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  1. joeb7th

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    7 + months ago my body exploded in pain all over and a million other symptoms after taking a powerful antibiotic called "Levaquin."

    I have everything you all are describing here...and so much more. Had many tests. Most negative. Doctors here in this smaller town area have pretty much given up on me. Keep referring me to a pshychiatrist. I have done this as I am open minded and actually was taking an anti-depressant ( lexipro ) for a few months. First time I have ever had to take these in 50+ years!

    But the pain and other symptoms never abated while taking this. I am now trying to cut down and get away from this Lexipro as I don't think the main problem was ever depresssion. And the side effects of Lexipro were hitting me hard like insomnia, complete ending of sex drive and the gaining of more weight than ever before.

    But the last few days I have just been moaning in pain. Everywhere. Shoulders feel like they are seperating from their sockets, arms down to hands in burning pain. I have rashes you wouldn't believe.
    One on my leg front of calf is a fiery mass of red spots a foot long and 5 to 6 inches wide. The itching is horrible there and unbelievable on the tops of my forearms and back of elbows and tops of hands too.

    My feet hurt, have muscle cramps ( on the bottoms of my feet! ) and my ankles and achilles area are so sore and weak. My legs and thighs and even back buttocks area are killing me and lower back between hip and spine on left.
    My bladder feels like it has to go all the time. GI tract shot, gas all the time and it smells so bad it seems unreal. ( not trying to be funny here. ) My jaw hurts. I have a fever and feel like I have a low grade one all the time.

    I shake all over ( shudder) and tremor in my hands and head.
    Even my testicles hurt. It feels like my entire body in and out is under attack. Sometimes I "truly" feel it is going to just I am going to collapse and just die right there!

    I even have pain in my ribs when I take a deep breath and sometimes on top of my heart area. Where ever I have a muscle or tendon...I hurt.

    But I can't afford any more co-pays. My little disability doesn't even pay the rent and this is ending. I pay $40 for specialists and $20 for general practitioner. In one month I spent $800 in co-pays! My entire disability money!

    Most of the tests have been negative ( this is just incredible to me ) and I owe $6,000 just from co-pays to the hospital in the last 7 months.

    My PC and Rheumi in this small town have given up on me. Told me they didn't went to see me for 2 months last time I visited them and told them how much pain I was in.

    I really wish we had national health I wouldn't feel so desprate and depressed worrying about having to pay these massive bills the rest of my life and being afraid to go to doctors because I have run out of co-pay money. Co-pays are what entire doctors visits USED TO BE !
  2. SweetT

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    I'm so sorry about all of your pain and symptoms. Yes, co-pays can eat up all of your money. You are not in danger of eviction are you?
  3. joeb7th

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    MY wife and I are maxing out our credit cards the last few months. It is streessing us both so much even she is feeling physically bad all the time and now and she is our only sole bread winner. Yes, I could see problems with rent when we hit the max on all our cards.

    And I forgot to mention the co-pays on my medicines. Doctors prescribe these like candy. But I have to pay $10 to $40 for each bottle! And I must have 15 or more of these. Lorazepam,Lexipro, and many for GI tract...the list just goes on and on.

    I am convinced that doctors don't have a clue as to the financial stress medicla problems and care lays on people who make $10 an hour in this country.

    They wonder why you are depressed? Hello !

    If money were no problem this whole thing would "definitely" be easier to cope with. You and everyone else on here knows this is a "fact."
  4. TeaBisqit

    TeaBisqit Member

    I'm so sorry you're going through that. I went through all that years ago. When I got sick, my family was upper middleclass. We were doing okay financially at the time. And because I wasn't sickly, we had actually given up the BlueCross insurance policy I had. Big mistake. I got sick soon after. My mother ended up spending over thirty-five thousand dollars on my health with different doctors, specialists, tests, treatments. We ended up losing everything. And I still do not have my health. I used to go to the doctor and the doc would act like it was nothing for me to spend several hundred on the visit. The doctors never understood that my family was getting poorer and poorer from it. I even had doctors act like I was coming in there for fun or attention. In truth, I have always been the type who would rather die than be in a doctor's office. And the financial stress was making me queasy everytime I walked into a doctor's office. I really do know how you feel with all that. We had no solution. I ended up on SS, I have a bankruptcy on my credit report and my mother has two bankruptcies. We are completely destitute and I live on the edge of a second bankruptcy. All of the treatments that have ever brought me any symptom relief are from the healthfood store and not covered by any medical insurance. So anytime I want to do anything to feel better, it only costs more money out of our pockets. I can't afford co-pays, so I rarely go to the doctor now. We need national healthcare so people don't end up destitute whenever they get sick. It's horrible.

    I hope things work out better for you.
  5. joeb7th

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    Why do people even say that?

