So is Lyme seen in Australia??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lease79, Feb 19, 2006.

  1. lease79

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    I brought this up in the Lyme thread & so did another Aussie. I didn't see any responses about it (sorry if I missed any...)
    I always skip the lyme threads purely because I was lead to believe that it didn't exist here.
  2. lease79

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    I was really hoping that someone may be able to answer this ;)

    I think that Roo ticks are different to deer ticks.

    My husband had a roo tick embed itself under his arm (before we got together,) didn't know it was there & broke it off in his sleep.

    Days later he went into a state of hullucinative shock & was rushed to hospital where it had already layed eggs inside of him & he was all infected. They had to cut a large area out (well large to me,) & he had to sign some special consent form for them to do it. Made him very VERY ill, but thankfully he recovered.

    Anyone who can help us Aussies, it would be greatly appreciated ;)

  3. lease79

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    Wamps, I want you're wheels :D
    They're awesome!!

  4. ilovecats94

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    Okay I have watched the Crocodile Hunter shows and I know that there is a tick that can make a dog very ill. They check the dogs on a regular basis for these ticks and the dingos too.

    This may not be lyme, but is it dangerous anyway. I wish I could remember what they called it.

    If I find anything out, I'll post about it.

    "The existence of LD in Australia will remain controversial until an organism is isolated from a local patient and fully characterised, or until a tick-borne organism can be shown to be responsible for the human infection. If it exists it shares few of the epidemiological or clinical characteristics of US or European patterns of LD." So apparently no lyme disease in Australia... :)[This Message was Edited on 02/21/2006]
  5. dontlikeliver

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    yes it is, but it may not be Borrelia Burgdorferi, it may be another strain of Borrelia.

    Europe also has 2 other more common strains than the American Borrelia Burgdorferi.

    Symptoms are same/similar in them, as is treatment.

    The only continent that does not have Borrelia is antarctica, I've read.
  6. lease79

    lease79 New Member

    Thankyou all, I REALLY appreciate it. Never been on holidays so I can rule that one out ;)

    Oh & wamps.... AWWWWW!!!!! I wanna ride :p


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