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    Well I just talked to my Rhuemy again. One time I have Lupus and then I don't. It's a off and on thing with her. i am so deep in dept over this that I can't just keep finding doctors. Let me give you an example of last week and any input would be greatly appreciated. I am just so depresed over all this why can't they just figure out what is going on. Sorry had to vent a little.
    Sat 2/14: Eyes very sensative to sun and light causing a headache.
    Sun 2/15: Still have headache, very moody
    Mon. 2/16 So tired can't hardly stay awake, body feels like it just doesn't want to move. I'm having wetting accedients and my memory is not working real well today.
    Tues 2/17: Feel like I can't get enough sleep. Knees hips hurt so bad. temp is 98.9 and feels like it's 104.
    Wed. 2/18: Tired, hurt, weak, moody body feels so heavy.
    Thurs. 2/19: Hurt so bad when My feet hit the floor this morning ,my eyes just hurt, slight tremors, right leg dragging, so tired temp still 98.9 and feels like 104.
    Fri. 2/20: Had to soak to get moving this morning just hurt so bad every where it hurts to breath. I have pan going straight down the middle of my back. I just fall to sleep at the drop of a pin.
    Sat 2/21: Nothing is helping the hurting of my muscles and bones. I'm trying to clean my house but I just get slower and slower I just hurt so bad. I have tremors today, I'm so tired, wetting mishaps again and can't concentrate. No way can I do 2 things at one time. I have these bumps on my scalp that hurt to touch. i itch so bad I bleed.
    This is an example of my diary i keep. any comments would be realy appreciated. Thank's to all of you's and blessyou.
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    Hi Becko, I had SOME of these symptoms when I had Lymes Disease, but not all of these symptoms. It must be hard for you to keep in control when you have this much going on. My only suggestion to you is to collect ALL of your Xrays, radiologists reports, lab tests, doctor reports, etc. and go to a large teaching hospital. Take this info. along to hopefully save $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Let a top-notch specialist evaluate you with all of your records. You need to be seen by a specialist at a BIG teaching hospital who sees things like this every couple of weeks rather than once every 5 or 10 years. I wouldn't be surprised if you need a counseltation (spelling???)with a couple of doctors in different fields. I would probably make the initial apt. in rheumatology. Mayo's is good, University of NC at Chapel Hill is excellent. I don't know where you live. Why don't you post another message on the boards and ask people where a good "patient oriented" medical school is in whatever area of the state that you live in. You have to feel like a ping-pong ball at this point getting bounced from one place to another. People on these boards are great; if they know of a place close to where you actually live, I'm sure they will tell you. Best of luck-Joyfully
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    Hi, Becko.
    Joyfully again. I forgot to ask, are you on methotrexate (spelling???) I have friends who complain about these same issues who are on MTX.