so much pain and memory loss

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  1. faithinlove

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    Is there anyone that can tell me about cognitive problems with FMS? I also have so much pain, I cannot sleep anymore either. I just need someone who understands what it is like to feel this way.
  2. FMsaddenedspirit

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    was just getting ready to post about myself and how hard things have gotten . my doc wants to me to go to a Cognitive therapy guy she knows.. I have yet to make the Apt.. putting it off..
    not sure .. I'm a pretty positive person . but I guess I could use it ..
    my husband try's to understand .. But I don't; think he gets the extent of my pain and how I feel... I work still .. from home on the computer taking calls.. kind of stressful to say the least . prob does not help my condition .. but I must work as he pays to much child support and could not pay the bills...
    God I hurt all over any more.. even my cloths hurt me. my ankles swell.. not sever but they do swell... it hurts. my feet hurt with every step, I have special inserts for my spring loaded shoes. ... but they still hurt so darn bad.. my legs throb with pain and burn like they are on fire.. then my arms also ... my hands where so bad yesterday I could not write . my gut is bloated. and on and on ...

    is there no break for us.. ? I am Blessed to have my home job I know. but God its so darn hard.,

    I am also trying to get used to my c pack machine for sleep apnea . I normally don't get up till 2:45 am for work but was up at 2 am this morning crying with pain.. went to bed last night crying also....

    I know I need to see my family doc about my pain meds... we need to up it again. and maybe do some longer acting meds also .. I take Perc 7.5/325 , Soma , lyrica. anti anixty meds. high blood . Vit D .

    sorry just venting .... I don't know how to go on somedays .. but I do, and I will...

    I am lucky my family does try to understand at least.

    Faith... I pray for a better day for you ... Cognitive therapy may be a good idea..
    my daughter swears by it. she has PTSD post traumatic stress disorder. Chronic pain . and so on .. we think she may have Fibro .. and she will be tested soon..

    anyway .. ramble ramble ..

    Thank you for letting me get this off my chest .. maybe now I can carry on..

    love you all .. thanks Faith and every body on this board , you have no idea how mush help this board is .. I mostly read.. because very time I feel the need to post someone else has posted going through the same thing.

    Love you all.. Prayers for better days Spirit .
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    Have you had the neuphycologist evaluation Not sure I am spelling that right. I have declined greatly as I have had two first in 2003 and second in 2008. I am going to post another question about this to see what the response is. Also I have researched it by putting cognitive and lack of oxygen or drug interaction in my browser on the internet. I have posted asking if anyone can related their cognitive problems to lack of oxgen flow or from the drugs they take see if I get any response. Bobby
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  4. faithinlove

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    It is so good to hear from someone that knows how I am feeling. I have some of your exact symptoms and I know how bad it hurts. My ankels swell on me also. I have trouble with burning stabbing pain on my feet as well as hands, neck, arms and legs. My feet hurt so bad sometime I think I could just scream! It is soooo irritating. I have CFS along with the fibro.Do you also have CFS? My fibrofog as I call it comes and goes. I feel sharp as a tack someday and there are others where I would forget my own head if it was not attached..hehe:0) I also pray that it is a better day for you today and that each day both of us will get better. I know sometimes being in constant pain does something to our minds as well as bodies. I do not know how you deal with this but there are some days that I just have to take it easy and that was not ever in my character until I got this! I was very independent and it is so hard for me to try to say that I need help from someone as I live alone and have to call my son to come over and get something from town for me if I have some really bad days.. sorry, I just am spilling my feelings here. I do hope tomorrow is a much better day for both of us. Please if you need to vent or just need to share something, I will always be here for you. (((hugs))) Faith:0)
  5. AuntTammie

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    FMsaddenedspirit, you mentioned cognitive therapy, but since your daughter is getting this for PTSD, it is probably actually CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). There is a big difference. CBT is a psych treatment that works on changing the way that you think about and view things and helps people to cope with a lot of things. It's basically treating emotional responses. Cognitive therapy is working on ways to deal with and improve the cognitive issues that can arise from things like FM and ME, as well as from other problems. In other words, it could help to address the brain fog, memory issues, etc. One is psychological (CBT) and the other is neurological (cognitive therapy). You may know this, but it wasn't clear, and others may not know this, so I thought I'd explain.

    Also, someone mentioned neuropsych testing, and wasn't sure of the that's how you spell it. It involves a ton of different tests that are supposed to show cognitive functioning. However, it is very lengthy (8 hours or more), stressful, and expensive, and they are showing that the tests that they typically use do not actually give a good representation of real-world fibro and ME cognitive functioning (or lack of). There are several reasons for this, but one has to do with the reason why a lot of us struggle cognitively. It is becasue our brains are already so overloaded by pain signals and other illness-related signals, when other stimuli come along we get distracted and out brains cannot take in new info or remember old stuff on top of all that...or they work a lot more slowly because they are trying to filter the other stuff out before working on remembering or learning. It's not that we are not able to learn or remember. It's that the things going on around us in daily life keep our brains so busy, they just don't have the ability to do more. When one gets neuropsych testing done, though, those distractions are not around, so we tend to perform fine. There are some other reasons why those tests fail to accurately show what is happening in our minds, but that is a key one.
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    the pain in my feet was so bad last night I was up till 5 a.m. in tears trying to fine a way to just have a minute of relief.

    lately my hands and legs seems to swell the worst and my pain in general is near intolerable.
    I get so frustrated and so guilt ridden that some times I just cry out of frustration.

    I guess I got to rambling here and complaining. sorry..

    I hope you can fine some relief.

    gentle hugs to you
  7. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    Thank you for califying .. yes I ment to say ( cognitive behavioral therapy )

    I am just now learning of the other . as this may be something I'll also need to do down the road a short piece.. sadly .

    Memory is a real issue somethimes .. even being able to say the right words. without getting them mixed up .. for me this is a real concern , my job.. I'm on the phone talking .

    It helps to have people that you can talk to .. I just am so greatfule that I found you all ..

    my today be a Blessed day.

  8. FMsaddenedspirit

    FMsaddenedspirit New Member

    I understand all to well... my feet are so bad.. somedays I crindge to have to walk accross the room .. pain really does wear on us.. in so many ways..
    I'llbe making that Apt with my family doc regarding pain meds.. time to bump it up a notch..
    and may try the longer lasting ones also ... I'm desperate for some releaf as many of us are..

    Thanks Faith .. Take care honey ..

    Prayers for a good day .. Be Blessed .

    Huggles ... Soft ones.

    Spririt .