So frusterated today, I am so tired and was so sleepy

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    My daughter leaves today in the afternoon. She and I , mom & her Friend Mykal all spent the afternoon and evening talking watching TV together. I was so sleepy that I would just doze off and just as fast as I would start to doze off my whole body would jump so hard that it would wake me up . And it really hurt to have all your muscels hurt like that as they all tighten up at once. But I finall gave up on the sleeping even though I am really tired andhurting badly.

    We got hit with a snow storm tonight and we have about 3 inches of snow and that is not good for the aches and pains from the fibro ,arthisis, muscle aches, that BLAH feeling and the stiffness,I felt like I needed to have all the joints oiled to get me to move smoothly. But they don't have that kind of body shop for people. Other wise I would go in and have a total overhaul, from the glasses down just replace everything and get all new parts wires { Nerves, bones ect} so that I would be able to do all the things I want to do .

    Then I was trying to print off a pitcure of my grandson playing in a hot springs a few weeks ago and he had found a spot where his feet touched the bottom and could hang on to the side and he has the houge smile of his face. YOu can't tell what color hair he has as it is a sheer color. But I wanted to print it off for my daughter who is leaving today and instead of it printing all of the pitcure it just printed half of it, and that was the last sheet of photo paper I have, So I am irriated about it.

    I can't seem to get the darn thing to do what I want instead of what it wants to do the darn computer and printer. But I am sending her back to Ct. with two pitcures of her nephew one in his halloween out fit he was a little devil { HOw true that one is as he is full of it mistcheif and everthing else.} And the other one is ooooof him standing up with one of his paly toy that he can crawl and stand up with and he is in a diaper and looks like he is just going to get a little hellion when he finds out who to walk. So she will have two pitcures to take back and show off to her boss and friends.

    I tried to write her a note telling her how proud I am of her but the words just don't come out sounding like i really want them to. She has learned to live in a place where it is so different than her home. And it is so far away and she will be gone till the earliest August and the lastest next December. I hope that it is not the later one. As she is so home sick and misses all her friends and family.

    The only sad part of the holiday was my dip of sister who had her 14 year old daughter test message that they would come and visit if two of my three daughters would not be there. My sister is in serious trouble she is so close to losing her kids or haveing them wake up to finding her dead and the same with there dad. And it makes me so angry wiith her.

    She will take an oxycontin a chew it and take a soma and be in another world and she could die. But it made her made that my daughters had a plan to get her some help and have a family member take care of the kids till she recovered from her addiction. She will not belive me that I am not addicted because I do tend to doze off ,

    But even then you can wake me up unless it is about 6 am and I am in a deep sleep I am really hard to wake up .So to get me up that early I have to set the alarm adn I can be up and ready to do tings and she can't and She sleeps all day long , then is in bed by 7 pm at night and the kids do as they please. I know that both she and that mooch the she is married to . Is no help.

    A year or so ago my Damn BIL called my mother and told her that my sister was passed out and he could not arrouse her but he had two warrants out for his arrest so he could not call the ambluance, What a pain dooooes he really think that if he callls and tells them that his wife ahs over dosed on pain meds that they will first look up is record? No they are going to come a get her stable and take her to the hospital. It was so sad that my neices know about prescription drugs, they ahve asked me not to say anything about me takeing anything that is a pian pill as it upsets them and they are afarid that i will become like their mother. She tells them that too. I don't take anymore of my pain pills then what the doctor has prescribed for me and then I don't take them all in a day .
    I get up and load the dishwasher and load the washer and then lay down till the washer stops and put in another load. And I make sure that I get my house cleaned up and to stay that was.I don't lay on the bed drooling not aware of what is going on around me and scareing my kids, HEr oldest moved out oof the hosue to live with her boyfriend because she was sick of taking care of taking caaare of her mother the laundry and hold down a full time job and watch her sisters too.

