Smurfy >PEEKS< in on all of you!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by MsSmurfy, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. MsSmurfy

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    Hello all~
    I simply needed to let my presence be smurfy of me huh?? *wink.. Sincerely though, I watch here frequently...reading, hearing & listening to each & ((((Huggies))))) to you all...especially those who share 'our' pain!!!! *wink...YUP...smurfy hurts too...I just don't whine alot I simply lurk within the shadows...under mushrooms if I can find them...BUT while I do...I try to keep thought & prayer for each & every one of you~ Often hoping a 'pain~free' day will be with you soon! *wink!!! Gosh...aren't we all hoping the same?? Indeed we do!!! Thank goodness for places like here....where each & everyone of us can reach out & bring someone near...Hang in there everyone...tomorrow is ALWAYS another day...IF indeed we are meant to have that remember 'take one day at a time...' *wink...& try to......@@smile~smurfy~style! Ya never know when your smile will make all the difference in someone elses world...& then such warmth will always find its way >>BACK TO YOU..."
  2. Susan07

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    Welcome Smurfy, glad you found your voice! Thanks for the good thoughts.
  3. MsSmurfy

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    Hey there...Doxy,Bmari,Susan...Thank you for letting my 'smurfiness' tap the right buttons!! I simply like the idea 'grin & bear it' because I learned loooong ago 'whining & a fussin' never did any good!! So WHY NOT take the POSITIVE route and reap the benefits!!! Uh_huh! *wink!!! Also, one of the most profound sayings I once came across & always keep forefront during my daily interactions with people is: "A smile is like the window to one's soul...simply letting you know the heart is home!"
    I 'feel' good when I know I just made someone's day by doing the simplest thing! "Little things really DO mean alot!" As I write all this ...I am in lot's of pain, am on way to having xrays done & believe it or not, I can hardly wait to get out in public to simply see how many people I can maybe *SMILE* at ...especially the ones who are obviously grumpy & grumblin! They better l@@k out a smurf is about to change their day!! *wink! Smile~smurfy~style!