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Discussion in 'Transfer Factor' started by spacee, Mar 26, 2004.

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    I have been taking Immune Transfer C for just over 9 months.

    This is my weekly exercise schedule now:

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9:30-10-30am Active Older Persons (what a name) Exercise class. It is walking and total range of motion with more ways than I can count.

    Monday and Wednesday 12:15-1:00pm Yoga/Pilates class. This was extremely hard at the begining but I have improved!

    Tues and Thurs 12:15-12:30pm. (this class lasts for 1 hour but I am starting with 15 minutes). PUMP IT UP Class. This is a killer. We have 12lb weighted poles and do arm and squats for the 15 mintues I am there. this is done to music and during 1 song there are 100 squats. The music is loud and the lighting is bright so I wear sunglasses and earplugs.

    Mon, Tues and Wed, 7:30pm. 30 minute brisk walk at the mall

    The past few weekends I have had commitments so I don't exercise but if the weekend is free, I would do more walking in a botanical garden near where I live.


    After a week, I will be traveling for most of the next 6 weeks. I am going to miss my exercise classes so much!! But I have family having surgery (carpal tunnel) and then we will be visiting other relatives and picking up my son from college. So I am not going to try new treatment until June.

    JUNE: I am planning to try ImuPlus, NT Factor and Mycoplus (a herbal "supplement" Dr. Guyer recommends) I will see how this goes before trying ABX therapy. I don't like to try more than one thing at a time, so I will probably space them out 10 days apart. The summer is a good time for me to try new things.

    I am really excited about the IPT Therapy that Dr. Guyer says has propelled CFS Patients who have had marginal success with other treaments over the unwellness hump. He says that it works the best on patients who feel exhausted and flu-like most of the time. In addition their mood may tend to be depressed. In lab work they generally show viral antibodies which demonstrates a chronic viral infection such as EBV, CMV HHV6 and others.

    IPT is Insulin Potentiation Therapy where insulin is given at a low dose (1/10 of the usual) The patient gets 3-12 treatments. A doctor or nurse practioner has to be trained to do this and it is NOT mainstream yet, to say the least.
    It makes the med you are taking work much better so you need a much lower dose. Primarily it is used on cancer patients at this time but the sucess with infectious diseases is being noticed by doctors. I suppose patients with a chronic infection get cancer, receive these treatments, and their chronic infection is greatly helped in additionn to the cancer.

    Well, fellow TF Friends....if you do not receive Healthwatch from Prohealth, please consider ordering it. It is free, comes out twice a year with doctors giving their opinions on what they feel works. I don't know if you have to order a supplement from Prohealth but I do know that for years, I didn't order anything and still got their catalogue and Healthwatch.

    Gentle Hugs,


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    You are doing so well to be able to exercise that much!! I am impressed. I just started TF Essentials 2 weeks ago and can only handle 1 every 4 days. I get lots of joint and muscle stiffness and pain (which I havent had that much of before), weakness, itchiness and more tired. I have a long way to go. How long did it take til you started feeling better on TF, and how long have you been sick? Ive been sick over 15 years, so I figure it will be a long haul. I will add Doxy as soon as I can feel better on TF, cuz those mycoplasmas have to go!! I saw my live blood and it was all stuck together like a mosaic. No wonder I feel like my whole body is suffocating---by blood aint moving.

    I would appreciate knowing how long it took you to feel better with TF. Seems like this is definitely the way to go.

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    I have had this DD for 18 years now. BUT I took Kutapressin from about 1990 until they stopped making it last year. Kuta killed EBV and HHV6 although it didn't irradicate it. Without it I probably would have been in a wheelchair. I was really sick!

    Dr. Cheney thinks these pathogens get into our organs and muscles. I guess that it why it takes so long to stop herxing. I could tell within 3 days that I was feeling better than on Kuta.

    I wished that everyone could do as well as I have...or better!

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    Spacee.... I am so impressed!

    You are not only doing very well but you must be very disciplined and motivated to keep that schedule.

    Looks like you are on the road to recovery and I am so very, very, very glad for you.

    Interesting about your future plans as far as treatments too. I had read the PH Healthwatch article by Dr. Guyer and will keep it in my thoughts if I need further help in the future. Sounds promising.

    Thanks for posting your update for us. It is truly inspirational. Have a wonderful trip. Let us know how it went for you when you get back okay? It will be interesting to see how all the changes add up for you.

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    Paul Mark has had it and said that it cost about $1500 per time. So, I will scratch that off the list. Interesting reading about the ones trying Heparin on that board too.
    I think that some of us are going to need that to get rid of the fibrin and get the meds to the beasties.

    Thanks for your kinds words about my discipline...I'll pass that on to my mother! lol!

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    $1500 is a very expensive treatment for us poor people and don't imagine health insurance kicks in anything on it.

    I can't recall Spacee... are you on bromelain? If you take it outside of your meals it suppose to help with the fibrin. I've also heard others say taking nattokinase or lumbrokinase works too. I haven't studied them so I don't know anything about them though. Anyway, it would be a step toward working on the fibrin issue if you want to use them now before you try heparin. I take bromelain 2400/500 mg. twice a day. When I first took it I herxed so I know it works. Another benefit is my periods have gotten better.

    LOL. Your Mum knows.

    Happy travels.