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    So why is it that when I need my pain meds refilled my rehumy is out of town and I have to call my GP who does not like to prescribe them for me.I had to ask his staff to make sure that if he is willing to prescribe them to please fill the whole script not just 5 days worth of meds. The cost of my MScontin is $44.00 and I can't afford to pay that twice in one month.

    The strange thing is that I called the doctor last friday to make sure that he would be in the office today, they said he would be in so I didn't think any more about it. Untill I called today only to find out that he will not be back in the office til Monday morning. I need both my Mscontin and hydromophone filled and have called my GP and waiting to see if he will do this for me. He filled them last month so hopefully he will cprescribe them for me this month. I will call my rehumy on Monday and will ask about his schedule for next month. This is getting really annoying to me.

    I called every month to make sure he is going to be in when I need my meds filled. Most of the time he is in the office. But the past two months he has been gone with no warning and he does not have any one on call for him. I am so stresed out and don't want to sound like it when I talk to my GP staff, I don't want to sound like I am abusing my scripts becasue I am not. I am upset that my doctor can't keep normal office hours and does not let his patients know when he is going out town.

    I am upset that he does not provide a on call doctor for his patients .Why can't he do this? Why did his staff tell me he would be in when they had to know that he was going to be gone? In the past 12 months this has happened at least 6 times. that is half of the year. Where does he go and why can't he let his patients know that he will be out of town. I am upset with him for not caring enough about his patients to have an on call doctor.

    I am trying to patiently wait for my GPs office to call me back and hopefully write me the scripts because I don't have enough to last me till Monday. I can't fill the scritps till SAturday and I have that amount. But I dont' have any for Sunday or Monday and I have been told so often to not suddenly stop aking these meds as I have been on them for so long and am dependant on them. OHHH this makes me angry and upset, I worry that my GP won't write me the scripts and that there is nothing I can do about it. The only good thing is that both docotors belong to the same clinic so he can pull up my scripts and see when they were last filled and what they are. HE can also let my doctor know that he filled them.

    I have enough stress in my life I don't need this added stress of havng to ask my GP if he will please write me these scripts out for the full amount on both. I don't get why he does not want to fill these scripts? I have been on them for a long time and I am not abuseing them I am trying to reduce them and will reduce them in again when I see my rehumy in two months.

    Thanks I just needed to vent a bit. Please pray that my GP will do this for me. and write out my scripts.
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    Rosemarie I am so sorry to hear you are repeatedly going through this. For this to happen that many times makes me wonder if the office is trying to get patients to go elsewhere for the pain meds. The US government is breathing down the neck of doctors who prescribe these types of medications. Even pain clinics are pulling back. It is not right.

    I do hope your GP fills your scripts.
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    if doctor's know how annoying and stressful this can be to their patients? My own doctor plays the same game with me. He has cancelled every appointment I have ever made on a Friday. Personally, I think it's so he can go ride the new snow machine that I know my insurance payments must have bought for him by now! I have also gone to pick up prescriptions that were called in, that - surprise! - never got called in at all.

    What I have done is to call a week in advance of when I need my meds and give them a heads up. I need it when I need it - not when they feel like it. I have a weekly pill container and I sit down and fill it each Sunday. If there aren't enough pills to fill the week, I put the bottle aside so I can call in a refill on Monday. I have a dry-erase board in the kitchen and I write really BIG - "CALL IN MEDS" so I don't forget. I also make sure it was called in to the pharmacy. If they don't have it by Tuesday morning, I call again. I don't really care if I am being a pain or not, because it's MY health and I NEED this. It's why he became a doctor instead of a football player!

    Hope you get everything worked out real soon! Soft hugs from those "bigger mountains" in the US!

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    I have reached the end of my rope with this latest issue. I am so angry at my GP, his office staff called me at 2:15 and I didn't have my car on FRiday so I called my friend but she was not home so I tried again and finally got ahold of her and she come out to get me as soon as possiable. We got to the GP's office at 4:00 and 4:45 .

