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    i`m writing this cause i am so stressed after having a hard xmas today has sent me round the bend. The last few months we have been going through hell my kids have been caught up in an abuse case against my mother in laws boyfriend i believe my kids she doesn`t!!!!!!
    He moved back up north waiting for him to be charged. been coping well in between all this i was dg with fm. We were all doing ok i was starting to feel good a bit again so wat went wrong. well i was driving through town today and drove straight past him!!!!!!!!!!!! so now i have to keep my kids out of there home town it would ditroy my middle daughter if she saw him. just needed to get this off my chest before i go get my girls from skll. why is evil aloud to live?????
    thankyou for litening xxxxx
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    I've taught my kids about many topics and things to watch out for. I've traveled on business all over the world. The USA is a nice place to live but the "one worlders" are pulling it down fast.

    Evil is allowed to live, to learn to shape up. The pits that they dig eventually catch up to them and they fall in themselves.

    The "good die young" since they are Red, delicious apples, ripe for the picking and God picks them. He leaves the sour, green, worm-ridden ones behind to have a chance to perhaps ripen.

    Suffering makes us stronger and better. We learn this from examples in nature with the caterpillar and chickens. If you help either one of them out of their cocoon/shell, then they die. The struggle makes them stronger.

    Living with CFS is no Cruise Ship ride on this earth, but I'm a much stronger person myself. This is what I tell my daughters. The "next life" is the life to really look forward too. This one is more of a testing / proving ground as I see it.
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    thanks for your words of support. I feel better now that i have let of steam. his pit is a deep one i hope
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    I wish I could change what has happened to your beloved children. I hope he gets what he deserves!!

    When my daughter was just 5, her best friend was molested by her grandfather (who was our next door neighbor). I never felt comfortable around him, so I never let my daughter go over there to play with her friend, I always had the friend come to play at our house.

    It came out that he had also molested another of his grandaughters and also one of his own daughters when she was small.

    He was arested, and when the police came for him, I was on the phone with a friend, and could see the whole thing from my kitchen window. Soon an ambulance came rushing into their driveway, and they hauled him out on a stretcher. He was covered in blood.

    He had shot himself in the head rather than face the charges!! He died before he reached the hospital.

    The good news is, both these little girls thrived (had counseling) and are now in their late 20's and are doing well.

    You're in my thoughts. Keep us posted.
    Love and Hugs...
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    dear mini thankyou for your reply. I know that this abuse goes on. And that things could of been so much worse. I am trying to get help for my girls as the pain they going thro is to hard for me to handle my 9 yr old told us she was going to burn house down every day is a struggle with her. I also feel that members of family think i should be ok they don`t see the stress in this house.
    I would happily see the evil man that stole my happy kids dead. I also live in hope that he will get what he deserves and that with help my kids will be able to come through this.