so sad granddaughters scoliosis

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    im really sad over my granddaughters scoliosis her spine has gone from 48degree to 73degree in 1 year they are going to put a rod in to straighten it . she is 14 and 5'1' so this will make her taller too. she is the best girl my sidekick we do everything together.

    shes really scared its a long operation and 5day hospital stay. i told her i wish i could do it for her and she said i wish you could too lol.

    thx for listening and if anyone has experienced this surgery please tell me your experience.

    i just have to face it theres always going to be these things going on in life when you have a big family but its so much harder when its my kids or grandkids hurting.

    love gail
  2. springwater

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    So sorry to hear about daughters scoliosis...its hard to bear when a child or grandchild suffers...but your granddaughter sounds like shes a wonderful child and has a sense of humour...

    sending prayers your way for the surgery to be a great success..

    God Bless
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    I'm sorry to hear about your grandaughter. I also have scoliosis but not to the extent that I needed surgery. It does affect me though. So it is better to have this done now. You are both in my prayers. Godbless
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    So very sorry to hear about your granddaughter. No surgery is ever pleasant and it sounds like this will be very painful.

    I hope Mickey sees this post. Her daughter also had scoilosis and maybe she could offer some help. I do know they built a pool to help her daughter and I think she said it did wonders.
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    Sorry to hear about your granddaughter, but I'm so glad she has you. Obviously you will be a huge help to her before and after the surgery.
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    I a so sorry to hear about your grandaughter. My 15 year old daughter has a 53 curve on top and bottom and wore a brace 24/7 for 4 years. She will have the surgery next summer in between 10th and 11th grade.

    Please let us know how the surgery went. I would really like to know how her recovery is and how long it takes as well. I am sure she is scared. I am going to be too, although Lindsay can't wait because her back is in so much pain and she stands crooked. However, I am sure she is not going to be saying that when the times comes.

    I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

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    i appreciate your kind words im trying to stay calm in front of her so its good to come here to vent.

    she has to get evaluated for flexability to see which procedure they will do.

    they hope to do it the first of the year.she will be off school for 1 month and they said 6 months before full activity. 90s per cent success rate .

    i will let you all know how it goes i hope i can stand brave at the hospital thank you so much i dont post much but i read every post everyday.

    love gail
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    I am so sorry about your granddaughter's problem. I have scolios and am in my 70's. I remember my pleats in my skirt going crocked. But now is a different story.

    I also have spinal stenosis from that. IO am in intense pain night and day, and now all that is offered is pain meds. It is so important that she get it corrected now in her teens.

    Bless your sweet heart for caring so much for her and bless her heart as she goes through surgery. Let us know.

    Gentle Hugs,



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    i sure dont want her to not have it done since they said it can affect her heart.

    im sorry lilaclover youre in so much pain and all with youre husband being sick.ive been married 41yrs and thinking about hat your dealing with makes me think of that with us.

    I hope you get relief love gail
  10. poets

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    She had 3 rods put into her back. One they put in through her ribs in the front. She had a 72 degree curve in the lumbar section and 48 degrees in the thoracic part. They did her surgery at Hopkins. It took nine hours. She came out 2 inches taller.

    We had previously worked with a chiropractor for therapy but it didn't work.

    When they first come out of surgery, they have a lot of edema. My daughter gained 10 pounds of fluid during the surgery, but lost it in just a few days. So if she appears really swollen up, please don't be alarmed. It's normal. She'll also have a lot of IV's. Probably three. One in each arm and a central line in her neck. It sounds bad but it keeps them a lot safer should they need anything extra during the surgery.

    Within six months my daughter was back doing all the things she did before and looked and felt so much better. It's truly amazing when you see what modern medicine can do.

    When she went into surgery, she was crooked, and when she came out her spine was straight as an arrow. The raised muscles were nice and flat.

    She hasn't had a bit of trouble since. She was 13 when she had her surgery. She's 29 now, and had two children naturally, with no painkillers and fast labors. She's very tiny and weighed 117 when her daughter was born in August. So please don't worry about that part of it. The rods shouldn't affect her ability to have babies at all.

    You're right. It's so hard to see our babies and grandbabies suffer, but when you see the results and how happy she'll be and how much better she'll look and feel, you'll be so glad for modern medicine.

    I'm sending your family prayers and thoughts. Please post and let us know how it all goes.

    Love and hugs to you all,

    P.S.There's a picture of her and the new baby in my profile.[This Message was Edited on 10/12/2008]
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    I'm a little bit behind here, I just read your post. I'm so sorry to hear about your granddaughter's upcoming surgery.

    Last year my grandson had his appendix burst and was in the hospital for close to a week and my heart was breaking for him. I would have happily changed places with him. It's so hard to see someone we love go thru that pain.

    Please keep us up-to-date on the surgery. I feel for both of you.

  12. fibromickster

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    Thanks for sharing your story, it was very helpful to me. Like I said in my post my 15 year old daughter has stopped wearing the brace per her doctor since she is really growing too much anymore. However, her last appointment was in March and her curves were approximatley 53 on top and bottom.

    At the time, the doctor said he didn't think she needed to have surgery and that it was up to us and her if we wanted it done.

    Lindsay complains about her back all the time and she does walk crooked and it is noticeable when she wears a swimming suit or tank top, etc....

    However, that is not what bothers me, my main concern is that when she gets older it will really affect her bad if she doesn't get the surgery, with back problems the rest of her life.

    I am also going to take her to get a second opinion on this. If she gets it done it will be in the summer after her sophmore year.

    She also went to a chiropractor for about a year 3 days a week, but it didn't help one bit. She also wore the brace 24/7, except for swimming, sports and going to the chiro. I guess it helped some, hard to tell.

    Thanks again for sharing your story and if anyone had scoliosis bad as a child and did not have the surgery, please let me know if you back is in bad shape now.


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    thank you for the good explanation of the procedure that helps me be prepared.

    i wont share all these details with her she is such a worrier like her mom.

    i know from posts ive read that you have a lot to deal with too its like i know people on here just from their posts.

    this place is so comforting i thank you so much love gail

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    thank you for your post. yes anything my kids or grandkids go thru is 100 times worse.

    im glad your grandson is okay but im sure it was upsetting. life just isnt all smooth so we have to deal with it. i try to think of all my blessings love gail