So proud, yet sad

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    I just wanted to share this with you all....
    My brother graduated from the Fire Academy yesterday. He is now a firefighter, and I couldn't be more proud of him and all that he went through to achieve his dream.
    Since he was a little kid, all he ever wanted to do was become a fireman. When he was old enough, he went through the classes, and passed his tests with flying colors. In fact, he was near the top of the class. He wasn't married yet and had no children. At the time, they had to live in the city to be a fireman there. So he bought a house in the city just so he could work there. It wasn't the best neighborhood, and it certainly wasn't a great investment. Unforunately at the time, the city put a hold on hiring, and only took a few men (all political BS!) - they took guys who had scored much worse on the tests - it was so pathetic. He gave up his dream at the time....he started working in construction.

    He went on to marry and had 4 children. His wife never let him give up, even though he wanted to. After 10-11 years, all of the guys from the original class were called back - the city decided they needed more firefighters. These men had all gone on to other careers, and like my brother, their lives had changed immensely since they originally went through the classes and tests. They all went through 17 weeks of very vigorous training, which was not easy for any of them. He worked and studied so hard.....

    And yesterday, he graduated. All of the news channels here featured his class on the news. And they had a big story on my brother and his family. It was so cool, and I can't believe how many people here saw it. My aunt e-mailed me an article that was done on them in our local paper, and the top picture is a pic of my brother with his kids touching his medal. You could see the pride on his face....just amazing.

    Then I scroll down and read the readers' comments on the article, and I am appalled. The remarks are so nasty - they all were making negative comments about these guys. It is so upsetting. One comment says " Now hurry over to the firehouse and call dibs on the best recliner. Also brush up cornhole skills so you can hold your own in the tournaments." Another says "............glad to see they all passed "Drinking Beer 101"!"
    Another "FIREMAN.... THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD!! WHERE ELSE CAN YOU GET PAID TO FINISH DESTROYING WHAT THE FIRE DIDN'T AND GET THANKED FOR DOING IT!!!!" And "I was going to try out for the test but I'm not Irish Catholic and I didnt have any relatives in the department...why bother?"
    What is wrong with people like this? I created an account, because I was going to write back defending these guys, but I decided not to.

    Anyway I know that none of the things being said are true. I am just so proud of him and what he has accomplished. I know how hard he worked, and how long he waited. He(and all of the other 23 men) just deserve a little respect, and congratulations. I'd like to see some of these other cowards running INTO a burning building to save lives.
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    to your dear brother. He should be rightly proud of himself !! Yes, not many would be able to do what those men are traiined to do You should have had your say on-line. It would have at least made me feel a little better (if he were my brother). However, I think I might have had something to say, even if it wasn't my brother. Shame on those jerks who are trying to tear these brave men (and women) down like that.

    Yes, it is very sad that some people are never happy unless complaining and or putting someone daown. Try not to get to you so but I do understand your anger. You and HE should have a lot of PRIDE of his accomplishments !!

    Hope dear Sydney Rose is sleeping better along with you to !


  3. Pippi1313

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    People are jerks.

    I betcha all of those haters woulda washed outta training within 2 days, max.

    Someday, if they're screaming for help from a 5th floor window, they'll be glad to see your brother show up. And he WILL show up. Cuz that's what the Good Guys do!

    Congrats to your brother!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lulu28

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    Congratulations to your brother!

    My husband became a firefighter/EMT 10 years ago at the age of 45. He was one of the oldest guys to ever go through the Fire Academy and I could not have been prouder. It was a lifelong dream for him and to this day--he is still a volunteer. He loves it and he has saved people, pets and homes. It is one of the most selfless thing to do.

    I am amazed at those ignorant comments. Some day one of those people or a loved one of theirs may need a firefighter...and then their attitude will change. Ignore them. They are not worth your time or worry.

    Your brother should be very proud of himself! Yea for him!
  5. Sacajawea2

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    Yes, how proud you all must be of him and the others..what a story!
    My son wants to be a paramedic and has loved all things fire fighting since he was little...
    I imagine that must've been quite a shock to see those nasty comments. Is there any way to report them or to get them removed? Some sites have that option. It's disgraceful for sure! I hope it didn't ruin the good feelings about this whole thing, although you know that's their intentions.

  6. JimB51

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    I'm glad that you're proud of him and that you let him know it.
    (In the winter you can really freeze your tail off tho). Emergency first responders do suffer an emotional toll sometimes. But it's a good and honorable job and you Do earn your pay.

    I was a Firefighter/Paramedic and proud of it.
    When I made the list and was hired there wasn't any political correctness rules.
    I was hired on my own merits and not penalized for being a white male. No cuts in line.

    I found that everyone seemed to have a real respect for me. I appreciated that.
    No one ever said anything negative to my face.

    Those (few) lowlifes that would say something like that are too Cowardly to do so.
    They'd get everyone angry and the Truth slammed right back in their face.
    Truth is like the light. Turn it on and the cockroaches scatter for cover.

    Unfortunetely the internet is a place where dirtbags come running out of the woodwork to throw bombs and yet stay hidden.

    There really aren't many of those people around. You just have to Ignore them.
    They Hate that.

    Jim : )
  7. kjade

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    Thanks so much everyone for such kind words and support. I am so glad I posted about this. Those stupid comments from complete strangers really hurt....A LOT! It wasn't even about me, yet it tore right through my heart. I was expecting to read nice things about my brother and the rest of those guys, and to see such hurtful replies really bothered me.

    After I posted the original post, I DID go in and post a reply. I was polite, of course. But I made it very clear why they were all so wrong.