    And pay my sisters bills. so she is out of the hosue and is much happier for it; But she is 18 and the younger ones can't do that as they are 15 & 11
    They are so scared that when they will come home from school they will walk into the house and find their parents dead,They have told this to my sister and she tells them that we her family are just making it upp so that we can take then away from her. And we really are. But they don't need to know about it.

    My BIl is a full blown drug addict from oxycontin to coke or herion it does not matter to him what he is taking as long as it knows him out. And then you add the boose that they take the narcotic pain pills with it is a miricle theat that are alive at all.

    I am so worried for my neices and the ahorriable child hood they are living and they can't see me because I won't give therir mother drugs & my older daughters tried to get the kids taken care of with a family member so now my daughters are the BAD GUYs and They get text messaaages like we can't come over it the tow oldest daugter are their and Auntie I miss you but I can't see you .the things my sister has said about my daughters who have more concern then my sister and her dip of a husband have,& they are banned from taling to them and seeing them too, if my sister finds out that they have seen their cousins they will be grounded and beat too. I have seen brusies too on the girls necks arms and legs but i can't get teh social serivises to come downto see this becuase the childrens services call first to make a apopointment and then they are not home so the people how need to check them out don't get to see them.

    She my sister better watch out because if so help me i see her driving drink or under the innfluane of drugs i will call the police and have them call socoal serivces to tkae the girls away from them.I watch her colseley to know what she is doing and I try to keep traaaack of what hshe is taking all the time. I am about ready to call her doctor and tell him that she is getting meds onot only from him but she takes the really strong one 's from my BIL who has a bad back and has surgeries done for it and they have all failed becaue he does not do the things that he is told to do.

    So she wil fill his 80 mg Oxy's and chew them up and she is gone with the wind and it is scarey for the grirls. So If I ever find her home alone and stoned, I will walk out the door to the neibghbors and call the police and leave so that I woun't be thereto see the fight that will happen when she sees them take her babies away from her for being an unfit mother.
    So my mother wil not have them to a family dinner because they fight about who can come and who can't be ther adn that is not a family get to gether. They need to grow up and learn that taking pain pills can be does if you floww the instructions to the letter adn not take a single pill more than you are perscribed. I may sound hard harted aobut my sister but i love her but i see that she is damaging her kids lives and that they will be more tempeted to do the drugs that MOMMY & Daddy do every day.

    Sorry for bringing your holiday down. I was just so up set that they wouold text message to tell us that they wil not come over for dinner is my daughter are their and that really hurts me,All they have done it to help these girls to have a stable loving home with family that wil love andresect them and teach them that life is good and ther is abetter way to live it than using drugs.

    Sorry for bringing down you happy turkey day. I just had this one my mind adn I could hear the pain in my daugther voice as she read this text message she ahd gotten. I want my family to be happy and to have us all to gether but that is not going to hapned for a long timel
    I love them so much and i want them to be safe.

    I had a good holiday and it was fun and we were ha ppy and I had my favoriite pppie. Banana Cream pie, you make a custard home amde adn then after it has colled you whip the whipping cream and afte it is all nicely whipped you take it and fold it into the custand till nice and smooth and if you want you can add som freshly whipped cream to top it with, that banana's are cut and put on the bottom of a baked crust and I use one larger or two small bananas I then make sure that the banana's are totaly cover the botton of the pan and filled to teh brim with the custard adn whipping cram mixutre that is so great
    baked crust and pour it into it and let it set up for a few hours and it is the best every .

    NO moe store botton banadna craam jelleo pudding bananna pudding into pie in to a crust that is made of this nasty banana cream pie against theone that is mmade from strach adn has custard pudding adn then has already whipped cream to to into it and then you add the banandas to the bottom of the pie can and ppour the nice mixture over it and when it is set up it is the best thing you ahve ver taisted in your life.

    Well now that i have griped aobut family and want to smack my sister to lear that she is loseing her daughters sooner than she may think I lvoe her alot but I dooon't respect her and how she kives her life and her chices are so bad that I dont feel that it is a good place for the children to live.

    And then I talked about my family ahveing a great dinner with all the piies and it was greadt and i gave you the respeice for the bamana craam pie you wil just love it.

