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    Mention the word allodynia next time at doctors and ask to see a neurologist....they are able to prescribe some drugs that g.p.s are not even aware of. The older I get the more I realise that the function of the g.p. is ( other than dealing with minor ailments) to refer you on.

    Scrubs sound great but I don't know if we can buy them in England!

    I can't believe that you were so close a couple of weeks ago and we talk via the certainly is a small world!

    Take care....Lynda
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    bumping for snowygirl and orachel
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    Scrubs can be purchase online...bery bery cheap, bery bery comfy. Yep....allodynia and the other one (think starts with an N) about being overly sensitive....that definitely needs to be addressed with neurologist when I find one!

    Snowy! How are you doing, darlin!? We've both been under a bit of a dark cloud for the last few weeks, huh? I sure hope you're feeling better. I miss our chats in a big way. I'll be around a bit more over next few days, would love to catch up. Hope you're feeling a bit more "you"...I know the wretched situation with those evil kids harrassing your daughter cannot be helping you at all. I'm so sorry, hon...

    But hang in there, OK?

    Many gentle hugs!
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    feeling this crummy. There is nothing worse in my opinion than when our ability to COMMUNICATE verbally and in writing is affected by this DD!!! Awful stuff.

    I'm thrilled to hear you're going on a bit of a jaunt with your beautiful girl, though...even if you don't necessarily "feel up to it". I just remember Lolliboo's experience on her family adventure and the joy she got out of it, even though she was feeling somewhat wretched at the time.

    I think we all need to "gift" ourselves with a bit of time away from the disease. It permeates our bodies, but we have the right to escape from it in mind and soul to give our bodies and emotions some "healing time" and to remind us that we are NOT this disease! Hmph. I just saw this now, so I'm saying a bit of a prayer that you went, had a wonderful time, and enjoyed some much needed respite with your, wouldn't hurt if the production was fabulous and opulant as well...what an amazing choice!

    Missing you, and hoping for good things for you! Looking forward to catching up with you soon!

    BTW...when I was in the er, the nurse taking my blood tried to verify my last name to make sure I was correct patient. I couldn't remember it! own last name! So don't feel alone in your name issues....frazzley and awful, but you are not alone in this nonsense!

    Much love,