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    Yep, you heard me right-SOUTHERN ARIZONA got some snow last night! Around 4 pm, my husband woke me from my nap and told me to look outside!

    I couldn't believe it, it was coming down like crazy!! No wonder my body has been in such an awful flare!

    I was in church yesterday, and LITERALLY, could not keep my eyes open. Every inch of my body was aching, and I finally told my hubby, "I'm going out to the car, and resting-you can come on out when the service is over". And I fell asleep for about 20 minutes.

    What is there about the barametic pressure that does that to our bodies? I guess we're just super sensitive. But wow, this snow sure is pretty-something we definitely do not get to see often in the Tucson area!!

    Anyway, hope you all are having a good start to the week. Since I can't get out of my yard, I have a good reason just to hang out and clean my house today! HA! Take care! PG
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    Yep, I saw it too, I live in Glendale, borders on the west side of Phoenix, where we have the UofPhx. where Fl. beat Ohio. Anyway, there was snow when we left to go get some items at the store and that was in Peoria, west of Glendale. Could not believe my eyes! I have not seen snow for over 35 yrs. and this was very refreshing! I don't think we will experience this for a long time to come, a freak thing for us. PepperGril, where in AZ. do you live? Oh, never mind, I just saw your post and read Tucson. It can get quite cold down there due to higher elevation.