so depressed..pls help

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    i can't cope with this. i really can't. everyone is gettign on with their lives and i can't do a thing. am i always goign to feel this ill? will i ever go back to work?pls b honest. i need straight answers. also i dont know how to help myself. so far from everything u guys have said i want to see a chiropractor, get a sleep study done, test for lyme's and ebv....what else shud i get tested for? any bacteria or other viral stuff? also who do i see for all these tests?

    im so depressed, its not helping but i cant cope right now. im also really out of breath today and had a crap sleep again last night. the fatigue is a new symtpom now...came on this last week. how bad is this going to get!? its slowly got worse the last 5 months....doctors say it takes 2-4 years to get better...thats so vague! u guys seem to have had it for years and years.....has it been bad the whole time? sorry im just down becoz my family are callign me lazy and upsettin me...i used to b so active
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    hey fight4acure,

    what test came back abnormal for u? i have been diagnosed with CFS. ive had alot of tests so far for various things. but my doctor said there comes a time when we need to stop testing....oh i don't know...ive just been for a ten minute walk and feel drained. ugh.
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    This is from Dr. Ray Strand's website and this is his wife he is talking about. So you get to hear about the disease from a Physician standpoint...

    My wife has suffered with fibromyalgia for the past 18 years. During the first 12 years of our marriage she needed to be in bed before 8 P.M. She never had a restful night's sleep and would get up just as tired as when she went to bed. Living with this illness for the past 17 years has totally changed my perception on the seriousness of this disease. Early morning stiffness, mental fog, muscle spasms (my massage technique has certainly improved), fatigue, and pain were daily encounters with which she had to learn to live.

    My wife has always joked that she thought marrying a physician would allow her to improve her health. But I’m afraid I was not the answer. The frustration felt by a physician when he or she is unable to do anything for a patient cannot be overstated. And I now realize, first-handedly, the frustration patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue have with their doctors.

    When my wife was struggling with the most difficult fatigue, she asked if she could try some nutritional supplements given to her by a friend. For 23 years, I would do most anything to get my patients off any kind of supplements. However, my response to her shocked even me. I told her she could certainly try since I had not been able to find anything to help her through traditional medicine.

    Within a week she saw marked improvement and within three weeks she was back to her normal self and off all medications. Over the next year she not only totally recovered, but felt more energetic than she had in years. She has added three to four hours to each of her days. She has significantly less pain and fewer muscle spasms, and her energy level has now surpassed mine.

    Obviously this caught my attention. Her recovery challenged me to try to understand what had happened. This was the beginning of my newly found interest in nutritional supplements.

    Shortly after this experience, I read a book by Kenneth Cooper, M.D., called "The Antioxidant Revolution." I have always admired Dr. Cooper, who started the exercise revolution back in the early 1970s. I became so intrigued with his book I researched his research. One part of the book especially caught my attention: at his aerobics clinic in Dallas, Dr. Cooper evaluated several athletes suffering from over-training syndrome. His theory was that oxidative stress was the cause.

    When people exercise moderately the body is able to handle the amount of free radicals produced. However, in cases of excessive exercise as in the training of professional athletes, the amount of free radicals goes up exponentially. It struck me that these athletes with over-training syndrome had the same symptoms as patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I was baffled and wondered, Could it be possible that the root cause of fibromyalgia /chronic fatigue is oxidative stress?

    As we learn more and more about how oxidative stress can cause degenerative diseases, one has to wonder if this is the cause of the fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue syndromes.

    May this give you some much needed hope!! :)

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    Hi dena,

    how r u doing? has dr ray strand helped u? what supplements do u take? ive looked ont he website but im not sure what to i buy a book? which one?