So confused doubting myself If its Lyme or just being a Hypo Need Opinions

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    If whomever reads this is unaware, I have posted that I have crohns and hoshimotos. Both are autoimmune related and I untimately believe that is the real condition associated with chronic lyme. I am now doubting myself and what to believe really is causing my symptoms. The more research and facts I discover about the cover up the more Lyme makes sense, but at the same time I don't remember being bit or the rash. However, I was in the woods and around several animals that could have been carriers earlier in my young adolsecence. I do remember what I thought was a tick on me on more than one occasion and others have said they have pulled ticks off their kids. The statistics of Lyme are grossly inaccurate in 2008 obviously and I now consider myself to be in the mix of those statistics.
    I started Doxy 100mg five days ago started noticing immediate Herx reactions.
    I have had chills, crawling skin in my arms, legs, and skull, my elbow on my right side just throbs and hurts with a stabbing pain out of no where. I've been sweating and had hot flashes then I get chills later in the day. Seeing more floaters then before. Sweating during the day and night sweats. Ears get red or hot. If I ever drink the back of my neck and face flush horribly and then I get chills. Neck stiffness has been one of my worst symptoms for 8 years and now is better. However my spine and elbow and neck all crack easily often now. Before the tissue was so stiff it was hard to crack. Always wanting a massage to have work done on my traps and neck and want to have my neck and shoulders adjusted. I believe it isn't as bad currently bc my workout regiment has been cut in half and I try not to work my traps at all and limit how much shoulder training I do. Ears are horribly clogged and had mild ringing occasionally. Seems like I'm not hearing as well go figure. I'm physically fit I would say better than the average and my diet is well above average and yet I'll get out of breath if I climb up two and a half flights of stairs really quickly? My face itchs often especially by my forehead, and I get shooting rib pain on both sides at different times in the day for moments. I have trouble staying focussed or interested in something related to my text books. I get easily frustrated and overwhelmed by being unsure what to do when i study for a test.
    Have been irritable and depressed prob much is stress related and the bug inside affecting my hormones. I cried all day off and on for no reason. Would just have one thought and then cry. Have been having pain in my right arch consistently for 2-3 weeks since I've been doing acupuncture, and I have burning feeling in my feet at night after I've been walking or working out. I had gotten boil or erruption pimples near my groin and inner thigh off and on about a year ago. Horriblely painful to touch. I notice that when my immune system gets weakened by anything for more than 3-4 days the symptoms flair. But they are usually not crohns related symptoms. The CFS was bad not that bad anymore until last couple months. Then it's gone the next day. I believe because of my supplement regime that is what is sustaining me from feeling worse.
    (CoQ10 200-300mg, Bcomplex , CoEnzymeA(2daily), probiotic(primal defense, Dr.Oharas), garlic, multi, Chorella 15-18(3times a day), Chinese liver pills, Chromium, Vanadyl sulfate, Vitamin C (2000mg), and there are more but those are the main ones.
    The cysts in my neck are bi-lateral(same place opposite sides of neck) and have had them since I was at least 13-14.
    My ears used to get pimple in the ear lobe frequently and I continue to battle raised eruptions and whitehead like boils on my chest, inner thighs, groin, traps. Also get breakouts that are like ingrown hairs on my neck.
    I know apparently have high BP which I never had. My stress is very high which is a cause of illness by suppressing immune function but still I've normally always had good cholesterol and BP. Thyroid obviously not ok. Im now starting to get temple pressure/headaches its been awhile since I had those. Before I had crohn's I would get those. Muscle twitching was common and now has lessened since more magnesium intake has started with Natural Calm. Huh go figure. Crohns, Candida, and Lyme are all normally deficient in B-12, B-6, and Mag. I believe I may have have had all three at one point and still have one if not all just more controlled and in remission. I have the joint pain and my shoulders crack and pop the same with my knees and elbows when I stretch. Was having lower back pain for awhile but acupuncture I believed help relieve that and it has yet to resurface. The brain fog is still there but nothing like when I was HERXing from the antifungals but it seems to be getting worse. I used to feel and kinda still do that my shoulders are slumped forward and my neck doesn't seem aligned. Almost like its pushed down or forward. I used to get and still do get these sensations on my head where it feels like something is burning me with a cigarette and then later it will itch.
    My wrists used to be in pain and it seems to me I have a muscular weakness and imbalance in my shoulders and my grip. I notice it bc of strength training otherwise prob wouldn't be so noticeable. HOWEVER, recently last 4 months I have been having weakness in my hands where I just drop things out of no where. Doesn't matter how light I just feel my fingers stop working. If anyone has had any of these more specific symptoms Id love to hear what anyone else has to say.
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    I believe you have lyme disease and need to see A LLMD.

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