So frusterated, I was dozing on the couch and all of a

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Mar 10, 2006.

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    I had taken a nice warm bath with some bath products taht have lavender and cammonile in them. And they are to help you to sleep. I came upstairs to shurt off the lights anda I was suddenly so tired that I laid on the couch and I started to doze off. I didn't know that I was sleeping till I suddenly woke up and could not figure out why I was upstairs sleeping in stead of my bed.

    And now no matter what I have done i can't fall back to sleep. And it is frusterating to me. I am so sleepy but I but I still can't fall allseep. All I want to do is to sleep as i am so very tired and I can't fall alseep.

    So I got out of bed and put on the lotion that has the cammonile and lavender in it and put it on my neck and wristso that I could smell it and I am sleey now but I just can't fall in to a good sleep. How frusterating htis is to have been alsep and then to wake up and still know be able to keep my eye's open but as soon as I lay down on the bed I am wide awake What is up with that?

    Formy birthday my daughter bought me some bath products from Lush and they are made in Canada. I Loved them the snuggtle lotion bar was so nice and smells great and does not bother the hubbie and so when I got some money I ordered me some more of the products and I still like them as they do help to relax me.

    I have such a tough time finding perfumes that don't make my hubby have breathing problems. So when I foudn this stuff from lush I loved it. As the scents were not so strong in the products I had picked out. I like lavender, camomile, and nerloi. As I said they really do help me to relax. And it is my own fault that I didn't go straight to bed and went upstairs to read a minute when I suddenly woke up rather confused about where I was. It was the first time I had fallen alseep on my own with out help from any meds.Sso I was really excited about this stuff.

    SO I warmed up my arms and wrists and put some of the snuggle bar on them so that I could just smeell it and maybe it would help me to sleep and I think it is working as i am so sleepy now. So Me and my droopy eye's are going to go to bed now and hopefully fall into a nice deep sleep.

    I really like these products and they are really great and have so many different products to use, Everything from sleep to wakeing up, I did get a laugh at the bath oil that I got as it said on the paper that I read " Do not use this bath melt before thy morning coffee as thou will not maketh it to work on time .

    And the funny thing is that you really ant smell this one as much but it has something in it that just makes your while body relax.
    It is a great way to try to get some sleep without taking medws for this problem. /sorry I am rambling on about about this stuff. But as I have read other posts on not sleeping I wanted to share this with you. It does work. And I really enjoy the soft scents taht are not over powering to me.

    Thanks for letting me vent and whine about things tonight. I really thank you all for your caring about me, thanks so much for the things thatyou do for me.

    Love ya,Sleepy Rosemarie
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    You sound like me today. I have been on the couch trying to 'doze' all day long. So far nothing, but the rest may be enough. When I get off of the couch I have been signing in here.
    I have been having trouble staying awake for the past few weeks, but it comes with the territory. I know it will pass.
    And when I need energy I break out the sublingual B-12 and Co-Q-10.

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