    I got there and went to open the doors and only the inside handicapped door opened, soon another patitent came to pick up her scripts as well and after a while we got the attendson of a PT who was the only person in teh offce at that time.

    He said that they doctors staff had left at 3:30 to 3:45. My biggest problem is that why didn't she tell me that they were going to be closing early? I told her that I had to get a ride and would be there as soon as I could, she could have told me that they were closeing early on Friday's.

    I was so angry because I had to use my GP again this month for my pain meds and I know how he dislikes prescribing them for me. I had called my rehumy who was out of town till Friday and would not be in the office till MOnday.

    The GP and rehumy both work for the same clinic so if the GP wrote out my scripts for me my rehumy would know about it. As they did last month.

    I had spoke to my rehumy on June 1 about filling three scripts and I asked then if he was going to be around the next week when I would need my pain meds filled and I was told that he would be in the office. So now I am really irrated swith his staff for once again lying to me about when he is going to be in the office or not.

    Back to the GP, why is it that when she called to tell me that he would refill my scripts at 2:15 pm did she not tell me that I needed to be there before three thirty? AFter all I told her twice that I had to get a ride to pick up the scripts. When she called to say he would fill the scripts, I said that I didn't have a car and needed to call a friend to get a ride and that I lived in Smithfield and it would take me about 30 minutes to get there ,depending on how fst my friend could drive in from LOgan and how the traffic was going thru Logan to Providence.<Would it have been so hard to say could you please be here before #:30 pm as we are cloing early for our summer hours.?

    Do to the fact that these are narcoitics and can't be called in I have to get written scripts is upsetting. I have been told so often don't change doctors for your scripts. GO to the same pharmacy too to fill all your scripts. yet when I have gone to fill my scritps my pharmacy did not have them in stock for two weeks what was I to do wait two weeks with out my narocitc scripts or find a pharmacy who could fill them right away.?

    I may still have to call my rehumy and have some words with them about not having a MD on call for people like me who have GP's who don't like to prescribe narcoitics for them. I hate summer with this doctor as he is out of the office alot durning the summer and early fall. So this wil happen again and again.

    I guess that I am going to have to call at 9 am to the primary care doctor's office and hope that I can come in and pick up the scripts that are already written and noted in my chart. I don't want to have to explain this whole bs to my Rehumy and listen to what his staff has to say about it.

    I am so upset that I worry that I will say some thing really rude about how thoughtless this staff was to leave me hanging by a thread and not being or having any compassion for some one who has been seeing him for 8 yrs. I don't want to upset them but I am so sad that I was given the run around and that no one cared about what happened to me and how this would affect me, I also am calling my rehumy and getting it in writing the dates of when he will be in the office as wel as the dates when he is out of his offce. I am going to ask that when he is out of the office to pleaes have a on call doctor for patients like me.

    OHH I am sitll so angry at the primary care doctor's office I can't understand why I was not informed of the new office hours for summer. This is really strange as I saw a him a week ago and he told me that he would be in his office all week untill 5 pm. What changed? Other than I needed to have scritps filled that he does not like to refill as they are narcoitic's. It is a sad place when you can no longer trust your doctor to care about you as a person and patient.
    I am the same patient I was last week so what is the differnce? Two prescriptions that is what. So mad!!!!!!!!!

    I am going to call my rehumy too and make sure that I have a list of dates when he will be out of the office for the rest of the summer.It is the least he can do. I want to make sure that my rehumy will be in the office next time I need these scritps filled as I will not call my pribmary care doctor again about this. It has been made very clear that he does not want to prescribe these meds to me dispite of the insturctions that have been given to call him when my rehumy is not in his office. I am not going to put my self thew this upset again.

    Sorry for the long angry post I really needed to vent this. I can't sleep now due to being in more pain than usual. This weekend has been horrid as the temptures have fallen from abouve normal to 20 degree's below normal. We have a frost warning and have had a high wind warning on Friday and Saturday nights. I ahve rationed out my pain meds but ran out of them tonight. so I really hurt badly.

