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    I went for my semi-annual check up with my gastroenterologist on the 1st of February. At the time, he sent me to the clinic lab to have a blood draw for a MELD score (for those of you who don't know, it's a ratio of different blood factors, which, when combined, give you a probability of whether or not you will live for the next 3 months). I am a very "hard stick". It usually takes anywhere from 3-6 tries before they find a vein big enough to draw blood. I've gotten used to it (sort of like getting used to being hit with a rock) but it still hurts. This "top 10 in the country", "award winning" doctor promises to have my score to me in a week.

    Well, today is March 8 and I had no word whatsoever. So I called his office., as 5 weeks of my "maybe 12" had gone by. His nurse, goes "Uh...hmmm...MELD test? We don't seem to have a MELD test...uhhh....I'll have to ask the doctor and call you back." Needless to say, I didn't get a call back.

    I DO have insurance, but why should I pay for a test that was never done? I paid a co-pay as well, drove 150 miles EACH WAY to see this "hero of modern medicine" and for WHAT? My cat gets better treatment at the vet! Maybe I should start seeing the vet!

    I have HAD it with doctors, pills, tests, blood draws - ALL of it! Right now I'd like to give my doctor a blood test with an eagle talon! But I think more of the eagle. I'd report him, except that nobody would ever believe that "Golden Boy" wasn't a legendary doctor in this state. It's like saying Michael Phelps can't swim. All I know FOR SURE is that I am no longer his patient and I can't wait to move and find a better solution than this.

    Thanks for listening!

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