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    The appointment we all wait an eternity for, and it is the worst 30 minutes of the past five years~

    The doctor moved my legs from the knees down, my arms from the elbows, and pronounced that I have only four of the points for FMS. Did not ask me a question, rather accusingly asked, "And, what are we on the antibiotics for?" I told him, and the next thing he said, is that he wants me off the Soma, Okay........
    Then the Ambien, and the antibiotics. He stated that fibromyalgia is a 1.Sleeping Disorder 2. Stress, and 3.Emotional Problem. 4. Lack of exercise. That it is not an autoimmune desease. I said that many of the medical sites
    list Fms as autoimmune. To which he said "I repeat, it is not, an autoimmune desease."

    He wants me off the Ambien and the antibiotics, end of story. He did order tests for CBC, SSA, SSB. ANA, and one other thing. Said to come back in 3 months, and left the room. He did not ask me anything and did not asy anything else. Gave me his literature wihich he circled the causes of FMS.He also wanted to prescrive antidepressants ?What's up with that?

    The cardiologist that I have been waiting to see as per the reslults of the testing 6 weks ago, canceled my apmt for last Fri, and pushed it ahead to the 12 of Feb.

    This all leaves me so perplexed, as my doctor Moved to Iowa,
    and I do not see the new doctor till the end of March.

    Anyone have any thing positive for me?? Is this not the pits?? I have waited to post this because it is so disapointing.

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    So sorry for your bad experience with the dr. I have been there many times but have finally found a pain specialist that has helped me a lot. I quit going to my rheumatologist because it got to the point that she wasn't doing anything for me but you are right to see one for a diagnosis. I did not think fibromyalgia was an autoimmune disease either. At least it has never been mentioned to me by any of my drs. nor have I ever read such. I do wish you luck in getting a dx. and finding a dr. you like. Toots
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    quite a few times myself. It is very disheartening when a doctor doesn't even give you the respect you deserve. After all, you are the one with the disease and he is supposed to be there to help you. It's quite obvious that he does not believe in FM and he is not going to help you. Probably just another one of those docs that believes that it is all in our heads.

    I can usually tell within the first couple of minutes with a new doctor if he believes in CFS or FM. If I get the feeling that I am not going to be taken seriously I end the appointment right then and there...not giving him the opportunity to make me feel like crap. I have refused payments to these doctors also. What I have found helpful is to call ahead and ask if the doctor treats CFS and FM.

    I am so sorry that you had such a bad experience after waiting so long to be seen. I would dump him and find someone that really knows about FM and performs the correct tests for the tender points to give a proper diagnosis. Sometimes if you have a primary doc that you have to get a referral from to see a specialist such as a rhumy you can get the primary doc's office to call and make the appointment for you and you can usually get in quicker.

    Don't let this one doc get you down. I know that is easier said than done.


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    Several weeks ago I had some tests at the hosp. because I can not do the tred. The test was done with injections to
    speed my heart up, slow it down, and a couple of other things. The test revealed that I had lack of oxygen to my heart. I am not sure if this is a big deal, since it has taken two monts to see the Cardio. who read the tests.

    It has taken several years to even get beyond Soma, which the first Rheum. gave me, saw me twice and that was it. I had never heard of FMS, and my GP told me most doctors do not believe it is a desease! Then I saw my doctor who just moved to Iowa, had her for about 18 months, she agreed with me as to the medicications and we chose them together. So, when the Rheum. was so back, as I am not usually so wordless. I was expecting it to go better, then he left the room.

    I do not see my new GP untill the end of March becasue she is so booked. My old doc. gave me the new one.I don't know what to expect now from her??

    It has taken me five years to find a doctor who would give me the time of day. women like me aren't taken seriously.
    I do not know how to complain, it is very difficult for me
    see anything but the glass half full. It is not that I do not see the pitfalls like everyone, I just hardly ever let it effect me. I know and see as well as the next person, I just do not share the information, which sometimes makes me seem a little Pollyanna. I've raised three boys and three girls, give me a break. I never let them see me sweat!

    I loved what I did, and after the children were grown I went back to school and became a travel consultant with Uniglobe Corp. It was a gravy job, I got payed to travel and set up vacations for people who were happy to go.

    Although I have been sick in the past, it was never as bad as the last 6-7 yrs. i quit work to take care of my mother.
    At the time, I was fortunate not to need the money. Since then my husband had to retire because of his health.
    We have been very blessed.