    Thanks for listening to my rants.
    Rosemarie[This Message was Edited on 06/11/2012]
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    I am so glad you got your pain meds but if they keep treating you like that, you are going to need pills to hang onto your sanity next! Geesh! I hope you do talk to them about it. Wait till you feel a bit calmer but do make your point. A doctor should not under any circumstance endanger your well being by leaving you in a position where you could end up going through withdrawl symptoms.

    Also I think the insurance companies with their strict rules of such a tight schedule on when you can get your rx filled have contributed to the problem also.
  6. zenouchy

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    Honestly, I think it's terrible for your doctor's office to keep a patient in the dark and wondering if they are going to get their meds they need that month. It aggravates your health. I would be as ticked off as you are, to the point that I would consider changing doctors' offices that can serve you better. They should be there for YOU, and clearly, they aren't. Keeping patients' prescriptions filled in a timely manner is so basic, and your current doctor's office can't seem to handle it.

    Do you have any other options that would be more helpful to you? I don't know if this is just how it goes with pain meds, or if other doctors' offices would be more trusting and responsive. It seems like you shouldn't have to be put in jeopardy just because a doctor goes out of town. Hoping you get your meds you need and that it all works out.


  7. CalSailor

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    Since you've posted here recently, this may reach you. Have you tried Provigil? It is a stimulent that the military developed to allow pilots and tank drivers to work many hours without crashing (physically, or literally...whatever).

    It has NO side effects, just lets me get through the day with the normal amount of energy I USED to have.

    It just went generic, so it is a lot cheaper. You might see if your doc will try you with it.

    I also just posted on the fibro board in reply to your post about tired of being exhausted. This has been a miracle worker for me.

    Pr Chris
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    I hear this more and more, and its being done to me.

    I posted earlier about my doctor doing this (listed under "doctor issues").

    I think this is done on purpose. This is their way of cutting us down, or trying to cut us off as a patient. They will keep finding an excuse not to see us. I have been lucky to this point, they are still giving me my original meds every month. My biggest issue is its not been enough from the get go. Oxycodones do not work as good as the lortab, but I had to quit the lortabs because they had too much tylenol. (God forbid that I die from liver failure, but its ok to kill my self because of the ungodly pain on a day to day basis, just as long as the doctor is happy).

    I am trying to find a better doctor, and I am going to put you on my prayer list that you are guided to a better doctor. NOT ONE OF US SHOULD SUFFER THIS PAIN. I am a loving person, but I honestly hope that when judgemet day gets here, that God will let those that didnt help, or didnt believe us, the pain that we felt, so that they will finally get it. I am sorry if that sounds mean, but I am sick to death of all of them!

    Good luck to you Rosemarie!

  9. gb66

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    I'm sorry you're going through this with your doctors. I hope you've gotten it all straightened out by now.

    Is there any way you could slowly get off of the narcotic pain meds and switch to something else, even over the counter medications?

    I suffer with a LOT of pain issues with the headaches, fibromyalgia, OA, and back issues. I do know how bad it can be. I've been going through this for over 30 years. It's truly awful.

    But as awful as it is to try and get by with other medications, I'm avoiding getting into this controlled medication mess again. I had a medication years ago that I had to get approval for and it kept me upset and counting pills all the time. It's just not worth it to me to go through that kind of stress again.

    There's pain and there's pain. Sometimes the mental pain from stress is worse, plus it causes more physical pain. As much as my body hurts, and boy does it, I'd still rather not be dependant on the doctor's every 30 days to renew. Been there, done that, never again unless I'm dying from a terminal illness.

    I went through a withdrawal but I'm glad now that I did. It's worth it to be free from being treated like an addict, which we are not, but sometimes get treated that way anyway. I hope you find a solution soon. I know you're under a lot of stress which only increases your pain. GB66
  10. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    But on Monday I got my scripts picked up and spoke to the GP's staff.

    ME: It would have been nice to know that you closed early on Fridays. You could have mentioned it when I said I had to get a ride.

    Them: Sorry we have had these hours on Friday for months now. Sorry if we caused you any problems.

