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    I almost entered the land of the living today.
    I have been isolated in my bedroom for most of the
    past 8 months due to severe exhaustion. Been
    too tired and sickly to talk on phone even, so been
    emailing instead.

    Anyway, my neighbor has a hot tub that I have an
    open invitation to use (you might as well say it is mine)!
    I haven't seen or talked to her since sometime last
    summer. So I called her tonight to say I was thinking
    of venturing into her tub tomorrow and would it be
    okay. She was THRILLED to hear from me because
    she has been so worried about me. She asked if she
    could come and visit me. It was 8 pm and I had
    been up since 4 pm! I told her she could come if she
    didn't stay long. She stayed about 2 hours and I
    had a numb leg and rearend for a while. When
    she left, she said hearing from me made her day.
    We stood at the door for a FEW minutes while
    we said our goodbyes.

    Now, my eyes are burning and so is my body is itchy!
    I can't believe this. The air outside must be
    awfully bad. I am also wound up. I haven't had
    contact with anyone except my mother for the
    past several months. She said I made her day
    when I called her.

    It is so nice to have people who care.
    So, if I am feeling well and can get up before 4 pm,
    I will try to drag myself over to her tub. However,
    I hope I don't react to the outdoors the same way
    I am now!!! I just took some benadryl. I hope it calms my itchies or I will fall asleep even later than my
    usual 7 a.m.



  2. Dara

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    for no apparent reason. All I do is load up on the Benadryl, seems to be the only thing that works. The liquid, childrens benadryl, works the fastest - tastes terrible but it's more of an instant relief than the pills. Is your skin really dry? Mine was so bad that if I touched anything black or a dark color, it looked like I was leaving dandruff on it. The Chiropractor I go to had me start taking fish oil, I think it has EPA-DHA or something like that in it. Well, within less than a week my skin looked & felt great, no flakiness, no itching,. Also, I don't know if this has anything to do with it but for the first time in my life I actually have long fingernails.

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    I get the itchy skin and hives too. I had some open places on my right arm that were healing pretty well.. They started itching again and I scratched so hard, they are open again. I put some neosporin on them.

    I was outside more so today too, kids last day of school here.

    Sometimes I think the itchiness is brought on by stress, I been more stressful today. Then sometimes if I take more meds than usual, the itchiness starts up. Could be either one.. or both. Who knows.

    Hope you keep going at it, trying to socialize a little more. Sounds like you are doing a little better.. I wish the best for you. I would so much love to be in a hot tub right now!! Lucky you!

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    I have recently begun getting the major itchy/burny/rashy feeling too. I thought it was my new RLS medication (Mirapex). Maybe the combination of all the medication and the CFS contributes to the sensations. I am unable to locate the regular old pill form of Benedryl (it was on the market in the past) but all I can find is the one for Allergies. Any location suggestions?
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    I have had the general "itchies" and when taking something I am allergic to, I will have this "extreme intense itching", which usually is over after a 24 hour period of working through my body phase..AND that, is really annoying!

    Sometimes, cortizone cream can help specific areas of the body and some kind of antihistamine...

    You said your eyes eyes are usually the first part of my body that hurts, especially when I have overextended myself in any way...bloodshot, eye fatigue, photosensitivity, and burning sensations...An eye solution by Similasan, is somewhat effective for my eyes..they have drops for computer eye fatigue, allergy eyes and a general moisturizer for eyes..I have all three...

    My cousin, who has this disease, keeps the same hours as you do..but she doesn't have a computer...

    It is nice to have a hottub..accessible.



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    The benadryl helped to quiet the itchies, but my
    eyes continued to burn.

    I remember something that is probably the reason
    the whole thing happened. My brother sent us
    a Toasty Teddy Bear a few months ago. It is a Teddy
    Bear that is full of herbs, lavender, etc. You put it
    in the microwave and it gets warm and smellier for
    your aches and pains. We have it in our den. I picked
    it up and showed it to my neighbor. I must have then
    touched my face or something. It is so annoying
    to be so allergic to everything under the sun.

    I went in the tub (read my post -I ventured outdoors).
    My eyes are burning and stinging. May be from
    the bromide in the tub or from the elements

    I do have saline eye drops and also a prescription
    for Alocril from my eye dr. I have allergic conjuctivitis.
    I forgot I have that! The med is awesome. I like to
    try to stick to the saline instead though.

  7. ephemera

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    Yes, I also have skin problems (rashes for 25 years that spread but never really go away), allergies to lots of things, problems hearing too many sounds, & an extreme sensitivity to sunlight. I use wraparound sunglasses that go over my regular glasses, which are tinted dark. Got them from the optometrist.

    My allergist prescribed Alcon drops & the work well.

    I used to finally get to sleep between 4 & 6 am, no matter when I went to sleep. I've been taking Ambien for about 9 months & I'm now ususally getting to sleep about 2, though usually 1-2 nights each week nothing will allow me to get to sleep as the pains are too great. Bummer...

    I do a hot tub at a local pool, but I can't stand the bubbles on my skin -- it's all too overwhelming & I sit or float quietly in the warm water. At least that way my ears aren't overloaded with the rushing bubbles ( I wear earplugs).

    Very glad you're able to get outside & enjoy the hot water. It really does help with the pain. May it help you, too.

    Best thoughts.