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    I am so exhausted lately. Thought things were getting better but this exhaustion lately is horrible. I know part of it is the work and travel for work I am doing, just don't know where to turn next. I enjoy my job and am very greatful for it during these difficult times in the economy but sometimes I wonder if it is all worth it. I work 4 days in week in Midtown Manhattan and travel back and forth to Detroit(home) - Fly out on Sunday evening fly back home on Thursday evening(mostly very early morning Friday) then I spend the weekend trying to recover. This week I am staying on 1/2 a mile from my office and walk in every morning. By the time I get there I am a mess, and this week is even a little cooler than last week. I know the hotel I am staying at is very uncleanly and can be causing me not to sleep well. I am trying to not come to NYC next week and work a week remotely from home which will help , for the week I am there, this current contract is going to last until at least Mid October. ,

    I'll be 50 next year but feel like I'm 90. Dr. has me on a beta block and an ace inhibitor which I know contribute to my exhaustion but without them my bloodpressure and heart rate are out of control. I am on valium, 2mg 4x a day now, down from 10mg 3 x a day so I don't think that is an issue, have tried to come down more but probably won't happen unless I can take a few weeks off with no stress.

    Last week when i got off the plan I noticed my ankles were twice the size - dr. has me on lasix now and that seems to help but wonder if that is added to my feelings of exhaustion?

    I eat well, drink lots of water, take b12 shots, I am on male hormone replacement therapy which has helped somewhat but has really help me lose weight and build muscle but not sure what else to try.

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    You've got a lot going on and it seems like it all can contribute to your exhaustion - the stressful travel schedule, the valium, the BP meds and the lasix.

    I just read a little about lasix and found it can cause electrolyte imbalance and low potassium, which can cause severe fatigue. You should talk to your doctor about monitoring your electrolyte levels. Did he or she have any idea why your ankles were swollen? It seems it would be better to find the cause than to just give you a med for symptoms. Also, I just read that low potassium levels can cause swollen ankles, so if that is the case with you, then taking lasix will only exacerbate the low potassium, causing exhaustion.

    If I were you, I'd find an integrative medicine doctor who will treat more than symptoms - you can find a practitioner in your area by going to, and click on the Health Resources link at the top of the page.

    Also, I think it would be very good to look into meditation and exercise, alternative ways of dealing with stress and lowering BP. Get a good relaxation or meditation CD and listen to it while flying - it can help get you off the valium as well, or at least taper down some more.

    l-theanine is an amino acid which is very calming but not sedating, helps the brain produce GABA - another alternative to valium


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    Been having the issue with ankles swelling on and off for many years. A Dr. several years ago said it was congestive heart failure which does run in my family. But they did tests and this time my Dr. did more tests and said my heart was fine but just not pumping enough blood(well in that case is it really fine?) but I am also thinking it may be lymphadema as they go hand in hand with CFIDS/FMS - I have swollen glands in my neck always and under my arms constantly, had biopsies and everything seems to be ok. Dr. gave me a postassium supplement to take with lasix but may not be enough. As for Valium, I started on it 18 years ago when Dr.'s put me on it as they thought the FMS/CFIDS was all in my head. I would like to be complely off it but it's not easy. I don't "need" it. I hate having to take it as it a pain when you fly all the time, if I am getting ready to fly out of town and my script is about due it's hard to get filled before it is due, also I have tried to get it filled in NYC written by my Dr.In Mich and they would not do it. Last Thursday when I was heading back to Detroit from NYC I had 1 pill left of my Valium and 1 pill left of my beta blocker, enough to get me through the next morning when I could re-fill, then they announced all flight west of NYC were cancelled. Did not know what I was going to do. But luckily the storm passed enough where we could get in the air and above the clouds so I at least made it home by Friday 2 in the am. But that's stressful. Especially when I travel out of the country.

    I am a practicing buddhist, it is just hard for me to meditate without a group. Which is hard to find when Itravel so much. I have a hard time meditating on my own. I always end up working on somethihng in my head.

    I have tried GABA before when I went from 30mg a day down to 8mg but have not given it a chance since then.

    Heard that coconut water is a great electroyte , not the milk but the water - there are some awesome places on the way back to my hotel to get some I need to stop and get some GABA also.

    I have not even had the energy to see much of NYC - staying smack dab in the middle of Times Square and have not done anything. Just want to get back to my hotel and sleep. My boss will be in town tomorrow for a meeting and I know she'll want to do dinner and drinks afterwards and I have to pretend to be cordial but really just want to be alone.

