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    I have had CFS/ME/Fibro since 2000 and was finally diagnosed in 2005-2006 when my symptoms got worse. My husband left me after 23 years of marriage in 2009 and after the first 3 months, I have been doing ok. However, my short term memory has gotten really weird, its like I won't remember things on the day I am asked a question, but I'll remember it two days later. I went thru about 4 months of total heck because of the separation,attorneys etc. and for some reason I was calling people at 2 and 3 in the morning, even my husbands attorney!

    I mean I know a lot of it was sheer panic because I asked my attorney a question in August and he wouldn't answer me and because I went thru terrible mental and verbal cruelty for 4 years after I got sick, I thought that I couldn't trust my lawyer. (whom I didn't call in the wee hours>>) So I called the Attorney General, who told me to call the bar (not to get him trouble, just to kick him in the pants to get going) then I went to the actual circuit court judges office via email and phone call first to the deputy clerk, then to the Judges secretary. Then I called and emailed the Govenor of our state and its like, I didn't even remember calling my husbands attorney at 2:00 am until 2 days later.

    Then my Dr. changed me from Lithium to Depakote because he was very concerned about the Lithium interacting with my blood pressure med. So between my illness, all the stress and no Lithium for about 3 months, it seems funny now, but I get this sensation in my memory that I was going real fast (like a Charlie Chaplen movie?) now I am own the depakote, and now it seems like it is trying to erase my entire memory! Before I ever went on the drug, I started having auditory hallucinations I think from my CFS/ME, like, I thought my Dad said something and I was looking right at him and when we left, I asked my Dad "why did you say that?" Then Mom said, "that wasn't your Dad, that was me." LOL, then I asked, "did the attorney says 'such and such'?" and they said, "noooo". And I am finding that I am doing that a lot more. I don't need this before depositions.

    Oh, and by the way, I don't have Bipolar 1 or 2, its the milder thingie,cyclothymia disorder, so its not bad, but bad enough to where I stay mad at everyone when not on meds and I haven't ever broken the law, etc. Then we just went to my atty again after my father of his mid 70's explained to me what all had happened. So everything is ok, except I realize that I am going to need more help with things than I thought because I was always so independant and to proud to ask for help because you want to maintain that dignity, ya know.? So then when we left I felt very calm and now I know that I can trust my atty., however, when I asked my mother, "did he say such and such? did you hear that?" My mother went, "uh, noooo..." Has anyone else been thru this weird trippy thing? I am 50 years old and I don't need this happening right now because of the impending divorce...thanks for any help. MellyB
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    not advocating for or against, and I agree that many meds mess with memory (& with a lot more than that), but just to clarify what was asked.....Depakote was originally made for seizures, but is also used regularly for migraines and mood disorders, esp bipolar (it has been used those ways for quite a long time)

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