so much pain today

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    I feel if I talk about everything that's wrong today it will somehow make me feel a little better. It's rainy and humid, and my whole body is in pain. But, some of the pain I have I know is not from the weather. Yesterday my left calf and left ankle began swelling. I also noticed pains in my mid to lower back, along my spine. I'm praying and praying that it is not because of a herniated disc. A few years ago I had these same symptoms, except the pain was only in my lower back, and it turned out I finally had to have surgery to repair the badly herniated disc because it got to where I could barely walk. I just don't know what to think or do. I'm really depressed about it. I don't want to have to go through that again. We FMers go through so much other BS as it is. I made myself come to work, even though I just wanted to stay in bed and stay away from the world today. I can't let this get me down, I have to keep going, but it is depressing me so much today. I have so much compassion for those of you who aren't able to get out of your houses because of the conditions discussed on this board. I pray for you all, and I pray that I can keep going!
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    Just wanted to send hugs and thoughts your way.

    Do you have something you can take for pain and still work at your job?

    Have you checked with your doctor about these symptoms that are worrying you?

    prayers and gentle hugs, Susan
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    I do take Vicodin. It for some reason doesn't do much for back/leg pain, don't know why! It does help with all other stuff. I haven't asked my doctor yet about the swelling and stuff. Gonna give it a few days or so to see what happens.
    Thanks for your caring
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    That's good that you get some pain relief . Hope you feel better.

    keep us posted,

    Take care, Susan
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    Go home early and take a nice hot bath, get into some jammies, and go to bed. Maybe you are in a flare and need some TLC.

    I hope you feel better soon:)