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    Hi, Twocats, hope today is blessed day for you. So sorry to hear of all the pain you have encountered. Last week my examiner cld just to let me know she'd received my letter confirming i would keep appt.with CE. Of course, I was unable to get to phone because I was having a horrible day. Couldn't get out of bed in time to answer.( severe back pain).
    Now a week later I get 2 letters in the same day. One reminding me of appt. and the other stating no further action can be taken on claim until they speak with me and I had 10 days to do so. Also, if they didn't hear from me in 10 days, a determination may be made based on incomplete evidence in file and this may result in finding that I am not disabled. It goes on to say information is needed regarding the following: If we do not hear from you in 10 days, we may have to make decison based on incomplete evidence.I have no ides what they need, never stated it in letter. Will try to contact when office reopens. I'm afraid not to call to find out what they're requiring. Thanks, and have a blessed day.
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    I'm thinking this is all a bit strange that they are not telling you in the letter what they actually need from you and if you think about it, it seems silly to send a letter and not include what they need. Be very careful with this.

    As they are not responding to your return phone calls, send a letter (keep a copy) by certified mail, return receipt requested stating you have received his/her letter, copy of which is attached, and your letter does not state what further evidence is required from me. As I confirmed, I did receive the letter regarding the Consultative Examination on XXX date and I will be attending.

    In accordance with your letter request, I have telephoned you on XXX date at XXX time, and XXX date and XXX time, and XXXX date and XXX time [and keep listing every date and time you have returned the call] and left phone messages for you, but have not heard back from you.
    You want to maintain evidence for yourself to show you have complied with their request and a certified letter is a good way to do it. But keep calling too. My phone bill provides a record of numbers I called so that would provide additional evidence that I called a number repeatedly so if your phone bill has that, keep your phone bill until after you receive your final SSD decision.

    When you speak to the examiner, try to keep the call short. Explain you are in pain, which is completely true and don't want to be on the phone too long. Take care. Hugs.

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