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    I feel terrible. I'm so achy...everything hurts. I'm feel terribly nauseous. The last couple days, within about an hour or so after eating, I get this horrible pain in my abdomen. It's not indigestion, I don't think. It's just pain and I feel nauseated. Unfortunately I don't have the money to see my doctor right now. So I'm just kind of grinning and bearing it. But I can't stand feeling like this. I haven't had a flare-up in a couple years, and now after having my daughter 4 months ago I feel horrible
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    I'm so sorry you are feeling awful. That has got to be so hard especially with a newborn.

    Not sure what causes these stomach pains but I get them too. Tried to tell doc about them he wanted me to get gallbladder cked out. They come and go like you. I have noticed it seems to be while in a flare.

    Haven't found a solution just eat small amounts often and sometimes drinking coke helps.also pepermint tea

    hope you feel better soon
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    i'm so sorry you're having those problems. I too get bad abdomen pains, and occasional nausea. I finally got referred to a GI doc, and without tests, he seems to think i may have an ulcer (for the upper pain and nausea), and maybe IBS (for the lower abdomen pains). He put me on prilosec and bentyl (for the lower), and I have to get an upper GI in a few weeks, and then a colonoscopy the following week. He doesn't want to do the scopes at the same time for fear the "cleaning out" meds would rupture the ulcer if I do, in fact have one. Anyway, I wonder if any of this could be your problem. I also work with a lady that has IBS, and had to go to the ER a couple of weeks ago because she was having stomach pains so badly. They called it severe acute gastritis. So, fortunately I have good health ins. through my job, and secondary public insurance. I wish you well, and maybe you would qualify for public insurance? I do because my husband is self employed and his income varies all the time.
    Good luck to you, maybe this info could get you started in the right direction!
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    Hi Sickim514!

    Congratulations on your little girl!!! That has to be so exciting and exhausting at the same time.

    I have gall bladder issues too. It's pain on the right side of your abdomen. It can make me throw up some times. My gall bladder gets inflammed sometimes and causes these problems. The doc said I would have to get it removed to solve the problem. (I'm currently taking a break from the operation table... long story.)

    The doctors said to stay away from fatty foods and make sure you stay "regular" and it will help. If it is your gall bladder hurting. If it's not, ginger is really good for being calming nausa. Wish I could help more....

    About the aches and pains, hopefully you have medicine to help. Hang in there, hopefully you'll come out of the flare soon.