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    everytime i see one of my doctors, i take my medical history spreadsheet and my list of doctors and the meds i am on. tonight, my neurologist prescribed inderol LA for the vaso-vagel syncope. the pharmacy told me when i went to get it that it probably won't work because i also have asthma and take advair. she told me (i can't remember which order) she said one opens the vessels and one constricts. the neuro guy wrote down all my meds...i listed them off to him. now i am afraid to take it. if it doesnt work for my VVS, i am in big trouble. since its the weekend, i cant call the neuro until monday.

    do anyone of you have asthma and take inderol LA?

    also, i am stopping the zoloft and starting cymbalta. any tips pointers or bewares??? <Sigh>
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    bump please
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    Hi Andrea4!

    Though I don't know anything about inderol LA (nor zoloft or cymbalta) you certainly are being put through the wringer regarding the meds you are taking.

    Sometimes a doctor will go ahead and OK prescription meds which conflict with other drugs being taken - because the side effects are outweighed by the action of each drug. Could this be the case with the advair and inderol LA?

    I can identify with your situation: I'm on ten different prescription pills plus two different insulins per day ... from 8 different doctors. Also have allergies to a bunch of different drugs (mostly antibiotics and opiate-based pain meds). YIKES! It can get so confusing.

    Best wishes to you as you cope with this situation and I hope someone posts some answers to your questions.

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    I have been on Cymbalta for a long time and it really helps mine pain; however, from my experience, here are my tips:

    Start out on the 30 mg dose. and take it for about 2 weeks to let your system get used to it. If you take it once a day, take it at night.

    Then, if your doc wants to up it to 60 mg, start the 60 mg but ..... get it prescribed in 30 mg capsules and take 1 capsule in the morning and 1 in the evening and it won't make you as sleepy. If the stronger dose does make you sick at your stomach or sleepy, just give it 3 days and those symptoms will probably go away.

    I could not get used to the 60 mg all at one time in the morning, it made me too sleepy all day.
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    those tips on cymbalta are great tyvm

    My doc just gave me some to take and try for nearly 1 months worth/

    I quit everything back in oct. He nearly wet himself when I told him, cause he did not htink someone could just up and walk away fro zoloft. I said guess you don't know me to well huh.

    So I was given the cybalta today and soemthing else oh antibiotic but since I can not take blue pills waiting for the doc to give me something new to take so it is not blue. sighhhhhhhh

    what fun my doc is fired lol just waiting for a new one to open up so I can switch.

    If your docs do not want to stay on the same page with you for meds then reasses what you are doing.

    GL Brenda
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    I am only now realizing sensitivity to red pills, have stopped the loratidine which is a blue and I felt horrible on. Can you tell me more about what the blue does and which dye(s) please! For example I can take darvocet if it is on the generic that is white but not the red one.
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    I take Inderal as a blood pressure med. Don't know what else they prescribe it for. I also take Effexor, Estridiol, and Lamictal. Doesn't interfer with those, but I don't have asthma so am not familier with those meds.