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    I feel so gross. I wake up almost every day feeling drained. I ache, i have diarhea sometimes, my rib cage kills if I touch it, sometimes I have shottin pains in my scalp, often I have muscle tension headaches, and migraines, I am super senstive to smells, the list goes on and on, my Dr doesnt spend enough time with me and when i mention FM he kina laughs it off.. but i am serioulsy concerned. There is a Dr shortage here and so i cant go see another Dr....if anyone out there is feeling the same as me please let me know...I also take 80 mg of celexa I was diagnosed with Anxiety disorder and Major depression a few years ago and I am doing better..but I almost think it is another side effect of the FM...please help!!
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    Hello, welcome to the board. You sure sound like you have Fibro. I could have wrote your post myself a couple of years ago.

    We don't have a shortage of doctors in Louisiana, just a shortage of those that believe in FM/CFS! I rarely go to them anymore.

    For the headaches, sinus attacks, I started drinking half my body weight in OUNCES of water each day. It took a couple of weeks, but I only get a headache once in awhile now. What a relief, I would have five to six bad headaches each week before this, they ruled my life.

    I also take a quarter teaspoon of Sea Salt throughout the day. This sounds so simply its hard to believe, but it does work.
    It did not stop my sensitivity to odors, but at least I don't get a headache over them anymore.

    As for those 'shooting' pains in the head, I solved that with vitamin E and magnesium.

    As you can see, I am one of those self appointed 'do it yourself' kind of people! I did research, I read books, got on this board, and let me tell you, I do have my life back pretty much now.

    Had FM for 20 years, this has been a long journey. Did not get a lot of help from doctors or the meds, which I am mostly allergic too. So I had to find another way to help myself with this illness.

    Stay with us, and I know you will find a better quality of life. We have some very well informed, friendly, supportive people on this board. All are willing to help you anytime they are able too.

    Some of us take meds, others supplements, some both, and a whole lot of home remedies that work together to help with all these crazy symptoms we have.

    Without coming here, I would still be laying on the bed with a heating pad on my back and a ice pack on my achy head!

    Again, welcome and I do hope we hear from you often.

    Shalom, Shirl

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    How much sea salt do you take all together in one day?