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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pitoune, Mar 19, 2009.

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    Don't really know what to say other that I'm in so much pain, I can't stand it anymore. Been sick with Fibro for over 15 years (diagnosed) but I know I've had it for a lot longer. I know live on dissability, and I've been in an electric wheelchair for the last 2 years with 8 herniated discs due to DDD (Degenerative Discs Disease) which doesn't help with the pain. Some days, I just want to call it quit but then I remember my wonderful hubby, my children and my 5 grand-children and they are the ones that keep me going.

    I wish the pain could just dissapear and get my life back again. I just hate my life now. I don't have a good doctor as he doesn't know much about Fibro and doesn't want to know either. I even saw a Pain Specialist and he refused to take me in as a patient??? Where am I suppose to go and what am I suppose to do. If you have any answers for me, that would be appreciated.

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    Boy I know most of the people on this board feel the way you do. In fact I had a phycologist was evaluating me and he said "I am going to prescribe anti deppresants." I told him I already take them. You should have seen his face. It was almost laughable however, I don't laugh much anymore. He then said he was going to recommend me for more couseling. The trouble with that is I can't sit, stand for very long or walk far. I have FMS, Migraine associated vertigo however, I do not get the migraines I get the constant dizzyness and naseousness. What he doesnt get is how can I come out of depresion if the things that are causing it there is no cure for. I have alot of other medical problems also to long to list. I wish you could find a good doctor have you checked the good doctor list on this board or state where you live an someone may live by you and can recommend one. That is crucial to you living a more quality of life. I took all kinds of litature (SP) to my doctor and I even ordered him the FMS magazines with all the back orders. I make him pay attention however, I have been with him ten years and I can say he is more of an expert with FMS then any ryme. If your doctor does not listen try to find one that will even if you have to travel further. I know this is hard but it would be worth it. Please hang in there. I also have reached that tipping point so many times. Bobbycat Sorry about the spelling I just can't remember anymore. I wish they has spell check but I understand why they don't Hopefully summer will come and we will have somewhat of a repreive.
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    All I can say is, I'm in the same boat. But taking a good multi vitamin/mineral shake does help my pain. When I drink spirutein shakes, they help temporarily.

    Shrinks are a waste of time with this disease. It is abnormal to expect us to be jumping for joy that we are sick. Are we really supposed to be happy when we have no life from this??? Really? Taking a happy pill is not going to fix the problem.
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    I have been asking my doctor for tests for so long now, it's not even funny and everytime I do ask, he refuses. I don't know about my vit D levels and I'm sure I'll have to fight with my doctor to get it checked or any other tests. As I said, I'm in a wheelchair which makes it very hard for me to get anywhere and we only have the one car and my hubby needs it to get to work. I've been asking for another MRI of my back since I have 8 herniated discs and he refused telling me that it doesn't matter if I have more now cause they won't do anything until I'm completely paralysed. Well, I don't want to get there but I know it's coming cause I keep waking my husband up during the night to help me move from one position to another cause I can't move for the pain is so severe.

    I live in Canada and my hubby used to be in the military so we've moved a lot in our years together. The last place we were, I had a great specialist who really cared about me but since we moved here close to Ottawa (hubby retired here), I can't find a doctor that will take me other than the one I have now. Nice Rheumatologist have refused to take me saying I was to much of a severe case to deal with, duhhhhhhhhh.

    I take MS Contin 30 mg twice a day and I have the Statex 10 mg that I take every 4 hours, if I can make it that far. It's usually more like every 2 to 3 hours. I now take the Statex 10 mg 2 at a time for the pain and it's like eating candies. I also take Valium for muscles spasms which does help some but it doesn't last long.

    It just seems like this year is worse than before. I know I've been thru a lot of stress with the death of my father, my daughter had placenta previa during her pregnancy and finally gave birth on Jan. 30.09 and he was rushed to another hospital for some kind of intestinal blockage so my stress level has been very high. Both my children live 7 and 8 1/4 hours away from us so I don't get to see them much. We're going down for Easter as it is the Christening of our later grand-son Alexandre. I'm not looking forward to the trip at all as I know I'll pay for it dearly in pain but I haven't seen him yet and I want to hold him so bad. I wish I could get down on all four and play with my grand-children like most grand-mother do. Thank God, my hubby is healthy other than having to sleep with a CPAP since he's had 2 strokes but he's fine and has had no serious side effects.

    Thanks for listening to me, I kinda needed to vent a bit and thanks for the information. I'll take them to my doctor and will check the board for more info to take to him. I wonder if he can read, hummmmmmmmm.


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