So great to hear from you all about my picture

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    Thank you all for the very sweet replys to my profile change. Mollystwin- I love your name! Marta- your picture is beautiful. Pam- I so enjoyed your picture and who knew there were so many Mollys? Dona- Congrats on your recent wedding. What a wonderful-looking couple. You're so beautiful and he your soulmate, wow. Shar- that IS funny, your family live in Co, you live near Lynette. She lives in Centerburg, by the way. Thanks Rock. Yes the fireplace is wonderful and used all winter--like every day. Thank goodness it is gas. It is cozy and relaxing room. i always enjoy your wonderful humor as I have said before! Callum, your picture is just great too and you look pretty happy too. I know you are an actor-I have practiced my smile for awhile. Isn't that a song? Redwillow- I love your view on nature. Don't we get a lot of contentment from it? Waxdiva- Molly says hi to Bennett. Too bad they couldn't play together. They are just the perfect dog, aren't they except for the worrying health problems. Webintrig- I love your name, it is great. And i loved your definition of retired, can I use it?? Thanks and hello hello to you all. Love Penny