    ME: I managed but as I don't see you every week , it would have been nice to know that I needed to hurry when you called at 2:20pm so I could have gotten here before you closed. I will make sure that my rehumy is in next time so I don't have to bother you with prescribeing me pain meds. That I know the doctor does not like to do.

    Them: Sorry again if you had any problems but we have been closing at 3:30 for months now. Know that you are a valued patient and call us any time you need us to help you. Thanks.

    ME:OK thanks for doing this and I hope that it does not happen again. Now I know that your not avalable for your patients on Fridays after 3:30 pm. I do thank you for the help with the scripts and I will try to make sure that the Rehumy is in his office before I need to refill these pain meds again. Thanks for the help.
    there was much more I really wanted to say but it would have done no good and could have caused more probems that it was worth, to say my piece. So I just signed for the scripts and left with out saying any thing more about this problem.

    I then went and got them filled at another pharmacy as Walmart did not have both scripts in stock. I made sure that the pharmacy knew that I used wall mart for most of my scripts but since they would not have the meds avalaable for a week I needed to fill them asap as they were past due and I didn't want any other problems.

    I also called WAlmart and told them that I had filled the scripts at another parmacy due to them not haveing both meds in stock for the full amount. When scripts cost me $44.00 I can't afford to get small amounts and another script to get the rest filled... I dont' have that kind of money. Please understand that I will keep trying to let you know when I need my pain meds filled so that you can havethem in stock so I can once again use one pharmacy all the time. I don't want any problems from the DRug task force {there is a notice at the paharamcy about the drug force watching you.

    I don't want to be accued of pharmcy shopping. when I am not , It is not my fault that my regular pharamacy does not keep the meds I use instock at all times.
    I have been really honset with both doctors about this problem and with both pharmacies I can't afford to have problems with teh drug task police because I have to use two different pharmices to get my scripts filled..

    gb66: I have been reducing my pain meds fsor the past 4 years. I started out on the Mscnotin taking 5 , 100 mg tabs a day, it was slowly reduced over time to what it is now Mscontin 60 mgs and 60 pills. I have changed my resuce med from MSIr to hydromorphone 4 mg from 120 pills and now 90 pills. I am still working on getting them both down to the least amount that ease's my pain. I don't want to go back to the LOrtabs as they contain high amounts of tyelonyl in them and it is not good for me.
    to everyone else that wrote to me. II don't want to d=try new different meds as I have found out that I tend to react to new meds in a bad way and have a very abby normal reaction to all types of antidepressats. I ahve learned that all meds have some type of side effect and if these is on I will find it and it will not be a good thing for me as I get the strange reactctions that No one every hads heard of.. Yep I am abby noramal.

    Jaaminhealth, Fridea, Surirse3,{ I hope htat I spelled you name right but it is late and I can't read well when i am so tired. Sorry if I messed up your name} MIcheleK thanks for your suggestoins I will wait til i have callmed down before speaking to the doctor and his staff.

    To all I missed , thank you for your thoughts , suggestions, and offers of prayers, I do thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for taking the time to write to me about how you felt aobut my situation. Thanks you is not much but it is truely meant. I am so blessed to haev friends like you are. Bless you all for youor never waviering thoughts of compassion , conscern and caring about me, It meaaans alot to me. YOu are all right that the stresss's of not beoing to get the meds I need only makes my body ache worse adn gto have my fibro flare up much worse. Thank you all for careing about me and understanding that i am not nuts but live with a CNS disease that makes our brains not accept and understand the signals that are being scent but not helping me but being noxiouos and harmful to my body. Bless you all for evry thing you have done for me.
    Lots of love and friendship. HUGS,

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    Hi there,
    As mentioned, I would call 5 days ahead and let them know when you will need your scripts. Your Dr. can specify that it can't be filled until a certain date if he chooses to.

    My Dr.'s office has a sign posted in his offices asking patients to allow for 3 days for refills. I would never chance calling the same day or close to it.

    See if that works for you so you don't get caught in this situation again.


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