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  1. This stupid illnes took my dog{ baby girl}away from me. She was 9 yrs old and she left the yard and I could't get her.I was to weak to climb the fence! She snuck under the fence and I yelled for her and went inside to get walking shoes and a cane to walk.

    We looked for an hour and then I found her laying on the grass 3 houses down. I tried so hard to get her and just coudn't get going fast enough. RUthie
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    Am very sorry about your little dog....
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    to hear about your dog. Just hope she went quickly and did not suffer. You might want to go to the Pet Loss Grief Support web site Rainbow Bridge. It does help a lot.

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    My dogs also mean everything to me and I had a cat I had to put down she was 13 and had cancer this year. Don't blame yourself for some reason she was meant for a better world and it was beyond your control. So sorry. Bobby
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    I am so sorry to hear about your loss, my prayers are with you.

    Gentle hugs,
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    that is where your baby girl is now. I truly believe God cares so much for animals that He has a special place with all the right things that make a dog happy and content.

    I am so sorry Ruthie . I had to say goodbye to our Ginger last year and it seems like those of us who spend alot of time at home miss our pets even more than people who get out and around.

    I am sure your baby girl knows that you loved her.

  7. I still cry all the time. I am going to talk to other people who have lost pets. Thanks Ruthie
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    oh honey, I am so sorry. I am terrified of one of the peak-a-shitz's getting out so I try to watch them. one day this may have me hobbling down the street in my bathrobe. good thing I have no pride left. bless your heart, I cannot imagine one of us even trying to climb a fence. was she your only pet?
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    The Legend of the Blue Angel

    I have a friend that also is involved with the Siamese rescue that gets visits from a blue-clad angel who lives in the garden where the animals go when they pass over. There is a stream, and flowers, and many things that the cats and dogs can chase and pounce on. It is also there for the children who have crossed over to come and play.

    In my work with the rescue, I have seen this. I have studied Reiki and animal communication and was doing Reiki on a much-loved foster kitten
    who was passing when I saw The Lady Sarah reach out her arms and take him from mine. My friend’s first experience was in a very similar situation.
    It was an amazing and humbling experience that I am truly grateful for; and if sharing it brings comfort to anyone who has lost a beloved companion animal, then it is an experience to be passed on.

    With special thanks to Nick, for allowing me to share the story…..

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    I'm so sorry Ruthie, We are so so close to our dogs. They are so much a big part of our daily lives plus all the love they give us. I believe you will see Baby Girl again but for now she has gone over the bridge and is running free. I believe she will be there to greet you someday.

    Love, Dee50
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    I'm so sorry. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. I know God loves his creatures and has a plan for them as well as us. I'm sure that she's waiting for you and you'll be reunited with her again in time.

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    to hear about your dog!! :( You must be feeling so sad...
  13. Thanks everyone. I am getting better each day. I am happy we had her for so long. RUthie