    If you had a sick relative or elderly parent who is on a fixed income in this country and sacrificing and stressing and fretting constantly about juggling bills and maybe not even seeing a doctor becuase of a lack of you just say..." Move To Canada?"

    I would take a health care system that provided 1/2 the quality of our own heathcare system yet was there for you ANYDAY than a "supposedly" better quality one at the expense of being constantly broke and worried about paying for it.

    And much of my health care isn't anything so fantastically high quality that it could be much worse under a national health care system.

    There is absolutely no reason this country should continue to deny national health care when every other modern country priveds it.

    There is a very, very small percentage of people who own most of the drug companies and Insurance comanies that pay people in the right areas to say, or write just the right things to keep people believing this myth that having national health care would be a bad thing.

    It's time we faced the fact that we have been brainwashed into believing this false pumped up myth and these super wealthy people who benefit from our private health care system.

    What's better, health care that may be a little less quality but you always have it and your are not stressed to death worrying about paying for it, or this crushing depressing system for most working people making $10 an hour like us?

    Ad for many health care at all?
    And please don't say they have health care. If you ever go to most of these county hospitals and wait for hours and hours in an ER and see the's almost like being in a 3rd world country clinic. That's "NOT" health care as the other modern countries of the world know it.
  6. shootingstar

    shootingstar New Member

    This plight of the uninsured has bothered me for years. This is civilized? I too would like national health care.
  7. rosemarie

    rosemarie Member

    This is just me.I have lots of family all over Canada and they don't like there health care system. MY uncle needed to have a angiogram done and the hospital didn't have a bed for 6 months but because he kneww another doctor he was able to get in inabout 3 weeks and he had to have a quaduple bipass and could have died while waiting for a bed.

    The simple things that we can go to the hospital for like a MRI , CAT scan, mamograms, and so many more have to be secduled months a head.

    To have elective surgery { not emergancy } will take months to get it done as you have to wait for a bed at the hospital.

    They have huge hospitals but less than half of the hosptials have all their beds and surgical units up and running nor do the have the nurse's to help run them.

    We are already short on nurse's so watch what you wish for you may get it.

    I was in Canada in a small town and had a headache that had me throwing up for 2 days and I didn't know any doctor as they had one come in 3 days aweek and I went to their ER and it took 30 minutes for a nurse to come and unlock it and another hour and a half for the doctor to get there. MY husbands insurance paid for the whole thing but it was such a pain and the meds made me sicker and made me so out of it as they have totally differnt pain meds than we do.

    My mom has brought home some 222's which are tyelnoeyl and caffine and 8 mg's of codine this is sold over the counter, YOu can get it with asprin or tylenyel. And I have had some robaxan that has 350 of robaxan and 400 mg of tyelynel while I was in canada as I had sprained my knee and could not find a doctor . So my cousin who is a MD there but is retired now told me what to buy and were to get it at and it was and still is sold over the counter. WE don't have anthing like that and sometimes a small amount of codine would help . But we are not going to be able to get them over the counter or get them sent to us from CAnada.

    But I love being in Alberta but I don't get there often enhough. But I don't like there health care system. So if you want one check out Canada's before you wish for one here.

    HUGs And sorry if I have upset any one from Canada ,This had just been my experience while I have been there and what I have heard from my family who live there.

  8. Jana1

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    I feel bad for you...but I feel worse for me. I don't have any insureance to kick in until we have 5000 dollars of bills apiece, my husband and I. We pay fully for meds.NO copay...and I am sorry, but I don't want to pay your medical bills as well as mine.

  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Just a little aside. Unless you have ajob offer, meet a quota or have a lot of money or a sibling or p[arent in Canada, one cannot just relocate there.

    I am a Brit (therefore much more able to get into Canada than many) living in USA with a Canadian brother and I cannot get it despite having three degrees!

    Re USA - I have a friend who has pretty good insurance coverage, yet their deductables because she has two mentally ill children come to about $800 a month. She cannot work as she cares for the kids. Her DH earns a lot of money by my standards, yet about $2,000 a month goes to medical and student loan expenses, which means his big wage does not count for much.

    In fact, I would say that my DH and I living on about $20,000 for family of three (two being disabled) are probably better off as we do get a break on DH's meds and my son gets Medicaid so I am the only one with deductables and yes, it can mount up, especially buying organic foods and supplements too. I know we qualify for food stamps but our local office humiliates people and I would rather not bother.

    I am lucky in that my FIL pays my medical insurance and my DH's dental bills. A private group policy that has deducatbles and co pays is just about $5,000 a year and does not cover dental or eyes. So there is not even affordable insurance. If my FIL stopped paying for this I guess I would apply for the State Insurance for poorer people but it has very limited cover and it is hard getting a doctor to take Medicaid or State Insurance or even Medicare.

