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  1. neldwn2me

    neldwn2me New Member

    I read so much on fibro , and fs that I dont know what to do. My Docs are just there. So I have to find my own way of dealing with my pain and depression and just feeling of worthlessness. Feeling as if I just cant deal with the fm and everything else. I stopped watching the News becouse I;t hurts so bad to see all the people who are with out homes and food and dont know if there loved ones are dead are alive. I wish I could grab them all and make everything ok. I miss having someone in my life, to talk to. I'm thankfull for all of you guys. But sometimes i'd like to talk on the phone are in person to someone who cares and understands. Thanks just venting.
  2. rileyearl

    rileyearl New Member

    I'm sorry you're so blue. I wish I could send my little family to you for a day or two, so they could talk your ear off for awhile (one 4 yo boy and one husband with ADD.) You'll remember about how nice quiet is sometimes. I think the only ones who listen to us are others with the same stuff.

    The news is terrible. You feel so helpless. I heard the Astrodome in Houston got its own zip code today. I started thinking about sending someone mail or a few dollars or something, but how can my little contribution make a difference on such a big mess. I want to scoop them up and save them, too.

    Are you taking any anti-depressants? Where are you located? Maybe someone here can recommend a wonderful doc.

    You're not alone! Here's a hug (((0)))

  3. 123sandra

    123sandra New Member

    You will NEVER be alone here.
  4. neldwn2me

    neldwn2me New Member

    I thank you alll for the love. I live in Texas. I have two Great children. Just divorced. And just trying to learn how to live.

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