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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by desertbreeze, May 2, 2006.

  1. desertbreeze

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    i have been really bad with my memory. i dont think i would make it either without writting down things. one min. i know what day and time i have a doctors appt. and then i forget and have to go look on the calender again. sometimes i cant remember if i feed my dogs twice or once. iam glad i didnt have this when my girls were home. sometimes i cant take this memory thing. i dont know what is worse the pain and burning and stiffness or the forgetfulness.----at least were not alone and understand one another. ren
  2. sfrazier

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    Hi Ren. You are so right about which is worse the pain or the memory loss. I still have children at home two teenage girls and they are begining to understand what my hand signals mean. In fact one day I thought I was going to be cute with them and I told them that if my right hand wasn't attached to my left arm I would forget it. Well that thought that was just so funny. There are days where I feel think I should be back in Kindergarten. lol. Anyways for someone who use to be a administative assistant loose of memory on some days is worse then the pain and stiffness. lol. As you can tell my spelling isn't the greatest anymore either. lol.....SueF