Snow storms and much colder weather hit today and more to come

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Feb 29, 2012.

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    I thought that I was never going to get warm today. The wind was blowing strong and the temptures dropped , then came rain and then snow. It is to snow off and on threw FRiday morning. We have winter storm warnings till Friday morning at 11 am.

    So far we have maybe two and a half inches of snow. But the tempeture has dropped alot. I still am cold and feel like I have been stuck under a snow plow and have been pushed around with the snow and slush. I ache all over , I ache right down to the bones and am cold down to my bones too. I tried a hot bath but I can't get the water hot enough to sink in to my cold bones. If I got the water any hotter it would scald me. But I can't get the heat to thaw out my sore muscles and bones.

    I am not liking the change in barametric pressure , the cold winter temptures, and the cold winds that blow threw me and push me around. It is early spring and where I live is getting one of the first major snow storms all winter. We are to have three bouts of storms before Friday morning and iif what the weather man says happens we will have more snow from these storms than we have had in all of this winter.

    But now that the storms are here and it is so cold nothing is really easing the aches and pains that are inside me. I have found new muscles that ache and bones that hurt like they are being broken. Just gently putting on lotion hurts my skin and the muscles deeper as well, I have knots under my skin that are so tender to the touch that I don't want to do some of the things such as massageing my legs as it hurts so much I want to scream from the pain. I have reached that level of pain where I can't take it any more and I just want it to stop NOW.

    I have tried all the things I know how to do to ease pain with out pain meds but nothing including the pain meds really helps me. I can't sleep and the more i can't sleep the more I struggle with dealing with this pain.
    I would love a massage but i can't stand havng any one touch me with any amount of pressure. The massage would cause me more pain that it would help, I am at my wits end at how to ease all the pain.
    I have enve thought about acupunture but found out that the insurance does not pay for it. So it is a not go. No massage because I can't affored it. I am just stuck like I am . Freezing to the bone and hurting to the bone as well. I feel like some thing has broken and no one knows how to fix it at all.
    I am reminded of the poem of the LIttle Bisque Doll.

    A little bisque doll and a little rag doll and a dolly imported from France , were seated on teh shelf of teh store with a dolly that could wind up and dance.
    When all of a sudden the shopkeeper heard a scream that rang out thru the store,This was the pliant of the little bisque doll that made suchan awful uproar.

    Chorus: I have a paaain in my sawdust that is what is teh matter with me. Don't let me faint, some one get me a fan some one else run for the medisine man every one hurry as fast as you can for I have a pain oin my sawdust.

    They took her away in a hosital van the whole town was filed with teh blues,
    Every one thought it was quite an odd thing and the papers all printed the new.
    The surgeons all looked wise and all shook their heads, and asked her just where she was sick?
    I think it is appendi-sawdust won't you please do some thing quick.

    I don't remembeer the exact words but the doctors had never before worked on a dolly's insides, they cut away her stiches and found the cause of the terriable ache, but no one knew how to stuff a dolly's insidesl, so this was her plaint as she died.

    I have a pain in my sawdust that is what the matter with me, don't let me faint some one get me a fan some one else run for the medieson man, every one hurry as fast as you can for I have a pin in my sawddust.

    Other than not being filled with sawdust I feel some what the same way. I have been looked at by every kind of doctor and still none can say what really cause's all this pain, they prescribe rest , ice , heat, and even pain meds, but really they don't know what will really work for me. As teh little bisque doll i scream that there is some thing wrong with me , but no one knows quite what it is that causes that terriable pain.

    EAch docotor has different methods , all trying to ease my pain, some say it is all in my head, so if it is in my head then why do my muscles and bones ache so badly?
    NOt one of them knows just what causes fibromyaligia, or cmps, no one knows how to hel each patient cope with their seperate pains, what helps one does not help me. so we are all still in a bind. Sufferieng with aches and pains that to normal people don't make scense, you don't look sick, they all give you advise and wonder why your not feeling better the next day. NO matter what treatment you try one day , you sstruggle to just do teh usual things the next day and you fail, you can't do any of the usual things you once did as your body is fafatiqued, exhusted, and the pain is all threwout your muscles and bones. NO one knows why or what to do. So just deal with it I get told. don't let it get you down, don't take so many pain pills, rest, exercise, all have been suggested, but none really help for long.

    So like the little bisque doll no one knows how to help us on the inside let alone the out side. We all share common ahces and pains and yet we all are so different and react nothing the same. What should we do? Who do we talk to? Who will be willing to help us when they don't understsand what the problem is? are we to be left to the fate of the little bisque doll to ask for help and no one can help us as they dont' know how to put us back to gether again.

