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    I don't know how much more I can do. I was at work until 6:30 PM last night making sure that everyone that called and left a message got some response, even if it can't be taken care of until Monday, so they didn't think that nobody cared. We do, but we need enough lead in time to help them.

    I'm not able to function today (my day off) because my job is physically killing me. My husband hasn't been able to find a job yet because of the economy where we are. I'm just sooooooo exhausted & don't know how much more that I can take. I enjoy helping people, but I don't know how many more I can help. dolsgirl
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    I know how you feel. I remember your last post about getting this new job and how it turned out to be more than you bargained for. I to have the same deal at my work, standing and running in the pharmacy!!! Its murder especially when your permanently injured and the other subs wont help about discrimination!!! Anyway, I would suggest that you continue to look for another job as I am. Its hard while you work but something has to be out there and its the ONLY solution I know of. I thought nurses were in demand? I don't know but i see alot of ads in the paper here. Its one of those situations were in that as my mom says do what you have to do until you don't have to do it anymore. Thats a toughy becz we are already worn out. All I know is if it weren't for my Lorcet 10 I could not walk or bend. I hope you find relief in this predicament. Hugs and hang in there. Pamela
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    alot of nursing jobs, but you'll notice that they usually are with temporary agencies, which means floating everyday to someplace or another floor every shift, not good. Did it when I was younger & didn't mind it. Also, most are with nursing homes (they'll have the big sign-on bonus, which is a real RED flag), nursing homes mean every other weekend and holiday you work. I need a regular shift. I cannot bounce my body around like that. It's too much for me. Anytime there's a sign-on bonus, it means they're desperate and really short staffed, and nobody stays there. It's never a good sign. You get those bonuses IF you stay six months which people don't usually do...

    I'm hoping that if something else doesn't come up that I'll be able to let them know that I can do a four day week and shorter hours a day and see if they will be happy with that. I cannot continue this forever.

    Thanks for your support. dolsgirl
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    Hi dolsgirl~~I read your post, and then read your bio. You must be an extraordinary woman to have gone through so many accidents, physical ailments, and still be working. I also noticed that you have a Birthday coming up on the 16th of this month celebrating your 50th year of life. I am 53 and will be 54 on May 19th. I also had a radical hysterectomy when I was 30, was born with severe asthma/allergies, IBS, and have had FM/CFS since I was 15.

    As the years passed, I developed osteo/psoriatic/rheumatoid arthritis, and two years ago was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disc disease [ddd] with multiple back problems, and a month ago with extensive nerve damage due to the ddd. I also have a cluster of pinched nerves on the left side of my neck which is often extremely painful. The doctors tell me I need surgery, but have no health insurance plus they said I would be out of work for a year recovering--and there is no way I can afford the surgery or to be out of work for a year. My man works, but he made some bad investments that crashed during the terriorist attack of 9ll, and consequently he is in the process of filing bankruptcy. No doubt you and I should both be on disability instead of struggling through all our ailments, pain, and exhaustion trying to earn a living.

    As I read your post, I could feel how tired and worn out you are, but like me--no other choice but to keep on working....and suffering. Life just gets hard sometimes, and I truly wonder how we manage as well as we do. You are a nurse, and I am a therapist--both in a service oriented profession where alot of personal energy is expended helping others, and with all we have to deal with professionally, personally, and medically it is easy for us to become emotionally & physically bankrupt. I know many times I am giving to my clients what I so desperately need to receive myself. Thank God for this Board!

    My heart went out to you when I read about your dog's passing away. Our "Angels with Fur" are such a comfort to us, and losing them is a loss of a family member. I lost my wonderful dog, JeniLu, last July, and my 15 year old cat, Tyler, a couple of months ago, and I still miss them and grieve for their loss.

    A nurse's job can be very demanding in so many ways, and it sounds as though you go the extra mile such as working overtime to make sure everyone's call was returned so that they felt "someone cared". That speaks very highly of your professional commitment as a nurse and as a warm, caring, compassionate human being.

    I am my sole financial support, but am only physically able to work part time--3 days a week with no benefits, retirement, or health insurance. My monthly medical expenses run me close to $600 a month, and I am constantly stressed with trying to make ends meet every month and trying to salvage enough money to buy food, household essentials, and gas to get to work. So without your husband working, I imagine that you must be under the same type of stressors financially.

    I know how difficult it is to keep going especially when you keep wondering how long you're going to be able to keep going, and that alone puts alot of pressure on us that we do not need. I wish there was something I could do to help you, to make it all a little easier for you, but I can keep you in my prayers and encourage you to rest as much and whenever you can; to pamper yourself with a soothing epsom salts bath with some wonderfully, therapeutic smelling essential oils or bubble bath; ask hubby for a nice back rub with some aromatic massage oil; listen to some relaxing music; curl up with a good book and a soft blanket, and pamper yourself with some delicious foods and special treats.