    I have also had to give up my counselor since I"ve been traveling so much, she used to help me out greatly. I talked to my cousin a lot , she is a retired therapist, but hate to burden who too much - just have a very small family also so that makes it tough. Always kid that we could have a family reunion on a 3-way conference call.

    But next week I get to stay home and work from home, had a talk with my boss and she said that I probably only have to come to NYC every other week , which will help.

    Thanks for listening and your adivce.
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    I'm glad your doctor gave you a potassium supplement, but you may need more, as you say. He can do blood work. I've had low potassium before and it makes you extremely tired, and also is very easy to remedy, if you know what the problem is. So I would definitely check that out. It is amazing how quickly your energy will pick up if this is the problem.

    Well, yes, it'd be nice to have a group to meditate with, but CDs are great alternatives, especially with all your traveling. A really good CD, which is not strictly a meditation CD, is called Calm and Confident with EMDR by Mark Grant. I've done EMDR therapy and it is extremely effective for many many things, much more effective and works much quicker than plain old talk therapy alone. Anyways, this CD is extremely relaxing and also very effective for anxiety etc. Perfect for an airplane ride. Just an idea.

    I'm glad GABA helped you before. I've read that l-theanine is actually more effective than straight GABA as it crosses the blood-brain barrier more easily.

    Good luck with everything -

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    Hope I'm not a pest but just remembered one more thing - low potassium levels can cause high BP as well as swollen ankles (and severe fatigue of course), so another reason to get your levels checked.

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    I so feel for you. I remember the days of trying to keep working while the exhaustion kept building. It's a hard balance. And due to this economy so many employers are asking one person to do double or even more of a work load. Just traveling alone is rough on our bodies when we have M.E. and FM.

    When I travel my stomach and ankles always swell. I think the cabin pressure is adding more problems to an already existing one for you. But if you have to fly, you have to fly.

    I am on a water pill that is potassium sparing. It works great. It is called Moduretic and comes in generic. I also do take potassium RX because when you have M.E. for some reason it messes with out potassium levels. Most M.E. patients are deficient in potassium.

    Is your doctor experienced in M.E.? Sometimes M.E. patients present as having congestive heart failure but it can really be orhtostatic intolerance. You may wish to try some compression stockings when you go on the plane or even during your workday.

    I can only imagine how exhausted you must feel at the end of the day and then to be surrounded by all that stimuli! Wow! I know of a patient who is also a therapist in Manhattan if you would like her name and contact info let me know.

    Keep posting here and letting us know how you are making it through your days. I also live in a suburb of Detroit! I was just in NYC in April. Such a crowded place. I hope your boss will keep you on the every other week schedule. Maybe that will help you get some rest. One never can fully relax when they don't feel at home. Hugs, MicheleK

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    I don't know how to change things as my bed is not the best for a good nights sleep. I am so tired of beign achey, havinnng muscles that burn and sting, body that feels much older than the 56 yrs I am.
    I need to get do some aqua size at the gym I go to but I can't find a time at night early in the evening to do it. I am not the ealry morning person who is up at 4 am to be readly to do the aqua size at 5 am.

    I am so tired of feeling like I have had a stearm roller run over me repeatly, I am so sick of all the aches adn pain, shocks zaps and pinpricks buring in my legs from back problems. What I need to fix some of these aches and pains I can't afford to have done. I just need some way to relax and empty my mind of all the stressers in my life. How do I do that? I can't light candles that are aroma therapy as it causes hubby to have problems breathing he can't breathe from the scent of some.
    I just need some good rest adn relaxation and a great number of dep REM sleep. Wish me luck and hope that I can find a way to get a masasge or some ting to relax me.
    AChy breaky body,
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    Hi Rosemarie, So sorry you are living with all those sympotoms. It can get wearisome now and then. One of the easiest things you can do to feel relaxed and rested is to start practicing deep breathing. Do it for a minute or two to start every hour. Those of us with these illnesses tend to be shallow breathers, so we have to consciencely make ourselves do deep abdominal breathing. It also is a great stress buster.

    ProHealth has some excellent supplements for Fibromyalgia that really can be very helpful. Also, you may want to try epsom salt baths as they are rich in magnesium and relax muscles.
    Hugs, MicheleK

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