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    today has just been so overwhelming and i need to vent!!! i just found out my insurance probably doesn't cover my naturopathic stuff, and i was feeling so hopeful and i really think she can help me. i want to continue seeing her, but it will be hard coming up with it on my own, you know? and it just keeps adding up and adding it's frustrating. and i am in so much pain! my flare has just got worse overnight and i have the worse spasms in my back!!! and the usual isn't helping. my parents can't help out right now, and i feel like now that i'm 20 i chouls be able to handle all this, but i'm really feeling like i can't. and I CAN'T TALK!!! everytime i talk to someone, my words have come out all WRONG! Aaaargh!!! sI've had to retype about a million things on this message alone. sorry so long, just needed to get some out. :| i know a lot of people on here have far worse probs then my own, so thanks for listening (reading) anyway. hope everyone else is doing as well as possible!
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    I sure know how you feel. But you're still lucky - when I was 20 yrs old there wasn't even a diagnosis, let alone any help. Everyone just said I was lazy or malingering.

    If you find any insurance that covers naturopaths, I'd be very surprised. I can't test mine because there aren't any around here in the boonies. I know the insurance is not going to cover all the natural supplements I want to try (having learned about them here), so I'm not going to be able to try some of them.

    I've had FM all my life, and the speech problems you describe didn't start for me until about 10 years ago but have gotten worse over the years. It started out by saying the wrong word (without being aware of it). Then it progressed to "losing words" (usually nouns), losing track of what I was saying, long pauses between words: I was terrified that I was begining the hereditary Alzheimer's already. Then I learned here how many FMers have the problem. However, while lots of people say their writing is effected as well, I can write just fine (much rather write than talk). The mistakes I make are because my brain gets ahead of my fingers or I just type too fast, but I've always been like that.

    Yes, I know how frustrating it is. We all do. That's why we're here, to get the frustration out and know we're not alone.

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    thanks for the kind words. i'm doing better now. i was just feeling extremely overwhelmed and alone. so thanks.
    -kristi :)
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    I know it can be frustrating, but helps to be able laugh at your self. I have visualiztion of my words and letters getting mixed up. As they are coming out of my mouth they hitting there little bottoms on the way down. I tell people this explains why they are backwards.