes, Pammy