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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bobolee, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. bobolee

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    I really am tired of feeling awful all day every day. I know that many of you have had FM for many years. I have had it a long time, but I am lucky that I have partial remission, but flare ups occasionally. This is one of them. As I get older (55) I am finding it harder to cope with, and harder to help myself recover. I have a cold which has made me feel 100x sicker. i amtrying to help myself - yoga, walks, trying to read, whatever it takes to keep the focus off "ME". I have decided to start taking a 1 a day since I do not take any vitamins. I am losing weight as I have no appetite, and it seems that the food just "sits" in my stomach - very uncomfortable. Is this a common complaint???? Need advice as to what else to do?
  2. TxMissy

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    I have doing all the walking, exercising, yoga...and I do take vitamins and I still can't seem to go into remission! This flare up has gone on since before Thanksgiving and hasn't let up for me at all.

    I have been really losing the weight (happy about since I needed too) this past 9 mos. But the nausea was killing me and I started taking Ginger. The ones I get are a capsule and I take two a day, once in the morning and then before I eat at night. This has helped alot with the nausea and I am able to eat now. I am still losing weight, but not as fast now since I am able to eat, even tho I have to force myself a lot of the time. So try the Ginger, it's pretty cheap at WalMart, about $6 for a bottle.

  3. Mikie

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    Seems the longer we have this, the harder psychologically it is when we are in a flare. I have a therapist and I highly recommend therapy. Mine uses hypnotherapy to help me with the malaise which accompanies my illnesses. I pray you are feeling better.

    Love, Mikie
  4. joannie1

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    i am sorry to hear that you are so down in the dumps. I have to say that i really don't think it is so much with the age that makes it harder to deal with. I think the longer we have this awful DD the harder it gets to pick ourselves up from the flares and the steps we take backwards. You aren't alone though. And we all know how you feel I think. I don't know about you but the winter months are the worst for me. Iowa is sooo cold and dreary in the winter. Tends to make me want to stay in all day and hibernate. I hope that you begin to feel better soon. We are always here when you need to talk okay.
    Bigs hugs to help you feel better I hope.
  5. Sandyz

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    I`ve been feeling the exact sameway. I am 45 but its
    getting harder and harder to deal with for me also. I`ve
    had it a long time and it just seems like there is no fight
    left in me to keep struggling along.
    I`ve been getting very depressed also so this morning I
    started back on my depression medication. I feel a little better already.
    I just got over being sick(flu) also and that`s hard to
    bounce back from with the fm. Maybe that`s why you feel
    rundown and have no appetite. I seems like we sometimes
    need an extra week to recover when we`ve been sick and get
    our strength back.
    Get some extra rest and care Bobolee and know that you`re not alone. I for one, am going throw the same

  6. nogilroy

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    sorry to here you are feeling not so well . 3 years ago i had that feeling in my stomach . put up with it the first year . but knew that if it happened the next winter i could not deal with this problem . i use grape seed and pine bark pills you can get these at herbal store they seem to help me . i hope this helps you
  7. jami117

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    I'm sorry things are rough right now. I'm 56 and I was diagnosed with fibro in 1978 - had been having the troubles several years before that. I was able to keep working and having a pretty good life until about 8 years ago when I also got chronic fatigue. I am now unable to work, but much better than the nine months I was bed bound and hallucinating! Besides meds, my doctor has given me many supplements and vitamins that have helped. You will probably want to look into this to determine what will serve your needs. This has all forced me to change the way I live my life. I was an academic librarian and then an attorney so reading was a big part of my life. Now, I have trouble concentrating on books, and it hurts my hands and arms and neck to hold them. So, I discovered books on tape at the library. I always make sure I have enough on had so I don't run out. They are my mood altering drug!! I even got a tape recorder for beside my bed that shuts itself off, so I go to sleep listening to a good story instead of letting all those night worries creep into my head. I used to hike, backpack, horseback ride, river raft, repell, swim and ski. I was planning to learn to cayak and skydive. I can no longer do any of those, and even gentle plans like yoga or stretching cause me set backs. So I had to find new happiness elsewhere. I have a fairly small back yard and have planted a rock garden, a herb garden, and some flowers. Some were done one at a time with weeks in between, but I enjoyed what I did accomplish and I didn't wear myself out. I often spend an up to an hour just sitting in my rock garden in the sun, picking leaves and dead plants out of the plants growing there. I find that's a very positive time to think - it's similar to the effect of tending a Zen garden because the process is my focus, rather than how much I have to do. I've found I can't think like that on any task anymore. It used to be that I'd always focus on what I didn't get done. I now try to identify the task I can do, work on it 'til I need to stop, and think oh!, look at what I've done. I also care for several stray cats and a couple formerly stay dogs who now live in my yard. They bring much joy to my heart. I go out back with my binoculars and my bird book and watch the birds, and summer butterflies, and the kitties and the flowers beginning to peek up while drinking a pot of tea - ah, my little bit of heaven. So I guess what I'm saying is that this isn't the life I had and it's not the one I want, but it's mine so I'm going to pay attention to everything my body tells me and let it guide me to peace and joy in this life I now have. When the pain is impossible to stand, I try to imagine myself out with the critters and the flowers in the sunshine, then put on a good taped story and tough it out. The hardest part for me right now is fighting my desire to be who people want me to be. I know that's a path to destruction so I am having to work very hard to be vigilent and often say, I'm sorry, I'm unable to do that anymore. Through my garden and animal work, I manage to stay centered and to draw energy from those activities and to keep out emotions that sap the little energy I have. For me, this plan works more often than not. Hugs to Bobolee and to all of the other wonderful people on this board who have been so important in keeping me from feeling totally alone. I rarely write since it takes more energy, but I read almost every day. Thanks for the tips, the education, and the support. Jami
  8. Bambi

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    I'll be 55 in March, and it does seem to get harder to deal with with every passing year. One blessing is you said you are, besides this set back,
    having a partial remission. That's wonderful and I hope you get back to
    that very soon.

    I've had spells of nausea and not
    being able to eat, but right now I'm
    definitely having the extreme opposite going on. If it keeps on much longer I'll have to be rolled from one place to the next. Kidding.

    One good reason to keep going is that
    once you do return to feeling better
    is that you will be able to come here and try to help lift up the person
    that is down then. We all go through
    it at one time or another. That's why noone can understand what we go through as well as each other can, we
    can truly empathise because we've been there too.

    I think my profile explains why, but
    I am alone much of the time. My husband is very helpful when he gets
    home from work and on weekends and
    my daughter gives me moral support when she comes by or emails with me.
    Still I spend many hours with just
    myself and my pets and the t.v.. When
    I'm feeling really lousy the time goes so slowly. I can honestly say
    I have probably cried nearly constantly for a whole day at times.
    At least it gets rid of some of the
    toxins, and what a grand release it
    gives us when we just plain need to

    I agree that if you want to it might
    be a good thing for you to take a
    good kit with you; books, candle and
    lighter, large container of (I prefer) distilled water and a glass,
    magazines, some pictures are nice..
    climb into bed and give yourself the
    luxury of staying there until you
    begin to feel better, and then stay
    some more. Sometimes being our own
    mother is the best medicine when nothing else seems to help. Those
    little coffee warmers are nice to have for keeping tea warm by the bed
    also if you have one or could get
    someone to pick one up for you. They
    aren't expensive and work really well.

    Whatever you decide to do you know
    there are people here pretty much
    around the clock who understand and
    would love to at least give you a
    much needed cyber hug. Not quite as
    comforting as the real thing, but darned nice. Hang in there and be
    good to yourself. (((((Hugs)))))Bambi