So angry and frustrated! Wasted money and time! Need to vent!

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    Wednesday I saw my pain clinic doctor and although she is good, she insisted I try a new medication called Opana. I know it is my fault for not checking it out thoroughly. But my charts CLEARLY state I am allergic to opioids! I don't know what part of that I should have to explain! I took just ONE pill and was violently nauseated, dizzy, and itching like crazy. When it finally wore off, I said "That's IT! NO MORE! I'm DONE with pain pills FOREVER!"

    Then I had my prolotherapy appointment Thursday and it was a disaster. First of all, I had back to back appointments in Anchorage, since the doctor "will only see prolotherapy patients on Thursday". This necessitated my husband taking off work and us having to get a hotel room. And for anyone who has been to Alaska in the summertime, the room you paid $79 for in winter is suddenly $209 or higher. It's when everyone makes their money. As soon as we get into the office, I am asked to fill out form after form. Then when I DO see the doctor the very FIRST words out of his mouth are "Oh, there has been a mistake. My staff dropped the ball and we don't take Medicare". I told him I had BC/BS and he said "They don't cover it!" I said "Of ILLINOIS, NOT ALASKA!" My husband is VERY thorough on insurance claims and he checks EVERYTHING out. So the doctor shuffles papers. "Your blood pressure is VERY VERY high!" It was 138/80 and I had just taken my meds before I saw him. I told him my PCP didn't seem to be worried about it. Then he saw that I had low platelets and liver disease. "Well, you certainly have a LOT of issues. How can we do an injection if you might bleed too much?" By this time I was fighting for control and my temper was winning. "I give myself 2 insulin injections a day, and I haven't bled all over the kitchen floor yet!" He said, "Well, how do yo control bleeding at home?" "Paper towels!" I shot back. "Usually I just tap my finger on the top of the roll after I test my sugars. Works every time. Gotta love that Bounty, the quicker picker-upper!" He said I had "too many issues going on and he couldn't treat me and there WAS the insurance issue. He would get back to me". "Don't bother. This isn't for me, YOU'RE not for me and I wasted my time." I got up and left. I was furious. And I still am!

    Are doctors not trained to handle multiple issues any more? Don't they keep up with trending medicine (or anything but their golf game) any more? Why do I have to be the one to educate them? He also told me that my A1C, at 6.1 was "not to the standards and should be 5.5 or lower". I KNOW this is wrong for a Type 2 diabetic.

    I am SO sick of brainless doctors telling me that they know what is best for me! Don't they think I KNOW what will happen, that I don't LIVE in this body and that I don't know how to READ? If I had just one wish, it would be a doctor that actually KNEW what the **** he was talking about! And one who didn't look at my charts and say "Oh, my, well this is too hard for me! YOU have issues!" No, I don't have "issues". I have subscriptions. I have a library. Apparently you parents and your student loan issuers certainly didn't get their money's worth! Of course, if I weren't in Moose Spit, AK I would probably have a shot at a better doctor. But for right now, it's back to natural for me. Thanks for letting me vent!

    Soft hugs,
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    Maddening, isn't it?! We pay these people, and they treat us badly.
    You would think they would give special attention to what they are doing
    since it involves other people's lives. The sad truth seems to be that
    we are no more than figures on an assembly line. Their real attention is
    on their golf game, their next new car, or the condition of their
    stock portfolio.

    BTW, I found a site on line called "I Hate Arrogant Doctors". I have no
    idea how many people post there, but it must be a substantial number.

    Have you seen that T shirt that lists Ten Reasons Why I Became A Nurse?
    Number nine is: I get a kick out of arrogant doctors.

    Anyhoo, don't blame ya for being frustrated and angry. Maybe it will
    discharge some negative energy if you fantasize about tapping the doc's
    knee with a (sledge) hammer.

    Feel better

  3. SherylS

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    I hate that you, or anyone, is treated like this. But I do like knowing that I am not the only one on here that gets totally pissed off at these people! Some on here complain, but I get seriously angry. I was right there with you yelling at him and wanting to ask him if he actually attended Med School!! Even here in civilization I went to 8 doctors(one supposed CFS specialist who knew NOTHING) before I found my holistic doctor. Wish I could Fed Ex him to you!
  4. gb66

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    You were put through the wringer by that one. We all have some great doctor stories on here, don't we.

    About the allergy to the medication, My pharmacy, Walgreens, keeps a record of allergies and has them printed at the top of all my prescription printouts. One day I had a prescription phoned in to them that I had listed on my allergy list (mistakenly),and they wouldn't fill it till they talked to me on the phone.

    My husband had gone in to get it and they had him call me so the pharmacist could talk to me. I told them it was my error and all was ok. I really appreciate that they're watching out like this.
  5. FaithHopeCure

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    So sorry u went through all that! I have a couple a similar stories concerning Drs. The worst one being that my husband started using compounded testosterone when my son was 3, 4, 5 years old. The cream was put on his arm and this transferred to my sons skin. At 6 years old my son started puperty. Now my son is on Lupron to stop his growth. He is ten years old now and will be on lupron until he is 13. Hopefully the early puberty hasn't stunted his growth and he will grow to be his expected growth.

    When we started the lupron shots (and now growth hormone shots) the testosterone cream companies put a black box warning indicating that the exposure to children is dangerous. We were never told this back in 2004 and there was no warning on the medication at that time. All the hormone treatments he is on now is very complicated and is necessary for him to achieve his optimal puberty growth. Basically if we didn't use the treatments he would grow too fast and stop growing too early.

    That is my story with incompetent drs and pharmacists. Had we known the exposure to our son my husband would of never considered the cream! Now we do all of our own research on every medication we use!!! Look at all side effects!!!!!

    I am still angry and won't forgive until I know that my son does not have long term problems with all this.....:(
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