So sick of pain! I would love to have 5 minutes of no pain

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by lovezGod2, Mar 19, 2003.

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    HI, I am new to this board. The doctors have not been able to figure out if I have RA or Fibro. they want to put me on methotrexate for RA. well after much research I refused it. all the drugs are so dangerous and I am beginning to believe I have fibro. anyone have any ideas of some pain relief. Nothing works. I have tried everything! thanks. Janet
  2. j9miller

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    I truly understand the pain you are feeling. I too suffer with pain 24/7. I have FM but sometimes wonder if I also do not have other illness' as well. I take Vicodin 5/500 tablets. I take 2 tabs 3x a day. I only get minimal relief but since my dr seems set on only prescribing this med I deal with it ... for now. My primary dr wants me to go to a Pain Clinic he thinks is helpful so I will be looking into that very soon.
    As far as RA. I have a friend who was first diagnosed with FM and then learned it was actually RA. She researched ALL of the meds and after much thought, more research, talking with other RA patients as well as other dr's, she is now taking the methotrexate ... she has improved a great deal.
    Take care and keep on keepin on!

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    Hi Janet, welcome to our world! I am not too much on the drugs either, been there done that, and didn't get much help, in fact got sicker!

    But others do well on meds, I am just so allergic to most of them that I try to keep it as natural as possible.

    I have Fibro, and arthritis, I know exactly what you pain is like!

    I take only one prescription drug, and thats Xanax for a racing brain problem. Everything else I take is supplements, herbs etc.

    I would suggest you read up on magnesium, ZMA, and other supplements.

    My best help came from Pro Energy (Malic Acid and Magnesium Glycinate) and ZMA (zinc, magnesium and vitamin B-6) both are sold at this site.

    I do not take pain pills, they only mess up my stomach. If things get too back, I take OTC Advil gel caps, and not too many of them either. But they are great for the Fibro pain and arthritis too.

    If you need more information, you can go read on the 'Home' link, or the 'Store' link, both are very informative on meds and also supplements.

    By the way, I sleep on a 'wireless mattress heating pad', it is so wonderful for pain and morning stiffness. I could not live without the thing! You can find them at Penny's, Sear's, and Wal-Mart online. YOu will love it.

    Again, welcome to the board, and I do hope we hear from you often so we can get to know you. If you have any questions, please just ask we will try to help you all that we can.

    Shalom, Shirl
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    I wanted to welcome you to the board. I also have FM and CFIDS. I take Darvocet for my pain, thought it only gives some relief to the daily pain. My mother also has RA. She was started on the Methotrexate and has improved a great deal. Along with the Methotexate, she also takes Darvocet for her own pain. Have you had an RA factor done yet? I hope you find some kind of pain relief. It is to much to deal with without something to help ease or take the edge off of it. Let us know what it turns out to be. And please come back and talk with us anytime.

    Gentle Hugs,
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