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    In the few months I have been under more street than ever. I was criticaly ill
    in December I had septic penumonia and was in the ICU for about 12 hours,and
    then spent another day in the hospital. Then spent a month on 02Just got feeling better
    when my mom's health got worse by the middle of Jan.her O2 dropped and within
    4days she was in a hospice nursing home for a few days she was OK but weak.Each day
    got worse I talked to her on a Friday and told her I loved her, early Sat. morning
    Her nurse called to tell me that mom was given liquid pain meds.My daughter called me
    Saturday Feb.2nd to tell me that mom was worse. I asked if I should come
    but while as were talking she passed away.

    I am. struggling that I don't feel so sad,She was in so much pain I am so exhausted
    I can not think starlight from. all the fatiquw and pain.I love NY mom but I am relieved
    that she is not in pain.So much has gone on that my mind and body are not on the same page
    Thank you for everything

  2. gb66

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    I'm sorry to hear about your mom. I know that you took such good care of her. Please take care of yourself during this difficult time. I'm praying for you. Hugs and Prayers. GB66
  3. sunflowergirl

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    You were the best daughter to her, doing everything you could to prolong her life and make her comfortable. In the process you neglected so much of what you needed. Now that she's gone you need to take time to heal yourself.

    Stress is such a killer on us. For some they thrive on it, but for us the tiniest bit throws us over the top. You need to learn to practice deep breathing while turning everything over to God.

  4. 3gs

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    Iam so sorry to hear of your mothers passing. This has been such a struggle for you. I went thru this with my dad and just had to tell myself I did the best I could.

    Prayers are with you
  5. hangininthere

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    I've read all of your posts for many years.

    Sending you my condolences and love and prayers during this heartbreaking time.

    Hang on tight, Rosemarie. I know you are. You always do. Good job, Rosemarie.

    Love and prayers,


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  6. Beadlady

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    very sorry to hear about your mom. I know you were so worried about her for a long time. I know you tried your best to help her.

    I hope now you can take care of yourself.

  7. rosemarie

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    I am doing better than I thought I would. I have been thru times with MOma where I thought she was not going to make it so those times I sat and greived for her and then she pulled thru. But this last time she fell in August and spent a few weeks in rehab them home health care but we knew she was not making improvements and was declineing so she was put on hospice care.

    With in two months she got so bad that her O2 dropped and then coulnd not be found when it was checked,She had gone from being able to walk with the aide of her walker to not beling able to do much for her self. So for her saftey we had her moved to a nursing home. She fought for 9 days and it was during those days I knew she was ready to leave us. I got so spend alot of time with her and talked to her alot and spent one last afternoon with her and got told to go home and rest, don't drive when it is dark and I love you call me when you get home. I love you and I am going to take a nap. She passed the next day with my daughter at her side. Her pain was over and gone adn I feltr sadness ofr us her family but relief that she was out of pain and sufferieng. It hurt to see her in pain and not beinga ble to remmeber things , people and palaces. she lived a long life adn helped many people while she helped many people during the time she worked for an OB and gyn.

    Thank you all for your support and your concern for me and my learning to take to take care of myself. i know that I need to do that. I am still recovering from the spetic penumonia and now a sinus infection. It will take some time for me to get my lungs working at peak condition. I still panic when my heart beats funky and feels like it is punding ourt of my chest. I know that if I just sit down adn relax and take deep breaths I will feel better and I will albe to breathe much better and be calm down.

    Thank you all for listening to me vent alot. I really am doing fine. My heart is doing great and I am healing quite well for as sick as I have been.

    I Know htat it will take some time to heal from loseing mom but as I have siad I know that she is out of pain and with my dad after being apart for 44 yrs.
    Again I thak you for your love and support and kindness.
    Hugs to you all,
  8. MicheleK

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    Dear Rosemarie,

    My sincere condolences on the loss of you much beloved mother.

    I am so glad you were able to spend time with her the day before and that your daughter was able to be with her on the day she died. That must have been of some comfort to you.

    Your self sacrificing love for you mom is touching. I understand the comfort that comes even with such a big loss, to know our loved one is no longer suffering with pain and other things that rob one of their dignity. That truly was my comfort when I lost my dad.

    It's as though one part of the heart feels peace and comfort knowing they are not suffering, while another part of our heart feels the personal loss of the active relationship with them.

    One thing we have always is our wonderful memories. We can relive them anytime we want to. They are held in our minds and hearts as true treasure that no one can take away from us.

    I hope all those cherished memories will be of comfort to you as you walk through each day of your life. She lives on in you.

    Love to you,