snoozq trembling my son does that!

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    He trembles and so do I in my hands really bad. Even if he tries excersize he trembles. What would they do for him if he had these test you were talking about?

    He is the one on zoloft who is doing so much better with depression and anxiety. My trembling in hands delt with all my life doesnt bother him.
    He is a man and it does bother him and he is 28.
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    the previous post to "Rhythm" was about INTERNAL trembling -- a shaky feeling. Rhythm said that his was not visible.

    You seem to be talking about a visible tremor?

    Visible tremor (the common sort) is more often related to adrenaline issues & the autonomic nervous system.

    People who have a major depressive disorder often have a skewed cortisol rhythm. Many docs will refuse to test in that case, knowing that it USUALLY is a little off.

    Your best bet for checking into cortisol issues would be with a Naturopath. For sure docs who RX Zoloft will stand by their RX as all that is needed. SSRIs can be a good thing, but sometimes more is needed.

    When cortisol is a problem, there is a variety of things that can be done. It all depends on the severity of the problem.

    Best wishes.
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    Yes you are right we have always had a visible tremor. I have it my son is a lot worse. Now I see it in my Grandson.
    That makes sense