    When we have no choice but to keep on truckin it is essential that we take advantage of whatever time we do have to nurture ourselves. Since my man and I don't have any excess or recreational money, sometimes we just rent some funny videos, pop some popcorn, and curl up on the bed together like spoons, and enjoy the laughter, warth, and comfort of one another. I often have to let household chores go or things that need to be done in order to make taking care of myself a priority--but work takes so much out of me that there has to be a balance--and so somewhere something has to be put off for another day.

    It has been snowing heavily & non-stop since last Tuesday here in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, and we have almost 6 feet of snow, but it warmed up today to 9 below. It has been 25 and 28 below. This weather really makes my body ache, and it is painful to get around. It took my man 4 hours to dig out one car yesterday in 28 below temperature, and he is down sick today, achy, feverish, and grumpy. So, I am trying to take care of him while my back and arthritis, FM flare, and asthma makes doing anything very painful and an overwhelming task. But, I am going to drag this poor body into the kitchen and make a fried potatoe and pork chop casserole for dinner and some homemade hot biscuits. Then we will eat, and I will collaspe for the evening. Wish we could just order out for some chinese delivery, but we live in a very isolated Indian Village with only a post office and gas station.

    Take care of yourself dolsgirl, and I hope your husband is able to find work soon, and in the meantime I would encourage you to try and find a part-time job to make it easier on you. May the Great Spirit comfort you, ease your aches & pains, and replinish your body with healing energy. Blessings, Carol....

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    Your post touched me more than I can say. Being a professional you realize that we do give and give...I wanted to call my sister-in-law before leaving work yesterday because I was in such bed shape. I thought though, that she's also a professional social worker and giving way more than full-time. She's a gem. I love her. I chose to not dump my moment on her because I feel that everyone has their limits. As professionals we don't show that we've about reached our limit, we just take some additional on if it will help someone. I think that's why the professions are losing so many of us.

    I hope your weather improves. We had to leave Massachusetts, because I couldn't take another New England winter and it sounds like we got out in a nick of time. It's been a horrible winter back there, but yours sounds even worse! I don't know how your body can tolerate it. My thoughts are with you. And I thank-you for what I needed to hear.

    I want to thank everyone else also that pulls me up when I'm so down. Thanks. dolsgirl
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    I just wanted to say how much I appreciate reading your posts about the working world for those with FM & CFS, and how you cope day-to-day & support one another. I read these posts with great interest, because I have been out of the working world for about 6 years raising my child, lost another 4 to FM, and now I am at a place where I am considering very seriously returning to work. Because of you all letting me peek into what your lives are like trying to work & cope with these DDs, it allows me to more realistically plan for my re-entry; I now know for sure that "less is more", I'm not planning on more than 4 hours a day (if that), and I've started even smaller than that by volunteering a few hours a week, which is going fine so far.

    Hearing the struggles you all go through makes me feel helpless that I can't offer advise or solutions, but I read how you all inspire one another to go on through another day or another week, and give each other encouragement, and I have enormous respect for all of you who go to work each day. Not everyone is in a place where disability or just quitting are options, or some are involved in that process, but still need or want to work for the present.

    I am so sorry when your jobs are causing pain, stress & fatigue, and I always wish I had something brilliant to suggest. But I want you to know how much I admire the fight you take on every day, and how much I've learned from you about this world that you are in. It's been enlightening for me, and will influence my choices about what I do, and how MUCH I do.

    I will be hoping & praying you someday are able to find new jobs, or alter present jobs, so that your obvious talents & skills are utilized without so much stress & fatigue. And again, thanks for the glimpse into this world I am-----cautiously----hoping to put my toe into.

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    Pam~~"Thank You" so much for your post. It is 5:22 in the wee hours of the morning, and it was one of those nights I hurt and ached so bad that I couldn't sleep, and then came the added stress that I knew how tired and exhausted I would be when the sun came up today (Monday), and I had to get going regardless of no sleep and a body in so much pain it should be in a cast from head to toe.

    But, as I was brousing through the posts, I came across your post in this thread....and it made me feel so good, brightened my Spirits, and made me feel that today might actually be possible. And I wanted to make sure dolsgirl got an opportunity to read it.

    It sounds as though you are making your re-entry into the outside working world with a doable, realistic approach. I hope you find a job that will not only accommodate your health needs, but one that will bring you happiness, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment and personal and professional satisfaction. I just hope your employer will recognize and appreciate the gift he has in you whether you work 4 hours or 40. Best of Luck in your job search, and let us know how things are going.

    Again, "Thank You" for your post here. It gave me the warm fuzzies.....and I needed that on this cold, long, sleepless Winter's night. Blessings, Carol...