    Being a Brit, despite the gripes about the NHS there, people do need to realize how Thatcher ran that system into the ground and how different the needs are now to when it was first established. Most Brits have not experienced living in a society where people have little or no access to health care, despite being the richest nation in the world GNP. Ditto for Canadians who complain. Hang on to what you have as what you get here is literally a killer.

    Will we ever get universal health care? Well, we just had a bipartisan bill greatly supported and passed by both houses regarding stem cell research, vetoed by the president so I feel that the chances are slim to zero, as it seems our elected representatives are now not allowed to vote on our behalf, so I am wondering what happened to our democracy right now. With the might of the medical and insurance lobbyists, the same would occur if we ever even got to passing a bill as special interest groups are running the country regardless of political parties.

    Love Anne Cromwell (note the time here -sleepless in NY)

  10. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    You sound to me like you have Mercury Poison. This is something I have dealt with in the pass.I am so sorry you are going through this. You need to see a Homeopathic Dr. and tell them you have been told by someone with symptoms like me.

    I used a drug to counter act the poison .I got it from a homeopathy Drug store if you can believe this it cost like $4 .I took it twice the fist time I broke out terrible and had much pain, the second time everything went away and I ha vent had it again in 6 years. The pill are no bigger then the size of the head of a pin.I can not remember the name of the pill but you should see a homeopathy Dr and they can help.


    Mercurius viv
    It comes from a homeopathic store.I personally am not saying to take this but go to a Homeopathy/MD Doctor tell him about what I said and ask if you can try it.But do it under a Doctors care.Let me know if anyone tries it and it works.

    Good luck let us know what happens

    They think my poison was from dental fillings you can research this here a lot of people have had smiler problems
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  11. twitcher

    twitcher New Member

    NOT what it's cracked up to be. You can wait up to a year to see a specialist or have an MRI. Even though you don't pay for it out of pocket with socialized medicine you pay in higher taxes etc....a relative of mine lives in Scotland and had to wait 6 months to have a heart cath. It would be done in a week or 2 at the most here. I friend of mine who lives in Canada waited 1 yr to see an ID and 1 year for an MRI. Some meds aren't covered either. My friend pays over $300/month for an antibiotic. National health care sounds good on the outside but it has many drawbacks. I agree our current healthcare system is a mess but I'm not sure the other way is better. Just my opinion.
  12. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    ...or not, your situation makes my heart ache.

    I've had to get downright rude with doctors when they want to prescribe meds that past history says I can't take. Of course they don't like it and then have the excuse that I'm not cooperating with them but it's better than paying money I don't have for drugs that I can't take.

    Whoever said that doctors have no idea about our costs is right. That said, we need to remind them. Ask for sample or generics, always!

    My best to you,

  13. rigby

    rigby New Member

    I have medicare but I was unable to get the medication coverage due to my husband works we have no other insurance my husband needs surgery. When he is on a job long enough to get insurance my doctor will fill out the forms for us to get 3 months worth or medication. but when he get laid off we are back to square one. My doctor try to give me samples when every they can and order cheaper meds. He also knows which pharmacy is cheaper. So not all doctors don't try their best to help. Sharon
  14. shootingstar

    shootingstar New Member

    I really empathize with your situation. I have no health insurance whatsoever. One of my daughters works for an employer who avoids offering benefits by employing almost all part time help. She is constantly putting off going to the doctor for needed medical care.

    If we had universal health care, care for all, everyone who was able would be paying into the system, via taxes or some other means. There would be a predictable expense of insurance coverage, but there would be minimal medical bills, a very small copay, minimal deductible if any, and much less stress. You and your husband would not have this debt, although you would have a smaller ongoing insurance obligation.

    Approximately forty percent of our population is currently uninsured. That is a huge proportion of people not paying into the insurance system. We have an employer based system with ever increasing numbers of employers opting out by hiring part time employees with no benefits. The employees can't afford private coverage, end up in emergency rooms for routine medical care. The hospitals and doctors can't collect from many of the uninsured and end up billing their losses right back onto everyone who can pay, including insurance companies. Part of your family's debt already includes paying the debts of others who can't or won't pay.

    A system which is funded by all, follows the person as opposed to the job, offers predictable insurance expense, minimal copay as the sole medical expense could be a solution, not necessarily an added burden, to your situation.

    Best wishes.
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  15. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    ...I just wanted to add that I just waited 7 months to see a neuro, our heart docs are backed up with five month waiting lists here in New York State, and we have plenty of waiting lists.

    The problem is that 50 years ago all hospitals did was pretty routine stuff, minor heart repair, broken legs, amputations, appendics, tonsils etc. We did not have all the tests and surical and medical approaches we now have, inclduing very expensive fertility treatments not to mention preemie care which costs a small fortune. Add cancer treatments on top and what we have is a system that may have become over medicalized.

