so hard getting used to the time change!

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  1. loto

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    I used to wake up at 6AM to get ready for work.
    Now this week I've been up at 4:45 AM sharp!! It's so weird! I try to go back to sleep, but can't.
    So, here I am, getting to work at 6:30 or so. And then I'm so sleepy by the time I get home I can barely fix some supper for my family, let alone do the dishes or laundry! I wish they'd help me out more with housework, but so far they don't. My hubby does straighten up the house, but as far as dishes and laundry go, I'm the only one who'll touch it!!
    Anyway, anyone else having this time change adjustment problem??

  2. rockgor

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    Which is a bigger problem? The time change or teen age kids who don't help
    around the house?

    I would sit the kids down and let them watch the next time you pay bills.
    Then I would explain that with your health problems, you really need help
    if you are going to be able to continue working.

    My son was shocked when he saw how much has to be paid out before you
    get to the part where there is some money left to have fun with.

    Think the kids need some enlightenment time.

    Good luck

  3. gb66

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    When I first became ill with CFS/FM I had three teenagers at home. One girl, two boys. We had a long talk and I gave each one a job to do each week, whichever day the choose. There was plently of complaining but I stuck to it. One did mopping, one vacuuming, one helped clean bathrooms. Of course they did a lousy job at first, hoping I'd take over, but I didn't. Eventually they adjusted to it and all went smoothly.

    My younger son was 12 at the time and didn't even want to put his dirty clothes in the wash. I finally left them on the floor and when it came time to go to school and they weren't clean, he threw a fit. After that he put them in! Tough love, I guess, but I needed help. Wishing they'd see how bad you feel and just offer to help you never works unless you have very unusual kids. Mine were not! GB66

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  4. joanierav

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    hi loto. yes the time change messes me up something awful. both time changes (spring and fall) bother me. it seems to mess with my body clock and circadian rythems. after a few weeks i seem to be ok. but those few wks are awful, with all my cfs symtoms getting much worse. right now, my sleeping is worse and i have a sinus infection.

    just thought you would like to know you are not alone. i do find the spring time change worse tho.

    hope we are both feeling better soon.

    hugs , joanierav
  5. loto

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    with my teenagers.
    I've only had the FM diagnosis for about a year and a half, and I think they are still denying that something is wrong with me. I know that sounds stupid, like I'm making excuses for them, but I honestly feel it's the truth.
    LOL, I've tried that with leaving my daughter's dirty laundry laying in her floor!!!!!! I makes her so mad, it's almost funny!!! She did finally start getting her clothes to the dirty clothes hamper. My son will wait till he has a big pile in his room, then finally bring them to the hamper also.
    It's really not so much I get aggravated when they don't help out, it's when they start whining and complaining that everything's a mess when I get really p'od at them! Then I let them have it!!!
    Anyway, hope we can all get used to this time change soon, and our bodies will let us sleep later in the mornings!!
  6. gb66

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    I know what you mean about things being messy. During this time my daughter was 16 and not a very neat person (about her room). I had always been very picky about housekeeping (prior to getting sick, that is) and she was rebelling against it. I told her she could do anything she wanted with her room and clean it when she wanted to. Consequently, she just let things pile up all over the place. You couldn't walk in her room cause her clothes were all over the floor. Once I found someting green and fuzzy under her bed. We never figured out what it was! I still tease her about it and she's 47 years old now. LOL
    Good luck with your kids. They will grow up eventually but getting there is definitely not half the fun! GB66

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