So I went to Mayo...

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  1. LadyMT

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    and I was very impressed! The docs there are so friendly and easy to talk to and seem to have the TIME to talk to you.

    The reason I went was because I wasn't quite sure the diagnosis of Fibro was correct. It turns out though that they agree so that is that. :) They didn't have much more to offer on thoughts of treatment though, but they did change my sleep meds to Trazadone. They did discover that my pituitary looked a bit odd and I have to have another MRI in 6 months. And they discovered that I have hyperparathyroid. And that I have a hiatal hernia and some kind of inflammation between my stomache and small intestine. And that is all for now! lol

    I was also told that Armour Thyroid isn't as good as the synthetic because it can change from lot to lot as far as what the actual dosage is. This is because it is made by the Armour Meat Company and they make it by grinding up the thyroids of animals! How many people knew that? Ewww

    The rheumy I saw was WONDERFUL! She recommended I have a sleep study done.

    Since I have returned home I have felt awful almost every day. Maybe home stresses me? :) Or it could be that 2 days after I got home I stayed up until 3 a.m. because I was co-chair of the American Cancer Society's Relay for life. I need to learn that although I might feel good at the time, it's gonna come back and bite me in the butt! lol

    Thanks for listening!

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    May I ask which Mayo clinic you went to? I was thinking of going to the one in Jacksonville, FL. How long were you there? What type of testing did they do? Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
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    There is often a reason a doc prescribes the Armour. If a person cannot convert T4 to T3, Synthroid will not help. BTW, all thyroid hormone used to come from animals before the synthetic was developed.

    Love, Mikie
  4. LadyMT

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    Mike, thanks for the info on the armour vs. synthetic, the doctor failed to tell me that. Of course he was probably upset because it was a naturopath who prescribed it and he thought my thryoid levels looked fine. :) Luckily my naturopath believes in treating low levels if you have a consistently low temperature. I sure think it is helping!

    GooGooGirl, I went to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ. I ended up having appointments for 7 days. (They don't work on weekends.) You take all your records from your "home" docs with you. Then you see an internest who evaluates your concerns. Out of this, I saw a neurologist (to rule out MS), and rheumatologist, a cardiologist (And went through all the cardio tests because I had chest pain which turned out to be the hiatal hernia), had LOTS of blood work. I don't remember what else. :) The thing is, they keep looking if they can't find the cause. That is why I had 7 days worth of visits. You don't have to be there all day every day though. Most of the reason I liked it is because I didn't have to wait for weeks in between appointments. I got everything (except the sleep study) done in 7 days.

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    I am very curious about what a visit to Mayo might cost. I know that it all depends what kind of testing you have. Does insurance ususlly cover the cost? A lot of people ask if Mickey has been there.
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    Yes, it depends on what tests you have done. I would imagine it is similar to any test or doctor. I haven't received all my bills yet. Your insurance should cover as it would anything else. If you have a plan that requires you to get a referral though you will need to do that first.