so cold whats going on

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  1. so tired of this odd body of mine. Normally I would have normal temp or low grade fevers. I loved chilly autumn weather. I could tolerate my apartment being a bit on the chill side during the winter.

    Maybe these past few winters it started and just kept getting worse. Even during the spring summer months at times Id get cold chills in between being hot. I cant tolerate cold anymore. My body feels like Ive been bathed in ice water when I am cold like that. And real cold like being outdoors in winter even in a coat I just shake uncontrollably. But this is just inside my apartment I feel freezing. It isnt even winter yet. The thermometer inside my apartment says 72. Id think that be warm enough considering I had to use an air conditioner to keep things about that cool during summer.

    I took my temp it said 79.9 which is below norm for me. Especially considering just recently was running 100 deg low grade temp for a few days.

    I know its maybe a Fibro thing that we cant tolerate extreme temp changes but I shouldnt be cold ... 72 should be perfectly fine. Is it a blood sugar thing? The doctor did fasting blood sugar test and said it was fine.

    I have been juice fasting today. I dont normally use sugar I didnt realize the juice had sugars in it. Could that be contributing?

    well the cold is getting to my brain because I normally wouldnt post like this....

    I am layered too I have a sweatshirt and shirt under it and jeans .... I NEVER used to be this cold I always wore light stuff because I was always HOT all the time.

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    Yep, I knew it! I thought I was getting colder, too! I have been sitting under blankets at home with a heating pad under me. In the past, I would have been pouring sweat and miserable. I used to always be the one in shorts when everyone around me was in jeans and a sweatshirt. What causes this?
  3. even though i know sometimes there might not be one. My Mom who was always cold all the time now she gets hot all the time. I go into her place and freeze my butt off because she thinks its hot. I hate any sort of layering or jackets though. If I put the heat up high enough to feel a little bit warm then its blasting and I dry up so bad I end up witha bad cough and have to turn it back down and be cold again. Added out heat never works the way it ought to (isnt on at all now) at times it works and blasts the heat other times nada nothing ... It wierds me out I used love fall and winter. Now I am almost wishing I could move somewhere warm all the time. But then Id not be able tolerate the sun ...

    We cant win can we? No happy medium?
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    I go through periods of this. Last night, for NO apparent reason, I was freezing. My feet feel like chunks of ice and REFUSE to warm up, even with heat on them. I had on a feather duvet, and a hot beanbag, under the blank. Also, socks and a sweater. Still cold. After a couple of hours, up go the temp., and I am sooooo hot. This happens more often than I care to think about. The chills used to be so bad, I would literally shake. My hubby wanted to take me to ER at one point, but I was way too cold to go. Almost like hypothermia.