    I do hope Stormy jumps in here, but despite all the statins that are meant to protect us from what is actually a dogma regarding cholesterol levels(totally unproven that statins save lives at all)there are more heart diease victims now than ever before, plus although some cancers when caught early are indeed curable, we really have not come that far.

    When we consider that infection is killing millions of people in hospitals throughout the world (MRSA et al)plus medical mistakes take many lives too, one wonders, if we sit and really think about it if we really are getting CARE as opposed to the hospitals running a business.

    For those in Canada and UK who have to wait weeks to get a CAT scan, compare this to us over here who get tons of unnecessary testing so these expensive machines are in constant use.

    Also prescriptions. Have you noticed that docs prescribe a full month's supply, then if we end up having to come off after a few days due to side effects, think of all that waste. I have considered this and beleive that billions could be saved if first time meds could be given for one week with a refill given ONLY after one reports back to pharmacy and completes a check list of side effects.

    Anyone getting side effects, please always call the 1 800 on the drug company as they need to know how many people are geting side effects as the doctors are not reporting it back, so we need to be.

    My brother is alive today thanks to Canadian health care which I thought was certainly on a par to here in the USA.

    I actually think that universal health care with a sliding payment scale would be best. People with lots of money can pay a sizeable contribution and those who are sick and poor, nothing. Also, please remember that when our insurance caps run out here, that is it, you get cut off and we are only just about to get parity for mental illness.

    So let us be thankful for what we have and not bash universal care until one has lived in a country that has none.

    Love Anne Cromwell
  16. bpmwriter

    bpmwriter New Member

    i absolutely agree with everything being said here about the need for healthcare reform, but i also can't help but think that what we really need is a CURE!! four million people and counting with this ruthless, life-wrecking illness and awareness is next to nil. the best medical minds in the country are all over the map with theories and speculation. stop bombing people and preaching about the sanctity of life while stripping away research funding at home. i'll stop now before i say something i might regret.

    angry. had to vent.

  17. diva42597

    diva42597 New Member

    Copays are difficult. I do sympathize with you on that front. But imagine what it's like to have no insurance whatsoever and not be able to qualify for disability or medicaid. I work full time as a Real Estate Agent. I can afford my own insurance, but since I'm an independent contractor I have to buy it separately. Every insurance company I've talked to says they will cover me, but exclude treatment for fibro because it's a pre-existing condition.

    I don't qualify for federal help. I have no insurance and no hope of getting coverage unless I change careers. The difficulty is I can't work a "normal" job because too much sitting or stading sends me into horrible pain.

    This country definitely needs a national healthcare program. Unfortunately, it will never happen because pharmaceutical companies practcally control the government.
  18. lenasvn

    lenasvn New Member

    Isn't DSHS helping here? I have seen on their application forms one particular question; whether you pay co-pays for health care, and how much. If you do, there would be coverage available for that. Aren't you elegible for Medicaid? If so, why not? They also ask if you have a debt because of medical care.

    I could not have done it without Medicaid, I am curious why you don't have it. VA?
  19. 1975jet

    1975jet New Member

    Holy cow- everyone has send it all- What a SHAME we cannot afford to have medical attention...I too have spent months trying to find free clinics or something and everywhere I have gone it is the same old thing- My husband makes too much on SSD( he is sooo ill- he could die waiting for an organ transplant) I so sorry I broke down with all these illness last year or so, worked also since I was 16- paid into the system...

    The only thing we were granted was $61.00 in food stamps a month. I got so desparate, I started calling different Chamber of Commerces. It is such an embarrassing situation that all the people that have worked hard paid taxes and paid into the system are falling between the cracks.... I live in NY and they boast about no one without health care - PHOOEY......There are more that have fallen in cracks and the eyes of the government remain closed....

    I, too better cool it before I say something more.

    We need to stick together- it is so heartbreaking to hear all this- gotta sign off... Blessings

    Love y'all
  20. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    I know this is going to sound politically incorrect but why don't we keep more of our money at home? Why is it leaving our country and why are illegal immigrants ruining our health system? Who made us the keeper of the world? How did this happen? I really don't know.

    This is not directed to one political party either. Look at where our "movie stars" and our wealthy people are sending their money.

    Why can't we take care of our own??? There is poverty on ever corner. If there is extra, then we should always share.

    I am truly sorry for the situation you are in. I know this does not make you feel better but most people in the US are one paycheck away from financial disaster and only the very wealthy are have the funds for the very best medical care.

    I do have insurance and my copays cost a lot but what I need are the supplements and massages and other alternative medicine that the insurance will not touch. I am grateful that for the moment that my DH makes a very good salary but we are totally depleting it. His health is not good and we could be in the same situation in a matter of a few weeks. It is scary.

    I do hope you find medical help. You do need help ASAP.

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you.

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