Snapped at work!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by JPach007, Dec 2, 2005.

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    Well for those of you that know I have had "personality clashes" at work, have been walked all over and boss is mean to's something funny that happened yesterday..
    I asked my boss if I could leave at 2 to go to the dentist to get my crown refitted because it was causing me pain. He said yes, of course. I then was clocking out and the girl I have issues with looked at another girl and made a face, and said, "oh..I didnt know you were leaving"..It wasnt what she said...but HOW she said it. I snapped back for once and said loud enough for my boss to hear.."Oh..I didnt know I had to report to you!" Then walked out. The girl still had her jaw on the floor when I walked out the door! She was nice as ever this morning!
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    Don't you love how catty people can be sometimes!! I'm glad you said something though! My best friends, Sarcasm and Irony are glad that you did too!!
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    i know for myself i feel guilty about being sick and tend to let people run over me because (i deserve it) and it is hard to break the feelings of guilt. in fact i am setting here now feeling guilty and bad making my fatigue and headaches worse because i have missed work since thanksgiving from fatigue and terrable cluster headaches. and the sad part is my boss is my dad and he owns the business. we have a deal to where i only work when i am up to it. you would think i would have no guilt over that. but i do.
    one of my favorite saying's for some one like that is "shallow brooks make the most noise" if they get what it means they really get pissed. i always think of it as a person who is emotionaly and intellectually shallow have to scream and hollar or make noise around a croud of others to make themself's feel powerfull and in control.
    be well jpach bill
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    Don't you love doing things like that??? It probably won't change her attitude for very long, but it is fun to see the look on their face!

  5. Bailey-smom

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    I do hate it when women think they are better than others. Why can't they just do their job & go home? I love your reply.

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    Good for you, she deserved it. It was none of her business.

    Years ago, I had my coat on and was rushing out of work in the middle of the day. A co-worker said to me, "Gee must be nice to have banker's hours".

    I was rendered speechless. You see, I had just gotten a phone call that my dad had died.

    People should mind their own business.

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    It is amazing how others make up realities about others, and it's usually the WRONG thing...

    When I was a student and missed an extremely important class, one of the other students later publicly asked me accusingly where I'd been... I could tell for some reason she assumed I'd not been there because I wasn't prepared... she was rendered speechless and embarrassed when I told her truthfully why (my brother had died). . .

    all the best,