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    I am new here but am so angry and hurt that I have to vent and get some advice.
    I am an ex-smoker, quit a little over 3 years ago. Just a few weeks ago I thought it would be a good idea to get a base-line x-ray. I am in good health, exercise, eat a fairly good diet, and in no way have any symptoms of any lung problems.
    Well, this doctor using only one set of x-rays and no other test whatsoever diagnosed me with having the very earliest stages of emphysema. His official diagonsis which went in to the insurance company says I have COPD and hyperlipidemia (high cholesterol)and he did not even run a blood test for this. He simply based the high cholesterol diagnosis on my statement that the last test I had done was high normal or borderline. Now it is on record that I have emphysema and high cholesterol and I may not have this at all. I did some research and found out that an x-ray by itself cannot diagnose emphysema. And absolutely no test was done for the high cholesterol.
    I am livid. I am seriously thinking about reporting him to the American Medical Association.
    I am wondering if I should call my insurance company and tell them what happened.
    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.
    I would also like to add that I am not a person that is looking for something to sue over. In fact I am for reform of frivolous lawsuits. All I want is for this doctor to be reprimanded and the diagnoses to be removed.
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    Hey miss50,
    # 1. NOTIFY YOUR INS CO IMMEADITALLY!!!!!! If you don't get this straight with the ins co. they may have cause to cancel your policy.
    2. Dump that Dr. and lodge your complaint with the AMA. Way to many Drs.are getting away with way to much appathy.
    In the past 13 years I've been to 31 Drs.. From Neuro Surgeons to Chiorpractors. I've had X-rays, MRI's,CT Scans,EMG's, Nerve Conduction Test ( these are SHOCKING) Lumbar Sympathetic Nerve Blocks, Stellate Ganglian nerve blocks and I still have perifial neuropathy in my hands and feet, lower back pain, loss of balance,sleep apenea ( I use a cpap machine to sleep) and constant pain that runs in the 8 pain level 97%of the time. I started with burning on the bottom of my feet. I am now to the point where the pain is up to mid thigh and pain in both hands up to my elbows. The pain is moving with frightening speed toward the trunk of my body and after all the Drs. and all the tests and all the drugs I still do NOT have a name for what ever is wrong with me. My Ins. Co. even paid for 2 five day IVIg treatments at $35000.00 per treatment. All for nothing. My advice ,for what it's worth, is call your and explain what happened and ask that they change your records also be sure to tell them that you are looking for another Dr. .Ask them if They can reccommend a Dr. in your area. Some Ins. Cos. do. You can ALWAYS find another Dr. , Ins. Cos. are hard to come by if you have a medical history like mine.
    I wish for you a new Dr. that knows what he is doing and TOTAL remmissonin your pain so you won't need the Dr. or the Ins. Co.
    May God Keep You Painfree,
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    The new health privacy act (HIPPA) allows patients to see and correct their medical records. Your doctor must give you a copy of your medical records (this includes access to your lab work and films). You must sign a release for them. You may then correct them and forward as appropriate.

    If you believe your doctor has done something wrong, contact the licensing board in your State. They handle complaints about doctors and will take appropriate action. The AMA doesn't handle this sort of complaint. It's the organization that lobbies FOR doctors.

    I once had a doctor who was impolite to say the very least on the telephone. I wrote to the State board and he was reprimanded.

    Diane Jones