    Sorry for the long post, it seems right in ways to comapre fibro and cmps, DDD, and all of the other aches and pains we have.We are so like the little bisque doll with pain and asking for help , but instead of getting the help no one really understands what all this pain muslce spasms, and extreme fatique all do to us. May be we will be lucky and find a cure and not suffer the fate of the bisque doll.
    Yes I know we are not dolls made of bisque but we are most understood , becaues no one really understnads what we go thru, one day we can walk, run and shop and do fun things but the next day we are tied to our beds exhusted, fatiqued beyond belief. What do we do? who knows. But thanks for reading this post.
    I hope that maybe one day we who live in pain all the time can find the cure so that we can be the dolly that can dance.
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    I live in Alaska, and we have had temps in the -40s and record snowfalls this year. Right now we have 4 feet on the ground and it's supposed to snow all weekend. And since our summer gets to about 65 tops, you'd think we'd always be cold, right? Wrong! And I'm originally from North Carolina! The trick is to train your body to work harder at keeping you warm. When I first got here, I was wearing sweatshirts, a hoodie, thick socks - and it was July. I bought myself a down parka. And I wore it to go grocery shopping. One day a nice man was watching me and he came up and said "If you take your jacket off, you'll be warmer!" I thought he was crazy! But he explained that if I allowed my body to cool down and get used to the temperature, then the jacket would keep me TWICE as warm when I went outside. Whereas, if I got used to being all bundled up, then my body would have to work twice as hard to maintain that temperature. He was right!

    Alaskans aren't any more "built for the cold" than any other human beings (if the sale of Toyo Stoves and wood burning fireplaces are any indication). But you can gradually train yourself to be able to withstand lower temperatures. It took awhile, but now I can set my heat to 65 and not be cold. Hope this helps a little!

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    I have learned that my doctor does not listen to what I have to say. I called in yesterday for a refill on my newset med, Hydromorphone 4mg. I asked the doctor to reduce my dosage but instead he screwed it up. He was to have it three times daily but wrote the same amount for 4 x daily. When the pharmicy called him and said that the smount and doseage did not work together he put me back on 4 x a day. Why does he not listen to me? Well, I will take just teh amount I need so once again it will be longer between refills, When I got the first dosage of the medication it was for 4 x a day and it lasted me from Jan12 2012- March 1, 2012

    Some where between 40 and 48 days. And this time it should last me at least 42 days or longer depending on weather and pain. Then when I filled my soma I was in shock as it cost 2x as much as it did the last time i had it filled. The sad thing is that there is nothing I can do about it. AFter having the pharmcy call my insusrance and me calling the insurance I learned that the insurance can change the price of my soma at will. And I have no say in the matter. So I am going to have to prepare for paying the higher cost from now on and hope that they don't rasie it again.

    About the post with the poen/song called the LIttle Bisque doll was written many years ago and was what they called a reading, it was read while music was being played. I did dthis reading for a church drama meeting and loved it. It made me think about life and how we all have different pains in our lives and we have to work to over come them , The little bisque doll couldn't over come her aliment as she died .

    But it is the one thing I could find that described how I felt and how alone I feel at times. I want to be the dolly who can dance or may be the dolly who can bend her knee's { Which I can't do well} I know that all was done to make the doll['s life better and to fix her. JUst like her there is no way to fix us, We can be treated with meds, Pt, massage, and many differnt treatments but not all work for us all.

    I didn't write this for my husband but I do wish that he could understand that when I have a bad night like last night and should have gone to bed but didn't want to wake him up so I spilled my water and a glass of millk on me made a mess. But to my hubby it was not teh fibro flare or cmp flare and pains it only had to do with the new medication, and that is not right. When I get over tired and over do things I end up paying for it and that was what happened last nght.

    LifeYesterday before I went to town I did some thing stupid shoveled the snow off the driveway, there was not more than a few inches but for some one who does not do alot or exercise and walk much it was really hard work for me. I paid for it later that night with more pain and more extreme fatique. The pain med had nothing to do with what happened to me. Pain and exhustion did.

    I should have known better and not done the shoveling. But he would not listen to what I had to say once he makes up his mind that is how it is no matter what i say or is the truth.
    Life with fibro and other chronic pain condititoins are hard to get other people to understand and to accept what happens when you over do. I know that he is trying to understand how i feel it is some thing he does not understand. When he is in alot of pain he just bucks up and does not say any thing about it and I am not that way. As much and as hard as I try to not complain about how i feel, I am really trying to not say any thing aobut how bad I feel but some tines I need to vent it and that is what I did here.

    Thanks for your thoughts and all the liestneing to what i had to said.Thank you so much.

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