So Exhausted!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Applyn59, Jul 14, 2003.

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    I didn't get much sleep last night do to all my
    concerns, I imagine. Never can sleep too much

    I didn't sleep until about 4 or later and woke up
    at 8a.m. I am sure it was because I knew I had
    to make some phone calls. I called the psych
    that was recommended by my chiro for my mother.
    They said in two weeks they will be able to see her.
    TWO weeks! Gosh!

    Next, I tried another dr. I am still waiting for
    his return phone call. I had to leave a message
    on the machine.

    My mother seems a bit better today. Not great by
    any means, but just a little better. We went for
    a ride and we talked with my hot tub neighbor
    for a bit. She seems to be calm so far. She says
    she can wait the two weeks but I think she needs
    something sooner. Am hoping the other dr. calls
    me back soon.

    I feel like the walking dead. I think it's the stress,
    not sleeping, and worrying all the time.

    I have an appt with my endo tomorrow and well
    get the results of my 8 a.m. cortisol and thyroid
    antibodies, along with some other blood work.

    When my neighbor gets home from work, she said
    she will wash my hair for me. Thanks!!!! I sure
    need that. I was not able to get in with my
    hairdresser down the street! So upset. At least
    my hair will be clean for tomorrow. I will
    get it cut this week but I need help washing it
    for tomorrow since I hurt my neck and back
    and also because it is just so long!!!!!

    Need to get some things around here figured
    out. I wish that other psych would call.

  2. Jen F

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    It's nice to know people will be that helpful.

    I hope you can get some reassurance soon. Sounds like you really need it.

    I'm feeling very nervous right now, but in my case i think it's the benzo withdrawal. Going to be a fun week for both of us....

    Hang in there.

  3. Applyn59

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    I am even more exhausted now.
    What a day. It was so nice having my hair
    washed for me. I cried when she was finished
    because I never knew you could have your hair
    washed and not feel like you were run over
    with a bulldozer!

    I am so emotionally and physcially exhausted
    it's horrible.

    My neighbor's parrot was a little jealous that I was getting the attention instead of her! I told my neighbor that her bird was going to be mad and I was right!
    After she washed my hair she tried to get her
    to go on her finger and she wanted nothing
    to do with her. She finally did it. The bird
    loves to talk and say "My princess" "water"
    "are you watching me" etc. She says she
    can whistle and sing the Andy Griffith Show theme
    song. She doesn't want me to start it though
    because she said the bird will do it all night and drive
    her crazy! LOL It's so funny.

    The 2nd physc that I called hasn't called me back.
    I called about three other mental health organizations
    and everyone is booked up for a long period of time.
    So, for now we are on the two week waiting list for
    the original dr. unless we can get something sooner.

    The way I am feeling now you would never know
    that I didn't wash my own hair!

    I have to get up early tomorrow so I can go to
    my endo appt. I am curious to see what my blood
    results will be. I also need to talk to him about
    my mother and some other stuff as well.
    I sure hope my brain can recuperate tonight.
    It is just so frazzled.

    How was your day?
    You said you were not feeling well?

    My laptop bedtray fell apart! I left it with my
    neighbor and her husband is going to fix it for

    I forgot to soak my stupid toe today! I am too tired
    to bother. I suppose I should for a few minutes.
    I don't feel like I can sit at the tub though.

    I am hoping to get my hair cut in the next few
    days. I better do it while it's clean. My next dr.
    appt is a week from tomorrow. I would wait until
    next Monday but the place is closed. My neighbor
    said she would do my hair whenever I want.
    I think once it is shorter it will be easier to manage!

    Hey, guess what? While I was writing this my neighbor knocked on the door and returned my fixed
    desktop! He has hardly been home long enough
    from work! Great service.

    I am so lucky to have these nice neighbors!
    Clean hair and my lap desk all fixed in one day
    by the same family!

    Lost my train of thought. Am hoping to hear
    from another dr. tomorrow about my mother.
    Wish us luck because we certainly need it.