    I hope that your day was good adn filled with love and kindness to all. Thanks you all that you share with me. Adn that you understand how I feel all the time.

    Thanks so much for letting mme vent and gripe aoobout the problems I have and the problmes I haev with my siser. I do pry that she iwl find her way befor it is too late and she will have faded off to nothingness.

    Sorry if the post is depressing to you i am sorry you found it ithat was. I love you all and i Love my famiy so much and I really do care about all of my family. sSo may you fee filled with good days and better memories, LOve to all and I pray that nesxt year wil be better to.

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    You did not bring me down.I understand about your sister.I have one to .

    I had to take her son to live with me yrs ago.He has turned out very well and has 2 girls that my sister has never met because she will not get help.

    Oh how I tried a few months ago.Her boyfriend went to jail I had 11 days to help her .I got counseling for her and she was clean the whole time.He got out and she started again.

    I meet with her gave her a choice to come with me and stay clean and than she can see her son and grand babys.

    She chose to stay with him and stay high.

    I cried for days because we had so much fun while she was clean.I had found my real sister.Had her back for a few days.

    There is nothing more I can do .I tried my best.But my heath comes first.

    Please try to get her children away from her. Does the school know about this?They are the ones that made the call for my nephew and ss took him straight from school and into foster care.Than my DH and I went to court to have him stay with us.

    I hope you can help the children they DO NOT and SHOULD NOT live like that.

    I will keep you in my thoughts.

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    Other people write posts as longmI don't mind so long as the breaks are there.I'm sorry your family has so much trouble.It sounds like you have 2 wonderful giving daughters.

    WE can't control life but we can be grateful for what we have.It seems like you did that on thanksgiving.

    I have that jerking thing waking me up too.If I happen to get sleepy and start to doze without my sleeping pills,It happens,Actually,it happens every night.Have a wonderful day!Linda
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    The girl get up dressed and off to school by them selves. they fix dinner adn watch their parents lay around in bed all day or they are at the doctor trying to get something for there pain issue's.As long as the doctor wil give my sister meds when she wants them she will have what she needs, she can't get the big drugs like the oxicontion from the GP so she will take them from her husband who has back problmes and is an alocolic, As is my sister. they drink and drive and take the meds with alochold too.

    I am worried for their kids that one day they will find their mom or dad dead on the floor and it wil mess their lives up for ever.

    A few months ago some friends got to gether and made arraingements to take care of the kids should something hapen to their parents so they will be taken care of. I want a family back together and i want to be a part of my sister's life but I am not so sure that she want to talk to me and to spend time with me to. I really miss her and being friends weit her and doing things together. NOw it is gotten so bad that when a close friend got married and my sister shoved her daughter and boy friend infront of the person who was talking pitcures.

    SAying that they needed and deserved to have their pitures taken since when does living to gether make it some reason to have your peortrai taken at sopmeone else's wedding.

    It was tacky for her to ask the person takening the photo to stop taking them of the bride and groomand to take them eof her daughter and her live in boy friend. When did shacking up become more improtantat than getting married and when did it become a requqiiire ment for them to have a pitcure taken at a wedding not theirs of course.

    maybe I am just being picky about something more that it really is. But it does bother me at how she got the pitcure taken for them. Sorry for all the complaing about the things taht has happend with my family it is ahrd to understand and not really know them. I lvoe my sister and

    I pray that some day she will come to her right mind , I hope that she will learn that the things she does are teaching her girls to do the same thing adn to become more like she is everyday. I lve her and want hhhher back into my life if she can be clean and sober and not be one anytying, she has taken my my meds when she thought I not looking opr their to see her do it.

    I am worried about greatly and pray that she ill be like and hat someday and will love and pay attention to her girls and to be there for them and take them out of thenegitive ennvirooemennt that they are living in .

    It is nice to know that if my neicesneed some help in their lives thay will have it but that i can't go into, but they will be safe and cared for and loved as if they were there own family.

    Goodnight to all thanks for you support, Rosemarie

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