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    JEANSKI New Member

    Who else is really starting to feel the effects of snow?

    We got slammed with close to 2 feet where I live and it is horrible how bad I am starting to feel. I was okay for a bit but the pain and stiffness is settling in now. (I really thought maybe this time I would escape the awful pain--do we ever learn?)

    I shoveled twice and woke up to another foot that needed to be moved. I walked to work to avoid shoveling was either shovel or work...i needed to go to work.

    But I am feeling it now! Still need to walk home than shovel out and then work 3 more days till i get a proper rest........

    Any advice is welcome....I know it is probably things we have been told a million times but I need some cheerleading! or commiseration at least LOL
  2. Janalynn

    Janalynn New Member

    My Gosh no wondering you're hurting. Shoveling is major work!

    My advice? Hire someone. I don't know what your parking situation is - are you shoveling a driveway or is your car parked on the street?

    Can someone from work give your a ride to or from work? I can't imagine them letting you walk home.

    Get in a hot bath when you get home. Make a cup of hot tea after that, get on a heating pad and RELAX!

    Knock on wood we haven't gotten any snow yet. I've watched the news though - WOW some places are really getting dumped on!

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