    What I think is so awesome about this is, the majority of these guys are in their 30's and 40's now. There was only one guy under 30 in the group. My brother has gotten very close to a lot of them. He told me a story of one who has a 4 y/o daughter who has a rare medical condition, and she is not expected to live past 5 years old. That story broke my heart.

    He told of another guy who was his partner during training who suffered with severe panic attacks (like me). My SIL told me he admitted he never understood panic attacks or anxiety disorder until he worked so closely with this guy. He knows I suffer with this, but he never truly understood what I went through until he watched this guy, and had to talk him through things and basically hold his hand. He never understood my pain until he watched this guy suffering so.

    Anyway, to those of you who are EMT's/firefighters or who have family members who are...please know how much you are respected and appreciated. You/they are heroes. And I said so in my reply to the naysayers who wrote such awful things. One of the posters who replied with me agreed with me (And I think I am almost positive that person was my When I talked to my SIL, I asked if they had seen those remarks, and they had. And guess didn't really bother my brother. Which I was glad to hear. He is very nervous...he starts work on Monday. It didn't hit me until I heard that, what he will be doing. I am worried now about him. But again, couldn't be more proud. He has more guts and determination that I could ever have. And I love him so very much. I hope he knows this.
  8. rockgor

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    Good for your brother!

    My friend Angelo told me his cousin used to be a cop; later switched to being
    a firefighter. The cousin says, "When I was a cop, most people hated me.
    Now almost everybody thinks I'm a great guy."

    I read some of those ladders weigh 300 pounds. wonder if that's still true.
    Maybe there's some new light-weight material now. Anyway, it's a
    tough job. I sure couldn't do it.

  9. mysticbrit

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    I'll never understand what pleasure people like that get from their rantings.

    One thing I DO understand is that none of the poison pen writers bothered to show up on 9/11. Our town is over 1000 miles away from NYC but some of our firefighters took personal time to go and help.

    God Bless them all.

  10. lgp

    lgp Well-Known Member

    I just cannot imagine anyone not having the utmost respect for a firefighter, and particularly since 9/11. When everbody was fleeing the towers, they ran in and many paid with their lives. How can you not admire and respect a profession that commits itself to the ultimate sacrifice? Everyone in my neighborhood knows someone who lost loved ones and firefighters; I came within a hair of losing my husband, so the jobs of these wonderful people resonate very heavily for me. On my list of personal heroes!

    Your brother is to be admired for his perserverance in pursuing his desire to serve. There are few people like him, and my hat is off to all of them. Even our local volunteer fire department is tops on my list and I always donate. Several years ago I got a flat tire and, of course, I had no cell phone with me. It was a bad blow out (defective tire) and I could only drive a short distance. I pulled up next to the firehouse and asked them if I could use the phone to call my husband at work. They asked me what the problem was, and insisted that I not even call my husband, that they would gladly change the tire for me. And they did. When I tried to give them a tip, they flatly refused. So I always donate generously.

    Do not pay one single scintilla of attention to the ignorant folks that criticize our firefighters. Just think to yourself, 'if I respected their opinion, I'd care '. You know you don't respect them, and there will always be morons in this world. Unfortunately, they will not respect the heroes of our society like your brother until they need them.

    Congratulations to your brother and to your family for an astounding month. A brand new life--and a sworn oath to protect life. Rejoice and hold your head high!!

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  11. springwater

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    Congratulations to your brother on attaining his childhood dream!

    There is one reason and one reason only for those nasty comments on the story....theyre losers who WISH they could achieve something like your brother has. They cant so they try to put others down. Disregard them totally.

    I hope you and Sydney Rose are doing well.

    God Bless

  12. victoria

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    I just found out someone I went to school with died as a hero as a fireman... 10 years ago... in fact new training videos were made as a result of what happened to him, not sure of the particulars but it shouldn't have happened. He lived long enough to tell rescuers to get everyone else out. It took 10 years for a certain major expensive store chain and the mall to finally come to a settlement with his family.

    Kudos/congratulations to your brother and his family... firemen are much under-appreciated until they're needed, sadly.

    all the best,
  13. kjade

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    Tears were streaming down my face as I read all of your posts. Thank you all so much for the heartfelt replies.

    I went to visit my brother last night. He was to start work today, and he was extremely nervous. He kept talking about how scared he is....this is all now real. He may be called to fight a real fire today, or be called to the scene of an accident or crime. During his training, he went on a call to a crime scene. I think it really freaked him out, and as he talked about it, it freaked me out as well. I am just as nervous as he is. We tried to tell him everything will be ok. I think he was also scared about meeting all new people, and just generally nervous about starting a new job. I believe he will be working 48 hours straight or something like that his first week.

    I just hope and pray that everything goes ok. I think he is so brave, and I KNOW he would appreciate all of the kind words you all have written.

  14. JimB51

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    EVERY Fireman/Policeman is extra nervous as they anticipate their first day. Their going to a place they've never been and aren't sure what they'll face and how they'll do. -especially in emergency situations. (You feel all eye are on you).

    Other fireman know what it's like and give you plenty of space to be unsure and make some mistakes.
    Self consciousness and apprehension wear off more each day. Soon you don't pay any attention to all the distractions (the sirens and people all excited etc. ) You just Automatically Focus on what needs to be done and you do it. It becomes second nature. The more experience-the more confidence.

    He'll due fine, plus he's older and more ready than the young guys. He has experienced life and
    already knows Who He Is BEFORE ever taking this job.

    Standard work schedule for Most firemen is:
    on 24 hours, off 48 hours, on 24, off 48, then on 24, off 72 ... then start same rotation again. (NY city is - has a - on 12 hrs, off 48 hrs schedule I ... or at least they used to)..