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  1. blondieangel

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    I cannot believe that on Feb 28, it will be 3 years of non-stop excruciating pain and exhaustion. (date of car accident) I don't want to do what little responsibilities are assigned to me - like paying the bills, paperwork etc...we were almost stress free (as one can be) FINALLY, and now I have ANOTHER legal battle with an apartment corporation where we lived for 6 months waiting to move into a less expensive home, after selling furniture, our boat, tools, you name it...while waiting for settlements.

    Wish I could see an end to the pain/exhaustion. Why, why, why, must I go through another unfair legal battle, where someone else wants to take my money???? It's never ending...over $100 a month in med's...just CAN"T BELEIVE I have to find another attorney - anyone know a good one in Orange County CA that does tenant/landlord disputes?

  2. glendamarie22

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    I hear ya, sister. I can't offer any help, buy boy, do I know what you mean...
    I am so SICK of being exhausted and in pain and sleepy and dizzy and weak and nauseated...whew..
    I'm not on disabilty either - too afraid to try again. I don't want to waste money and get hurt in the process. This disease is terrible.

  3. Shirl

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    We can all relate to what you said! Can't help with an attorney either, but I sure hope things get better for you soon.

    Take care..............Shalom, Shirl
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    It will be three years for me in March. I have had leagal battle after legal battle and we are being sued by our neighbor right now too. For him getting hit by another child in the neighborhood by a small little ball that he swears caused perminent total damage to hig neck. WHATEVER.. However he drives a semi full time for a local company even though he is disabled... Jerk.. Our home owners insurance does not want to pay him a dime so we are going to court over this. Not our children BUT it was their ball, how stupid ha... Begin depositions on 2-3, not too excited about it either.
    I don't know any lawyers but go to lawyers dot com or to martindale hubbel and you should find a good lawyer for yourself.

    Good luck and I know how you feel.
  5. fibolady

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    or sometimes it can be, try to take it one hour at a time!
    i'm having to find an attorney also, so i can relate to that stress. i never realized how many attornies were out there.

    warm regards, fibolady

    anyone know of any really good divorce lawyers in the charlotte area? if you do please start a new post so i will see it, thanks.
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    I was surprised to see so many fibros that were involved in car accidents the first few months of 2000. My three year anniversary will be jan. 30th. How does one celebrate the start of 3 yrs. of the sickest flair ever? Hope things look up for you soon - know that you are loved and we're cheering you on! imgreat and u are too!
  7. Lanie

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    I cannot help you as far as the lawyer, I live in CT, but I wish you all the best.

    I was rearended in April 2000, my 4th wedding anniversary. I was on my way to celebrate with my husband and was sitting at a stoplight and the person behind me didn't realize we were all still and she was still going reg speed. My life has sucked ever since. I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Fibromyalgia. I also had to hire a lawyer because the other persons insurance got evil when I called them about my medical problems. Nothing has happened as of yet, but my case is still in the works. My doctor says that it is very difficult to prove in court.

    Tell me, has anyone ever won a case like this? Financially, we are in the worst shape ever. Constant dr. visits and prescriptions, therapy, you name it...all I can do I guess, is ride this out and see what happens.

    I really do wish you all the best. I hope that your life gets a little more stress free very soon.
    Best wishes,
  8. achy

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    It seems like you get over one hurdel, and before you can even enjoy it here comes anohter one. Lifes a "W"itch sometimes isn't it?
    I wish I could offer atornet info, but Im in Fla...I can't even find a good one for myself! LOL

    Just wanted to offer you a gentle hug and remind you that your not alone. This too shall passs, then someting else will come along. I hope it's somethin good....

    Warm fuzzies
  9. blondieangel

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    Sorry it took me so long!!! Still feel like crap, same as every day!!!UGH! Lately I'm having a really hard time in the mornings (not that that's anything new!;-) but, I can't push myself to do anything till later in the day or I'm out of breath, hearts pounding like I ran a marathon...and can't really 'sleep this one off' ~ it's weird, but w/ this DD, it's ALWAYS SOMETHING, right!?

    Love and happy thoughts to all my fm buddies...
  10. lunabella

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    so sorry to hear of what happened to you, and your troubles since. i don't know if this will make you feel any better... but just wanted to say, thank goodness you're alive.
    hopefully, though, eventually your body will be able to heal itself.

    best wishes, & take care...